Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In San Jose — Your Quick Guide

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Have you hit a roadblock and can’t find woodworking classes in San Jose?  Worry not, our team has compiled a list of good learning spots for woodworking enthusiasts who would like to begin or continue their journey in the craft.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In San Jose

1. The Shop

The Shop

TheShop is a members only makerspace in San Jose that stepped up to fill the gap after the abrupt demise of TechShop. With affordable rates, they cater to several crafts. They offer basic beginner and advanced woodworking courses. 

The basic courses run for 6 months. You will learn about equipment, how to use them, and construction principles. These also include very hands-on all practical classes. 

The advanced course options are numerous depending on your interest. Lessons can be tailored to individual study plans for the optimal experience.

2. Maker Nexus

Maker Nexus

This woodshop located in Sunnyvale, CA offers carpentry classes. Whether you’re looking to acquaint yourself with woodworking tools or build something, they are definitely worth checking out. Classes run a one-day course. Their BOSS classes can take you from novice to ready-to-work beginner. Different fees apply to members and non-members. Some of the courses include woodworking, woodturning, how to use tools, etc.

3. Santa Clara Adult Education

Santa Clara Adult Education

Located in Benton, Santa Clara, this woodshop near San Jose is the perfect place for beginners to embark on their woodworking journey. The woodworking beginner classes offered here are designed to provide a hands-on learning experience. With small class sizes, some courses require no prior tools or knowledge, making them accessible for total novices. These intensive one-day classes teach you about careful and effective operation. Along the way, you’ll also be able to build simple objects like spice racks, gaining practical skills and confidence in woodworking.


Challenge yourself to try something new, join one of the spots listed above in this review of the top woodworking classes in San Jose [1], and boost your morale in your journey to better craftsmanship. You will be creating beautiful pieces in no time. And if you’re looking for the best classes nationwide, we’ve also taken the liberty to compile the best woodworking online classes for you.

Having a hard time looking for the best classes for you? You can check these areas offering exceptional woodworking classes, as well: 

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