Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Virginia Beach — Your Quick Guide

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If you live in Virginia Beach and don’t know how to find any woodworking or carpentry class, our team has provided a list of great options you can sign-up for. These woodworking classes in Virginia Beach will hone your skills and take your career or hobby to the next level.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Virginia Beach

1. The Colonial Craftsman

The Colonial Craftsman is a woodshop owned by James R. Journigan, an experienced cabinetmaker known for his meticulous 18th Century woodworking artistry. 

Apart from making fine woodwork pieces, James teaches woodworking classes in Period Furniture Making. He based his classes on carving, turning, finishing, hand tools used for joinery, etc.

2. Woodcraft of Virginia Beach/Norfolk

Woodcraft Of Virginia Beach Norfolk

Woodcraft of Virginia Beach/Norfolk is a retail store and a center where students learn various woodworking techniques. Woodcraft has classes suitable for all skill levels, so you don’t need prior experience before you can get started.

They offer courses such as furniture making, box making,cCarving, cabinet making, wood turning, woodworking fundamentals, finishing, etc. Each of these classes is taught by experienced and friendly tutors that make the classes fun and interactive. Courses have flexible time schedules, but the fees are relatively high.

3. EagleWorks Co

EagleWorks Co

EagleWorks Co believes in creating beautiful, long-lasting pieces with simple hand tools and joinery. Having started in 2011, this center offers custom woodworking orders and sells various exotic handmade wood products that are available for shipping and local purchases.

Additionally, they teach elementary and advanced skills in woodworking. With solid, experienced tutors by your side, you can gain all the necessary skills required to thrive in the venture.


You need to gain the right skills to become a proficient woodworker. Enrolling in any of these woodworking classes in Virginia Beach [1] will develop your skills and make your woodworking dream come true. However, if you want to learn from the comfort of your home, you can always opt for a woodworking course online.

To widen your options, you can also check the following woodworking classes and carpentry schools in these areas too! 


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