Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In South Florida — Your Quick Guide

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Signing up for an equipped woodworking class is the first step to starting a career as a woodworker. Unfortunately, the options in South Florida are few. Plus, most of them are not ideal for beginners.

Thus, our experts have come up with woodworking classes in South Florida to give you options and lessen the hassle of finding a class for both beginner and seasoned woodworkers.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In South Florida

1. Florida School of Woodwork

Florida School Of Woodwork

Florida School of Woodwork is an all-inclusive school with several class offerings on a wide range of topics including furniture-making, wood carving, and woodturning [1].

As a beginner, Florida School of Woodwork has a class designed to educate you on the various tools and basic woodworking techniques. Classes are well articulated and focused on ensuring students have excellent learning experiences through their well-designed modules. The instructors are experienced and patient, giving students attention while providing them the hands-on experience they need.

2. Takelessons


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Takelessons offer customized lessons to students for all skill levels. Classes are affordable and superbly flexible, so you don’t have to learn based on fixed schedules. 

Takelessons offers you the chance to learn at your pace where you can choose your own schedule and the lesson length. They offer offline and online woodworking classes. Plus, there’s a 100% guarantee on a money refund if you find any of the lessons unsatisfactory.

3. Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Rockler Woodworking And Hardware

From hand tools to power tools, quality hardwoods to live-edge slabs, Rockler has everything you need to build the ideal project. 

They offer “Make and Takes-DIY Woodworking Classes” designed to teach upcoming woodworkers the skills they need to finish a DIY project. Each class is limited to three participants at a time to facilitate more straightforward learning with the instructors. All it takes to learn here is to pick a woodworking class and register online.


Picking up a class in South Florida is more straightforward now, thanks to the list of woodworking classes in South Florida curated by our team of experts. These three options will improve your skill tremendously and make you a better woodworker.

Of course, you would not want to miss woodworking classes in these cities, too! 

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Robert Johnson
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