Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Rhode Island — Your Quick Guide

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Having delved deep into woodworking, I can assertively say that mere creativity isn’t always enough to launch a successful career in this craft. While a few may excel through self-study and innate skills, many require structured guidance. Based on my extensive experience and the collective wisdom of fellow experts, I highly recommend seeking out the top woodworking classes Rhode Island offers.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In RI

1. Allan Breed School Of Woodworking

Allan Breed School Of Woodworking

Allan Breed School of Woodworking, located in Rhode Island, is renowned for its exceptional woodworking classes. These classes focus on the intricate aspects of design and construction, imparting the skills necessary for creating authentic reproductions of exquisite 18th-century American furniture. Through a comprehensive exploration of historical backgrounds, students gain a deeper understanding of the evolution of furniture forms, which is integral to each class’s curriculum.

The Introduction to Hand Tools is just one of the many classes this school offers. Students are introduced to the basic hand tools used to build small boxes with sliding lids. This particular woodworking class covers the basic journey of handling hand tools, setting them up, and sharpening them.

2. The Workbench

The Workbench

The Workbench also offers woodworking classes in RI [1] that teach the basic knowledge in the woodworking process. Although they no longer offer general woodworking classes, they still provide Open Shop during Thursday nights for experienced woodworkers. 

They also offer occasional team-building woodworking workshops for private skill-based lessons and local businesses for advanced and intermediate woodworkers. They provide the machines and highly skilled instructors, but you need to bring your own materials. Since they offer pay-by-the-hour deals, the hours never expire.


Working with wood has been around since the start of civilization. It is one of the planet’s oldest professions. This hobby could give you joy, fulfillment, and even money if you turned it into a profitable business. 

If you’ve got no time to attend these classes, I suggest joining an online woodworking class instead.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional woodworker, these areas have the best classes for you! 

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