Woodworking Classes And Carpentry Schools In Richmond, Virginia — Your Quick Guide

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Woodworking is one of the many hobbies of people that could be turned into a profitable business. It doesn’t only provide relaxation and tranquillity for people who indulge in the craft; it could also give various money-making opportunities. If you are keen on turning your hobby into a business, our team suggests finding the best woodworking classes in Richmond, VA.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Richmond, VA

1. Woodcraft Of Richmond

Woodcraft of Richmond

Woodcraft Supply, LLC stands as one of the nation’s oldest and largest suppliers of top-notch woodworking tools and supplies. In addition to their extensive product offerings, they have established store branches that provide exceptional woodworking classes for enthusiasts to enroll in. These classes are designed to enhance woodworking skills and knowledge, catering to individuals passionate about the craft.

The Woodcraft of Richmond is one of its branches that offers classes and trains woodworking enthusiasts with beginner and intermediate level experience. For those who want to begin carving their woodworking hobbies, Woodcraft Richmond offers various basic carving knife profiles and how and when they should be used.

2. Harrison Higgins Inc

Harrison Higgins Inc

Harrison Higgins, Inc. is a second-generation woodworking business. This corporation enjoys and maintains a close relationship with architects, curators, and interior designers focused on Richmond, VA’s historical trades and decorative arts. 

Besides offering furniture restoration services, this shop also provides evening woodworking classes in Richmond VA [1] to help students build custom furniture. They also provide non-trade individuals and commissions for private homes.  

Each woodworking class comprises five students and one woodworking instructor. With Harrison Higgins Inc, no prior woodworking experience is required. Students can choose whatever project they want to work on.


Many adults often end up taking a break from their main career field to make projects and experience the life of a professional crafter. Woodworking is also a fun activity that adults could share with their kids. However, going back and forth to attend your woodworking classes may become a hassle. If you want convenience, our team recommends that you enroll in some of the best woodworking online classes.

As an eager learner, these areas have woodworking classes and carpentry schools that might interest you, too! 

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Robert Johnson
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