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Most of us have heard of email scams and phone scams as ploys to gain more money, but who knew that woodworking has now become a victim of scamming too? You may have heard of Woodprix, but read our review first before you hand them your hard-earned money.

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Let’s take a closer look at what this company promises you in the package versus what you get in reality. We’ve tried their service to see for ourselves, and our experience seemed a familiar one.

If you want a more glowing review, read what we wrote about Wood Profits instead.


At first glance, their website actually looks quite appealing. Everything is labeled clearly with an enticing package promised to you. However, once you click into the “About Us” section, you will be met with a redirect that will take you to Ted’s biography, hence why it feels “familiar”.

From what we gather, Ted isn’t even a real person. He’s just some knowing (or unknowing) culprit that is the face of these woodworking scams. In the woodworking world, most professionals know his face and know of his illegal operations.

operating a circular saw

What this experience has taught us is to not judge a book by its cover and get pulled in by the nice designs on a website. Despite the professional-looking graphics, we should do our due diligence on a company before spending our hard-earned money.

Publicly available reviews that are credible are a great resource, which you can find for services like Ryan Shed Plans.

DVD of 16,000 Plans

They claim to have an assortment of step-by-step plans, 16,000 to be exact, for everyday unique wood pieces. This is a lie as well. First of all, not all the plans are step-by-step, and when they claim that all experience levels are welcome, that’s not the case as well.

You’d have better luck with our list of beginner-friendly projects, and for free too.

building a shed from Woodprix

Based on our investigation for this Woodprix review, most of the plans are quite intricate and you need some skill to pull them all off. The total number barely touches 2500 plans, which is the same case as Ted’s Woodworking. Yes, that’s still quite a lot of woodworking projects to keep you busy, but that’s nowhere near the amount that was advertised. 

Whenever you don’t get something that was promised to you, even if the deal is good, the slighted party can’t help but feel cheated. The organization of the plans is also poor as well, so even if it’s still a lot, you’re not really getting your money’s worth.

The entire package is basically just a mash-up of a lot of other people’s plans. There is a term for this and we can think of copyright infringement and piracy [1] off the top of our heads. 

What irks us even more is that you can easily access and compile this so-called “product” all on your own by visiting legitimate woodworking sites and free video streaming sites as well. Reviewed woodworking books are better for earnest learners, particularly because they’re well-organized and more detailed.

person using a drill

We can only guess, but we think this is where Ted or Woodprix got all of their information from. Nothing in their plans is original, and you would’ve also gotten these plans for free.

The New Teds Woodworking

If you have heard of Teds Woodworking (and we’re sure what you have heard isn’t good), then you won’t be too happy to know that this is their new cover. 

Maybe too many woodworking professionals have outed Teds Woodworking that they had to find a new name and a new cover – Woodprix.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they want a clean slate to start fresh and to be legitimate. No, it’s just a new face with old scams. When we explored the site, it does look more legit but it’s the same old fraudulent schemes.


Woodprix is also shameless in their marketing. They will spam-free video streaming sites and other websites with their advertising just to get people to come and visit. Woodprix even offers the “product’’ at a higher price than Ted’s Woodworking to hook your attention.

dresser plan from Woodprix

We understand that advertising is an integral part of sales, but the way Woodprix does it is not only forceful and pushy, but it’s just plain annoying as well. We wouldn’t even be surprised if your credit card and mailing information were compromised after purchasing from them, so it’s just best not to provide that info at all.

Email Identity Theft

Speaking of identity theft and leaked personal information, there has been evidence from fellow woodworkers of email theft. They took similar email addresses, so similar to the website name that it could be from the legitimate site. 

They will push their product with these emails by sending mass chain mails to those on their list, which of course, is bad practice.


In this Woodprix review, this is perhaps the worst thing we’ve uncovered.

tv stand idea by Woodprix

Woodprix has even been recorded threatening other woodworkers who have outed them on their sites. They use different usernames and handles and spam comments. Sometimes, they even use threatening language.

In these excerpts that can be found online, we can see that they are neither sorry nor do they admit to using other people’s plans. Their attitude can be defined as defensive and even threatening. They also come after the people who made posts to take down the stories and articles so they would stop with their threats.

The grammar and punctuation within the threats were also clear that it may not have been written by a native speaker. This leads us to think that either these scammers are from a country or countries where English is not their first language, or Ted and Woodprix hired people to retaliate.

Either way, no matter what the truth is, these threatening messages do their company reputation no favors at all. 

building a dog house from Woodprix ideas

They have then resorted to writing fake articles about a fellow woodworker’s legitimate site. They only stopped these attacks because the fellow woodworker got a hold of his/her personal information.

Now, does that sound like a legitimate business to you? 

No Company

If you look on Woodprix or Ted’s website, there are two different addresses that do not exist. This means that their company isn’t traceable and there is nothing you can do once the money has left your account – unless you plan on pressing criminal charges which would hassle you even more.

Only with these measures would you be able to obtain the necessary information to track them down. There are videos of people driving to the address on Teds website, only to see that it does not exist.

building a king size bed from Woodprix ideas

Of course, we did our own research too. When we looked at Google Maps for the New York address listed on the Woodprix website, it led us to an intersection. This also teaches us the valuable lesson of looking up all the information such as addresses and phone numbers of a company before engaging in any transaction.

What’s more is that Woodprix doesn’t even list a phone number or email, which is clearly a red flag as well. How would you contact the company to get your return if there is only an address and no way to contact them otherwise?

No Customer Service

They claim to have a 60-day money-back guarantee that’s ironclad. However, you won’t really get your money back when there is basically no response from their non-existent customer service.

We did try getting our money back but to no avail. Woodcraft has a better model when it comes to customer support.

WoodPrix Review Conclusion

Woodprix will provide more headaches than anything else if you decide to buy from them. We don’t recommend this product. Just save your money and get all these plans and videos online for FREE, which is the best deal you can have. Don’t fall into the trap and whatever company you want to transact with, always do your research beforehand.

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