Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Salt Lake City — Your Quick Guide

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Having personally explored the woodworking scene in Salt Lake City, I’ve noticed that finding a suitable class isn’t always straightforward. The offerings are limited; not every type caters to all skill levels. Therefore, drawing from my experience and deep dive into the options, I’ve curated a list of woodworking classes in the area to guide you toward the best fit for your needs.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Salt Lake City

1. Make Salt Lake

Salt Lake Community College

Make Salt Lake has all the tools and materials you need to build your project perfectly. Whether you are just starting or have some woodworking experience, you can take advantage of the large space at Make Salt Lake to create your designs.

The woodshop features designated benches for both large and small constructions, making it more straightforward to build your project well. Thanks to the wide range of power tools and professional instructors, you lack nothing in your proficiency journey.

2. Salt Lake Community College

Make Salt Lake

Salt Lake Community College is an excellent starting point if you aspire to pursue a career in woodworking. This college specializes in cabinetmaking and furniture construction, providing comprehensive education.

SLCC ensures that students have a solid background and relative skills in their respective woodworking fields. Additionally, students also learn how to use power equipment and various tools safely and efficiently.

Tuition and fees are relatively high. However, I find the costs a great deal considering that you’re paying for a full academic year.

3. Takelessons


The most impressive thing about taking lessons here is that you get to choose the perfect time to learn. Lessons are personalized, making it easy to work at your pace. Classes are not only flexible but also one of the affordable in Salt Lake City [1].

Takelessons allows you to hire expert instructors from the array of choices around the city. These top-rated teachers can guide you every step of the way until you become fully skilled. Plus, you can decide to sign-up for an online woodworking class or work with the teacher in the comfort of your home.


With the woodworking classes in Salt Lake City provided here, I guarantee that you’ll have a fantastic time learning. These options are well-equipped and will improve your woodworking skills immensely.

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