Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Tacoma — Your Quick Guide

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I understand how challenging it can be for many to cultivate their passions, especially when suitable classes seem out of reach. Rest assured, if you are in the Tacoma area searching for woodworking classes, I’ve got you covered. I have carefully compiled a list of four excellent options in the area. From these classes, you can acquire the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills necessary to flourish in woodworking.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes in Tacoma

1. Puget Sound

Puget Sound

Puget Sound is a small family business run by two master woodworkers. The organization offers woodworking classes Tacoma to beginner and intermediate learners. You can register online or visit their physical store. Puget Sound also has an elaborate workstation where students can practice what they learned. The site accepts most payment means including PayPal.

2. Bates Technical College

FabLab Education

I’ve often recommended Bates Technical College to those in Tacoma who are looking to further their woodworking skills, whether they’re aiming for a career or simply passionate about learning. In my experience, the beauty of these classes is their flexibility. 

You can work with the instructors to find hours that fit your schedule, regardless of your end goals in woodworking. Plus, from an expert’s standpoint, I must commend the college for offering numerous online resources that truly support and engage students throughout their journey in the craft.

3. FabLab Education

Bates Technical College

FabLab Education gives learners in Tacoma [1] a wide range of offers to choose from. You can choose to attend day camps where you get an immersive woodworking experience. You can also organize private lessons where you get concise instructions from your teacher. FabLab Education also offers the best woodworking online classes that allow you to learn from anywhere.

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4. Takelessons


Speaking from experience, Takelessons is a remarkable online platform that I often recommend. It has enabled countless individuals to connect with expert teachers across a multitude of subjects, including woodworking and pottery. Personally, navigating through their website is a breeze. You can easily search for and set up classes with teachers specialized in your area of interest.

What stands out to me is the transparency and choice provided by Takelessons. You get the opportunity to choose from a variety of teachers, having access to detailed information regarding their teaching experience, educational background, and fees, ensuring that you can make a well-informed decision tailored to your preferences.


If you are from Tacoma, the choices in top classes are never lacking. You can start exploring these classes to hone your woodworking skills, and see how this craft can change your perspective. 

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