Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Pennsylvania — Your Quick Guide

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Having delved deep into the world of woodworking, I’ve discovered some of the finest institutions in various places, Pennsylvania included. If you’re interested to know which schools offer top-notch woodworking classes, I got you covered!

In this quick guide, I’ll share some of the best ones that stand out in their expertise and comprehensive curriculum. Whether you’re just beginning your crafting journey or seeking to elevate your professional skills, these PA schools will surely provide the experience and knowledge you seek.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In PA

1. Lohr Woodworking

Lohr Woodworking

Lohr Woodworking, situated in Schwenksville, PA, is a renowned custom furniture-making studio that specializes in offering Practical Woodworking courses. These courses cater to beginners and seasoned builders, providing valuable knowledge and skills.

They offer a total immersion, machine-based woodworking and furniture course that is classified into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Lohr Woodworking boasts of their year-round accommodation to anyone interested in honing their woodworking skills. They are known for their stationery and handheld machinery, tools, and expert instructors that speak quality for their shop.

2. Philadelphia Woodworks

Philadelphia Woodworks

Philadelphia Woodworks is the premier woodworking club in PA that offers practical woodworking classes, inclusive of 1-on-1 lessons, membership, and more.

PW is a full-service woodshop that prides itself on state-of-the-art, professional-grade equipment easily accessible to both casual learners and committed members. They are also the go-to place for lumber and custom millwork service.

3. Philadelphia Furniture Workshop

Philadelphia Furniture Workshop

The Philadelphia Furniture Workshop offers courses to all levels of woodworkers, from raw novice to serious amateur. Located at 5212 Pulaski Ave PA, their classes are project-based and target specific fields such as individual tools or particular techniques. 

These classes are meticulously crafted to immerse students in woodworking in a secure, well-structured, and systematic manner. PFW also offers design and build courses alongside master classes in furniture making, all aimed at providing students with a comprehensive range of top-tier skills and techniques.

There are plenty of reliable woodworking classes and carpentry schools in these areas, as well. You can check them out next! 


There is always an option to stay at home and attend online woodworking courses to see if this is option is more compatible with your schedule preference. Whether you are testing the waters to see if woodworking is a perfect fit for you, or if you are serious about honing your skills to start a career, this list of woodworking classes in PA [1] is worth considering!

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