Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Portland, Oregon — Your Quick Guide

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Like many people, you may have searched for classes in the Portland area to learn woodworking and hone your skill. Your search is over because there are four great opportunities for you with these woodworking classes our experts curated.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes in Portland, Oregon

1. Trackers Portland

Trackers Portland

Trackers Portland teaches kids outdoor skills. Their programs involve lessons like camping procedures, archery, wilderness survival, and many more. Students can graduate from the school, earn a certificate, and walk away with many life lessons.

Trackers Portland offers woodworking classes that’s called Woodworking Immersion. The class teaches the basics of working with wood, crafting tools, and channeling creativity.

2. Guild of Oregon Woodworkers

Guild Of Oregon Woodworkers

The Guild of Oregon Woodworkers is a non-profit organization focused on providing a space for woodworkers to create. Our experts found that the organization also offers classes to the public which they cover basic, intermediate, and advanced classes.

Membership is open to the public and enrollees can enjoy more than just educational woodworking classes Portland. They will also get tons of marketing help from other woodworkers, a free-to-use workspace, and a community of kindred spirits.



ART PDX offers a holistic art learning experience to people in Portland [1]. The organization teaches classes on crafts like blacksmithing, ceramics, photography, and woodworking. The classes are available to both adults and children.

ART PDX teaches basic and advanced topics to learners. You can also join partner organizations like Outdoor PDX, Forest School, and Trackers, for more education. Information about the various classes is available on their website, you may also find excellent online woodworking classes, as well.

4. Northwest Woodworking Studio

Northwest Woodworking Studio

The Northwest Woodworking Studio offers woodworkers a wide range of resources to hone their craft. Beginners can learn the trade through expert insurrection, online classes, and free tutorials on the website. 

Northwest Woodworking Studio also offers physical classes that need to be booked weeks in advance because they are so in-demand. Students can learn to use hand tools, craft complex projects, and more.


Enrolling in a woodworking class could help unlock your passions, and these organizations in Portland may just be the key.

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