Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Tampa — Your Quick Guide

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A city as vast and lively as Tampa surprisingly does not overwhelm with countless craft-making courses available. But while the few options are great, others may not meet your expectations or skills. Thankfully, our team has put together helpful woodworking classes Tampa reviews so you can make your search easier and worthwhile. 

Most Popular Wood Working Classes in Tampa

1. Florida School of Woodwork

Florida School Of Woodwork

True to its name, Florida School of Woodwork offers various courses featuring different and exciting projects ranging from skill-enhancement programs like woodturning to specific pieces like making a raised panel door. 

They provide students with quality materials to ensure that their output lasts the test of time. And given that Tampa has the most beautiful tourist attractions [1], it’s no surprise that we’re stunned with their workshop oozing with a 1920s vibe.

2. Tampa Hackerspace

Tampa Hackerspace

As the longest-running and most experienced workshop provider in the Tampa Bay Area, Tampa Hackerspace is naturally filled with members offering their expertise through different woodworking classes. If you’re the type who likes to incorporate woodwork with other crafts, you’ll find their other program offerings quite enticing, like electronics. 

3. AR Workshop

AR Workshop

AR Workshop is definitely one of the most commendable DIY studios out there when it comes to creative craft making. Their woodworking classes mostly feature custom and rustic home decorations made out of raw materials. From wood plank signs to centerpiece boxes, their instructors will make sure that you’ll be going home with a piece you proudly put in your living room.


Despite the vastness of the Tampa area, there were minimal woodworking and online woodworking classes to choose from. Lucky for you, our team searched thoroughly and was able to create a Woodworking Classes Tampa review out of our hands-on experience in each class we signed up for. Although institutions are limited, we can guarantee that these providers offer a quality crafting experience. 

If you are looking for more woodworking classes and carpentry schools, you can check the following pages: 

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