Ted’s Woodworking is a real blow to the community of woodworking lovers. For the price, it may seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, we are here to inform you that it really is no good at all, not only for the buyers but for the advertisers as well.

Teds Woodworking




As you can clearly see, the list of cons in this Ted’s Woodworking review is quite concerning. Many other unfortunate victims of Teds Woodworking have tried to get their money back to no avail.

Let’s take a look at what Teds Woodworking plans have promised and whether or not they delivered.

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Discount Price

Now, this is one of the only things about Teds woodworking plans that happen to be true. You pay the price you see that’s advertised online. However, with so many websites online claiming to be the official website for Ted’s Woodworking, you need to do your due diligence on each one.

woodworking class

We have seen some websites claiming they have a “beat the quarantine” sale. It says that for 16,000 plans, they have slashed the prices by half. But, there is another website for Teds woodworking projects claiming that they’re just offering 30% off the original price, which is higher than the other website.

So while it is “on sale” (one real thing they live up to), it’s hard to know the actual price of Ted’s woodworking plans and whether or not these DIY projects are worth the money.

Video Instructions

As many Teds woodworking reviews have also attested to, there are video instructions within your package. However, in our experience, these woodworking videos are of subpar quality. 

What makes it even worse is that all these woodworking videos that you have just paid for are violating copyright infringement policies [1]. The truth is, these “plans” or “instructional videos” can all be found online – FOR FREE. 

Teds Woodworking access to 16000 plans

Sure enough, if you look on Vimeo or Youtube and other free video streaming sites, you would be able to find these step-by-step video instructions that you have paid good money for. What’s more is that these videos are not even classified as high-quality content, so you’re really just wasting your cash here.

The video plans are not even up to date. In fact, the latest video they have on there is from 2010. You can just imagine the number of new techniques, woodworking plans, and product tools that may have come out in a decade’s time.

This means that you have just shelled out money to purchase something not only out of date and obsolete but also of poor quality and breaks the law. This really makes us wonder if Ted Woody Mcgrath is even a real person or just an individual who has his face plastered on a scam product.

Detailed Plans

Next up are the “detailed plans”. After a review of Teds woodworking, we have found that these plans are indeed detailed and some of them aren’t half bad, but of course, there’s a catch – the plans aren’t his.


Ted (whoever he is) didn’t even bother to look for the best of the best when he compiled his product. We sincerely believe that potential customers who spend time carefully sifting through the free plans available on the internet could potentially come up with a better “product”.

Another scam move they make is to provide you with a product that isn’t as advertised. On all websites, Teds woodworking claims to provide a whopping 16,000 detailed step-by-step plans but in reality, the number is less than impressive.

What you really get in the package of supposedly 16,000 is a number less than 2500. You don’t even get a quarter of what was promised you and you can find all of the product plans online. This observation is similar to the offerings made by a related site, Woodprix.

Sure, you do get a wide selection of products and plans but none of them belong to Teds woodworking, which means that you are basically paying for an illegal product. 

woodworker using a spokeshave

Aside from that, there is no vetting of what is included in the product and you can even find links and plans that are decades old. So even if the plans are detailed, there are a lot of caveats that make them unworthy of your money.

You’d have much better luck with these 12×16 gambrel shed plans vetted by our team.

Customer Service

Many people have come to realize that Ted’s Woodworking plans has scammed them out of their money. Although the price tag for the product doesn’t exceed three digits, it’s the principle of it all.

Fellow victims have reached out to their customer support and been met with nothing but crickets and silence. This makes us wonder if there are any real customer service representatives working for Teds Woodworking at all. 

Teds Woodworking CD

Negative reviews aside, if we got a chance to get our money back, we would have just let the whole thing go. However, there is no getting your money back through their website or any contact for Ted’s Woodworking.

Hopefully, you paid for the 16,000 plans (but we know better) through a third-party site. Sites like Paypal and Venmo can handle refund requests and complaints without you ever having to deal with Ted’s Woodworking again.

When you try to get your money back, claim that the product isn’t as advertised, because it isn’t. You can also file a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to save the next person from falling into their trap.

Woodworking should be a hobby that brings joy and peace to our lives like therapy and not one that causes extra headaches such as Ted’s Woodworking. That’s why we’re adamant in saying that we do not recommend this product at all.

