It can be difficult to find woodworking classes because you don’t know which ones offer value. But if you’re in San Francisco, don’t worry because our experts have compiled the best woodworking classes in the area to help you. Read on to learn more.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes in San Francisco

1. Wood Thumb

wood thumb

Wood thumb features a team of designers and woodworkers. The business holds classes and workshops weekly for learners at every level. They provide the tools and materials and let students go home with whatever they create.

2. Humanmade


Humanmade offers shared office spaces and vocational training for woodworkers. It’s one of the woodworking classes San Francisco with community roots. You can visit the space to learn, use their equipment, or interact with fellow tradesmen.

3. Dykes With Drills

dykes with drills

Located in Inner Richmond, Dykes With Drills describes itself as a group of queer women that teach other women how to work with their hands. They offer physical lessons and virtual classes on woodworking, welding, and auto repair. The group also hosts camps, community projects, and meetups.

4. Workshop


If you’re looking for online woodworking classes San Francisco [1], The Workshop is for you. The organization offers remote learning opportunities in NoPa. They also offer lessons on printing, sewing, and brewing your own beer. The business has a friendly and reception staff.

5. The Butterfly Joint

The Butterfly Joint

The Butterfly Joint focuses on teaching kids the basics of woodworking in the most fun way possible. The company also offers classes to adults, making it an excellent place for the whole family to learn woodworking. They have classes for students 18 months upwards.

6. City College of San Francisco - Evans Campus

City College of San Francisco - Evans Campus

The City College of San Francisco offers regular classes on a wide range of vocational topics. Many of them are free and are available to adults looking for a few lessons and students pursuing a career.


The San Francisco area is filled with tons of opportunities for woodworking students and professionals alike. With these top picks, you are guaranteed to learn from the best in the craft.

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