Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In St. Louis — Your Quick Guide

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If you’re in search for a new hobby or interest to dabble in, why not try woodworking? If you’re St. Louis, you will be glad to know that there are a number of classes available you can choose from. To narrow down your options, here are our team’s top picks for woodworking classes in St. Louis.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In St. Louis

1. St. Louis Woodworkers Guild

St. Louis Woodworkers Guild

This organization was established in 1982 and is composed of diverse individuals from beginners, hobbyists, and professionals in the field of woodworking. They conduct open shop events to introduce the organization to interested people. There are also paid classes available every month which include safety classes, sharpening classes, and pen turning classes.

One remarkable aspect of this organization is its commitment to community service through its Toy Program. Members actively craft wooden toys that are later donated to orphanages and various institutions. This initiative showcases their dedication to using woodworking skills to positively impact and bring joy to those in need.

2. Woodcraft of St. Louis

Woodcraft Of St. Louis

This company was established in 1928 so it already has a lot of history and experience with woodcraft. As with their other shop locations, Woodcraft of St Louis offers open shops to introduce the art of woodworking and woodcraft to interested individuals.

Classes are also available every month which tackles the art and techniques of woodworking, the tools and how to maintain them as well as the use of the products built in these classes. This company offers learning about the craft holistically.

3. Takelessons.com


Takelessons.com offers booking teachers with specific expertise. For woodworking classes for the St. Louis area, there are two available teachers who have been teaching since the 1990s. One offers both online and face to face lessons in the teacher’s studio while the other teaches only through an online platform.


There’s nothing keeping you from taking up woodworking. These woodworking classes in St. Louis [1] are experienced and worth joining. In the case that physical classes are not possible for your schedule, you can always do classes in woodworking online. You can learn in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace.

For more reliable and excellent woodworking classes and carpentry schools, these areas might have one in store for you! 

Robert Johnson is a woodworker who takes joy in sharing his passion for creating to the rest of the world. His brainchild, Sawinery, allowed him to do so as well as connect with other craftsmen. He has since built an enviable workshop for himself and an equally impressive online accomplishment: an extensive resource site serving old timers and novices alike.
Robert Johnson
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