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What Is The Best Wood Working & Building Kit For Kids & Youth

It isn’t just a hobby, wood building whether for adults or kids and other such DIY projects have amazing mental benefits. Why not start off young when trying to find your passion? As children, many of us can recall building castles, bases, houses and many other structures our imagination can conjure up with our own two hands.

Best woodworking kits for youth & kids

1. The Young Woodworkers Kit Club

young woodworkers kit club

If you have 7, 10 or even 12 years old kids at home, you can seek to strengthen their cognitive development by considering one of these wood building kits for kids. Nothing quite compares to the sense of pride and achievement you get by completing a project on your own accord, like you would when finishing DIY plywood projects.

Your kids will be equipped to deal with real-world issues with these skills that can carry over to adulthood. There are materials already included in each kit. Your children will learn how to work with hammers, nails, and any other component needed for a successful finish.

A lot of the tools included in these kits are reusable for future projects and kits. Although we don’t recommend leaving your child with tools without your supervision, you can feel safer in knowing that they are following clearly detailed instructions made clear just for kids.

This woodworking kit for youth strengthens the mind and inspires young builders to create, assemble and complete each project with confidence.

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2. Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult Kit

There are no power tools required for those parents who worry about kids injuring themselves. The kit comes with all the pieces already cut. All your child needs to do is to fit the pieces together with glue (which does come with the kit).

Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius in his time and the catapult was invented prior to but was widely used during the Medieval Ages. It’s interesting for kids to learn a piece of history while assembling this contraption.

The kit comes with easy to understand and detailed instructions geared towards children. It is suitable for kids over the age of 5 or beginner model makers as there are small components that could present themselves as a choking hazard.

3. Lakeshore Build-it-Yourself Kids Woodworking Kit

Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit

Whether you want to cultivate your child’s creativity and allow them to make whatever their heart desires with these precut smooth pine pieces or follow instructions, this kids woodworking kit gives you that flexibility.

It’s a great introductory kit for kids looking to dabble in woodworking. It comes with all the tools and supplies needed including a hammer and nails.

Not only does it foster creativity, it also encourages cognitive, problem solving and motor skills. It’s catered to kids aged 4-11 years and due to the inclusion of a hammer and nails, we would advise parents to supervise the activity at all times.

4. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Da Vinci’s DIY Science and Engineering Construction Kit

Da Vinci was a genius, so it makes sense that these kits are modeled after his designs. The battalion comes with a ballista, bombard, and/or a miniature catapult. You can choose all three or just one.

Each of the models, when finished, will be fully functional and the kit includes projectiles and targets. Don’t worry if you don’t have any kid-friendly tools in your arsenal, as everything you need for perfect assembly is included.

The project will take anywhere between 1-3 hours to assemble the pre-cut wood and rubber bands together and finish it off with sandpaper. While you may think the assembly for functioning contraptions such as these may be difficult, the kit comes with simple instructions.

You don’t need any special skills or tools, just the willingness to improve STEM development. While it’s for kids, adults can benefit greatly from working with their child on this as well. Think of it as a bonding experience.

National Geographic is a trusted brand for over a century, but just in case the construction kit isn’t what you expected, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

5. Toysmith Beetle & Bee Build a Bird Bungalow Backyard Birdhouse Kit

A lot of people immediately think of a birdhouse when they are asked about building a woodworking DIY project. Now we have an option that allows you to create the perfect yet simple 6” tall one.

The kit comes with all the necessary parts and that’s not all – not only do you get to build a real birdhouse, you get to decorate it too! A lot of the kits out there focus on real hands-on building, but no one stresses the finishing touches.

With this kit, you get high-quality materials that are FSC certified and includes the paint pots and paintbrush. We understand that some people enjoy the raw and rustic look of an unpainted birdhouse, but nothing stimulates creative imagination like painting a blank canvas.

The birdhouse comes with clear instructions and is suitable for children aged 5 and over. What’s amazing is this birdhouse kit does not require any hardware!

6. Original Hobby Wood Craft 3D Puzzle Kit

If you like the idea of being able to decorate your finished product but are looking for more of a challenge, then this 5 pack 3D puzzle kit is for you!  You get 5 paint sets with the primary colors plus green, white and black.

Your job is to construct the vehicles with the pieces of pre-cut wood without any tools or glue! It’s a matter of fitting the pieces together by following the clear cut instructions.

You can help kids under 7 years of age while kids older than that can attempt to create these puzzles on their own. Don’t forget to give them plenty of encouragement and praise!


The Young Woodworkers Kit Club is our favorite and they can send you new projects on a weekly basis. Never cease to challenge your child’s mind and creativity with these fun projects.

young woodworkers kit club

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STEM education[1] is becoming increasingly important and the care the manufacturers have taken will ensure your child will have an enjoyable time and important skills that can be transferred into adulthood.


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