Affiliate Scam

We all know affiliate marketing is a lucrative way to make some passive income nowadays. If you decided to be an affiliate, know that your reputation may also be going down the drain along with Ted’s Woodworking plans.

affiliate scam

What you are essentially doing is boosting Ted’s sales, which is pretty much what he’s using affiliates for. He doesn’t need to rely on his affiliates to make sales, just to boost him on Google rankings.

It has worked so well for him. In fact, now he’s number 2 on Google rankings. And in July of 2021, we searched online and he can still be found on the first page of Google. We just hope he’s eventually pushed back due to the negative review articles online.

What this “company” does is they reach out to woodworking-related sites and ask to advertise all “16,000” of Teds woodworking plans. Ted promises up to 75% commission on each product to his affiliate marketing partners, which is another obvious red flag.

They also claim they have a huge conversion rate of affiliates to sales and many first-timers buy into that. We won’t lie that if sales are really good and you get such a high commission, it’s easy to believe the offer.

woodworking father & son

But let’s face it, the sales aren’t as good as they claim, especially since there are a ton of negative review articles online when you Google their name now.

Not that we blame them, but these unknowing affiliates are responsible for boosting Ted’s woodworking projects profile on search engines, which is also why their woodworking plans were selling so well for a while.

Ted doesn’t need you to sell his plans to make it on Google. Even if affiliates never sell a single one, his profile ranking alone will make the sales for him. 

When his woodworking site makes it high on Google, people buying through direct sales means Ted never has to pay a single cent to his affiliates.

Further Evidence of a Scam

If all that information wasn’t enough to deter you from forking over your money for woodworking plans,  the details of the company itself are further evidence that this company is a fraud.

DIY Woodworking Plans

Their number and address (if you can find it listed on the site that you are looking at) do not exist. There are videos you can find on Youtube of people actually going to the listed address, which happens to be: 219 Tama Street, Slater, IA, 50244 USA. The people who went to the place came up with nothing. 

There is no such address, which means unless there’s a detective pulling IP addresses and account information for Ted’s Woodworking, you won’t be able to trace these people.

Fortunately, there are legitimate sites like Woodcraft where you can get real woodworking plans.

More Misinformation about the Product

Ted has even taken to his own sites to continue promoting his plans in the form of fake reviews that tackle the most frequently asked questions on Google to increase traffic. They also claim to have been endorsed by thousands of woodworkers around the globe who created plenty of beginner woodworking projects, too.

woodwork projects that sell

This just isn’t true due to the quality of his “product” and since the plans are compiled from different sources all over the internet. In that case, it’s technically true that the plans are endorsed by people all over the globe – if you are referring to the original authors that endorse their own products.

Not all of the plans are very easy to understand and the organization could use some improvement. Due to this, it could take you a long time to find the plan you want, if you ever find one you like at all.

Since Ted has been widely agreed upon to not be a real person, then it really gets you thinking about all the experience this “Ted” person claims to have and just how helpful he can be to you on your woodworking journey

He also claims that skill level doesn’t matter when it comes to his plans but that just isn’t true, and not all of the plans are step-by-step either. However, we will say that maybe Ted has done his research and found plans online that are fair game, but then again – maybe not.

Email Theft

There is also evidence that other affiliates (or maybe even Ted himself), in an effort to sell his woodworking plans, have used other legitimate woodworking sites’ emails to promote his woodworking plans. 

Woodworking Plan

When we decided to review Teds woodworking, we had no idea the amount of false information and piracy we would uncover. Fooling people is never a good thing. 

To avoid woodworking scams like this, a good way to make sure that the company and the plans you buy are legitimate is to try to find duplicate plans online. Also, definitely type in the company address on Google Maps to see if it’s a true address.


Is Teds Woodworking legit?

No, Teds woodworking is not legit. From everything that we have seen, Teds woodworking and all his plans are far from it. He steals other people’s work to claim as his own and lists false information about his product and company.

Is Ted’s Woodworking worth the money?

No, Ted’s Woodworking is not worth the money. They are a fraudulent company that works to scam affiliates and potential buyers with false advertising and false information.

Ted’s Woodworking Review Conclusion

Ted’s Woodworking doesn’t live up to any of its promises. They claim to provide 16,000 plans but in reality, the number is much lower than that. All of the content is of low quality, outdated, and many of the plans can be found online for free.

If you want the hone your skills with interesting plans, definitely look elsewhere. You can even begin with these lovely projects you can do as well as sell.

Teds Woodworking