Worx WX051 Review — Is This Pegasus Portable Workbench Any Good? (2023)

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A reliable worktable is essential when tackling DIY projects or professional tasks. If your workbench is poorly constructed, you risk damaging your project as it can collapse or bend any time.

While Worx WX051 Pegasus table is a popular choice, does it have the features to make your tasks more manageable? In this in-depth Worx WX051 review, our woodworking pros will unpack its features.

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Design and Build Quality

Worx is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based business with a production facility in Suzhou, China. The brand is well-known for its high-quality garden machinery and power tools.

The Pegasus work table suits both amateurs and professionals, and many people compliment their superior products, helpful staff, and lengthy guarantees. Many weekend warriors and professionals even purchase a second one to build a longer table.

Its worktable’s mobility and sturdy construction make it hard to find fault with. This work table may be used for various purposes, can accommodate a wide range of equipment, has a quick assembly function, and is surprisingly lightweight.

Not only can it serve as a table or saw horse, but it also comes with useful attachments. Link locks, dog pegs, and clamps allow you to combine multiple tables into one large table surface.

Even though the Worx Pegasus work table is composed of plastic, it can withstand anything with a weight of 300 lbs.

Worx WX051 Features

Overview of Specifications


We like that there is no assembly needed with the Worx Pegasus because it’s fully assembled and ready to use when you open the box. The user guide, warranty pamphlet, and portable work table are all inside the packaging.

Mounting Options

The folding mechanism of Worx WX051 is super easy. To unfold the table, simply grip its folded “wings” and pull them outward. You can press down on each set of legs to release them and then fold the table back into place.

Clamp Size, Force, and Capacity

It has a 1000-pound capacity as a saw horse and a 300-pound capacity as a table top. Since it has a working height of 32 inches, the work table is at a convenient level for most users.

An opening of up to 18- 1/4 inches can be clamped, which means it can secure round materials too. When folded for storage, it also measures 35-1/2 inches by 15-3/4 inches by 6 inches.

This Worx Pegasus comes with four clamp dogs [1] for securing your work surface. They can be stashed in the sawhorse’s foldable base and arranged in various configurations on the work surface.

The 3/4′′ plywood is held firmly by the quick clamps, which are slightly short of 3/4′′ in height. As you can now sand until the edge of the material, this simplifies sanding applications.

When you’re ready to utilize these two quick clamps, only take a few seconds to install them into the T-track when you’re ready to use them. 

The quick clamps have a maximum holding capacity of 17.75 inches and are equipped with rubber bumpers to protect delicate materials.

The quick clamps are detachable, so you can use them for something other than the WORX Pegasus if you so choose. WORX claims the bar clamps have a holding power of 300 lbs, making them ideal for securing your work.


Worx Pegasus table top demonstrates that first impressions are only sometimes accurate. Despite the plastic construction of this multi-function work table, it is surprisingly solid and long-lasting.

It is built from ABS plastic that is heavy-duty and strengthened with aluminum. When fully assembled, it can hold up to 300 pounds; in its sawhorse configuration, it can carry up to 1,000 pounds, despite weighing only 30 pounds.


The work table unfolds into a sawhorse and may be used as a workbench when not in use.

Two link locks are built into the table top, allowing you to join multiple Pegasus tables or any tables from Worx together to create a larger surface area.

The Worx Pegasus work table and sawhorse innovation can save you money.


Compared to heavier materials like solid wood or metal, the WORX Pegasus weighs 30 pounds which is surprisingly light.

Although it lacks a handle, we have discovered that tucking it under one arm and using one of the table’s sides as a grip works just well.

Avoid letting children transport or assemble the sawhorse because of potential pressure points caused by the tabletop’s inability to seal completely.


The Pegasus is more than just a desk replacement. The bundle also includes several valuable extras. For instance, two clamps, like oddly shaped items, are included whenever you need to secure something to the table.

Besides the two clamps, four clamp dogs with the WORX Pegasus are stored on an additional shelf or storage space at the table’s base on an extra shelf.

The storage shelf features two holes directly above each of the two protruding tabs, where you can zip-tie the power strip or a few power strips and hang a few tools.

The table also has accessory trays where you can store nails and screws but still have a flat surface to work on.

Clamp dogs can be secured to the folding work table at one of eight convenient locations without disrupting the workspace.

For a few more bucks, you can get the WA0091 set of four WORX Pegasus clamp dogs, giving you even more options. These retail for roughly 0.75 inches in height, and I didn’t see any shorter available for purchase.

Price and Warranty Period

If you need a sawhorse and worktable in one, go no further than the WORX Pegasus. It’s not limited to construction sites but has numerous domestic applications. The pricing is fair which includes shipping and a 6-year warranty.


Can the WX051 be used with Worx Clamping Sawhorses?

Yes, the Worx clamping sawhorses are compatible with this table and function well for any job. The work table can carry or hold items up to 300 lbs, so structural integrity would not be a problem with using the sawhorses.

How do I connect it with other tables?

Use clamps or other tools to attach the WX051 to other tables. Also, placing the WX051 adjacent to the other table surface and using it as a bridge or connector between the two tables.

Review Conclusion: Worx WX051

Like any Worx WX051 reviews, the Worx Pegasus table has proven itself to be a versatile and practical solution for many DIY and professional projects. Its ability to transform into different configurations and support heavy loads makes it handy for any project.

As with any tool or equipment, its effectiveness and suitability depend on various factors, such as the user’s specific needs and intended use.

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