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The numerous woodwork services out there make it difficult to pick a shed plan. The number of fake service providers also do not make the process any easier. 

However, Ryan Shed Plans has stood the test of time in satisfying their customers’ desire to create something handmade. Our team has come up with this review to see if it is for you.

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What We Like

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Features of Ryan Shed Plans

This woodworking system is easy and straightforward that even a novice can successfully build a shed. The plans have been laid out with a step by step instruction that makes aligning the parts simple.

Like the Best 2 Story Gambrel shed plans we reviewed, Ryan Shed Plans also provides a listing that gives you the accurate building material you need and the exact measurement of the cutting lumber. 

Aside from the accuracy, the shed plan has a unique beauty, which has given them an outstanding record. This means you can take your pick from their stock of over 12,000 adorable shed plans.

Through our experts who have personally tried the plans for themselves, here are more noteworthy features this system.

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Buying Process

Buying Ryan Shed Plans is as simple as clicking the Buy This Plan Now button, which will take you to a page where you can choose your payment method (PayPal or credit card) and enter your payment details. After that, you will be directed to a page where you get an upgrade on the plans. 

Next, you will see the outdoor plans and other bonuses. Then, you will be sent an email that contains links to the membership section of the site. You’ll gain permission to download all the plans you need there.

What’s Included in The Package

When you get the package, you get four special bonuses. These include:

  • Advanced Woodworking Tips A free book worth over $120, it contains years of Ryan’s woodworking experience, where he shares techniques, minor adjustments, and tweaks that you can use to get a jaw-dropping shed finish.
  • Magic Modification – This free book, which is actually worth $79, has everything about modifying dimensions to make your shed fit into any space you want.
  • Directory of Suppliers – Through this, you’ll know the location of any woodworking equipment suppliers near you. It also contains access to woods, even those that may seem exotic or difficult to find [1]. 
  • There are 400 woodworking plans to use for any project you can imagine. 

Assessment of the Ryan Shed Plans

Our experts are impressed with the straightforward plan directions of Ryan Shed Plans. Also, the listing makes it possible to buy the designated wood quantity.

The design is easy to follow that even a novice builder can develop an adorable shed building. Customers have also commended the affordability of Ryan’s services and the top-quality wood material used.


The cost is more affordable compared to other service providers in the market. The company also provides additional life-long support and bonuses, which is very commendable.


It may not be as easy as any woodworking projects for beginners, but these plans are not difficult in any sense, and a lot of reviews from customers have attested to it. The company has made everything, from purchasing to the installment of the material, simple. 

Each shed plan comes with easy to follow, step by step instructions, and complete material listings that tell you what you need to start building.

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Is Ryan Shed Plans legit?

Yes, Ryan Shed Plans is legit. The plans can fit both small scale and large scale projects. The plan is not just a mere design but contains step by step instructions and various blueprints and designs of sheds. 

But if you want to DIY, here’s a guide on how to draw plans for your woodworking projects

Ryan Shed Plans Review Conclusion

Our team found in our review of Ryan Shed Plans that the services provided by the company, including clear views of the plans from all angles, are worth their price. The plan comes in 3D CAD images with LEGO-style assembling instructions for easy coupling of parts. Also, they provide handy material listings to make for easy buying of items. 

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