Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Sonoma County — Your Quick Guide

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Finding woodworking classes in Sonoma County can be challenging, as you will devote your time navigating in-between places. Our team came up with this review to make it more straightforward to find the classes most suitable and convenient for you.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Sonoma County

1. Sonoma County Woodworkers Association

Sonoma County Woodworkers Association

Sonoma County Woodworkers’ Association is a valuable resource for beginners and experienced woodworkers. They provide a platform for individuals to learn and enhance their skills through various activities such as lectures, workshops, field trips, and seminars. SCWA is dedicated to supporting woodworkers in their skill development and knowledge acquisition journey.

Expert woodworkers share their woodworking experiences, ideas, techniques, and methods. Through their demonstration of high-level artistry, members can grow to become the best in the business. 

To become a member, you need to fill their application form online. The membership fee is inexpensive and is valid for a year.

2. Chimera Arts and Maker Space

Chimera Arts And Maker Space

Chimera Arts and Maker Space is another non-profit organization in Sonoma County [1] created to help artists and makers who have a passion for creating, sharing, learning, and working in harmony. With their 4,000 sq. ft facility, Chimera has the workspace to accommodate all.

Chimera provides resources and education to people of varying skill levels who want to learn either carpentry or woodworking. They have all sorts of woodworking tools and equipment, such as CNC Router, wood lathe, sanders, bandsaws to help makers build anything they want. 

Thanks to their experienced tutors, you can gain the relevant skills and experience needed to thrive in the venture. You can start learning how to draw woodworking plans and see how to execute your project accordingly. 

In addition, membership prices are affordable, with an all-inclusive package.

3. Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb is focused on helping aspiring woodworkers become proficient in woodworking. As an excellent woodworknig school, they have workshops where they offer various classes and hands-on woodworking experiences.

Wood Thumb promotes working in teams, as they believe it instills confidence and develops a resilient character and creativity.


With these woodworking classes in Sonoma County compiled by our team, becoming a woodworker in the city is not only straightforward but less time-consuming. These options will make learning woodworking techniques fun and thrilling. However, if you desire a flexible setup, you can always opt for online classes to get you started on your woodworking journey.

Having a hard time looking for the best woodworking classes for you? Then, you can check out these areas offering great woodworking programs and carpentry schools: 

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