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Annie’s Young Woodworkers Kit Club Review – Woodworking Subscription Box

young woodworkers kit club

All responsible parents wouldn’t want their kids facing the screen for hours and hours in a day. However, many still resort to it when there are no interesting activities around.

This is where the fun and engaging Young Woodworkers Kit Club subscription service comes in. They supply your kids with monthly kits that will keep your kids interested while stimulating their mental development.

A Bit about the Annie's Young Woodworkers Kit Club

Annie’s Young Woodworkers Kit Club is a part of Annie’s company, a subscription service for different arts and crafts projects for kids. Annie’s was established in 1975 and quickly became a leading resource for parents looking for creative projects and ideas for their kids.

They have developed a series of woodworking kits suitable for children aged 7-12. It encourages children to use their imagination in creating pieces they can use and be proud of.

They not only have woodworking kits but also other arts and crafts kits such as the Hook and Needle Club, the Cardmaker Kit Club and more. Their products can come in the form of online videos and other digital content as well as books, magazines and more.

The goal of Annie’s is to integrate their kid creative projects into daily life. That’s why they all help build basic skills that can carry over into other areas.


  • You get tools included in the first 3 boxes
  • A new kit comes every month
  • Clear instructions
  • Fosters creativity
  • Develops motor skills and dexterity
  • Fun activity that can help strengthen bonds


  • Delivery to Canada can take longer

What's in the box? Let's Check Johan's Review

Available only for the next 6 customers

When you receive your new box from Young Woodworkers Kit Club, all the needed materials will be included inside. This happens for the first three kits your child receives. After the initial boxes, you should have all the tools you need to complete all the subsequent boxes.

The kits feature fun projects such as a candy dispenser, a truck, a helicopter, and more. Each box comes with clear and concise instructions to build these projects. Kids can refer to step-by-step manual with photos and illustrations that will help your kids build and complete the project all by themselves.

For the wood pieces, you won’t need any large power tools as the wood pieces come precut. All the holes are also pre drilled to guarantee that kids make no errors and that there would be no need for younger kids to use tools that may cause risk. 

contents of each kit

Some of the common tools you will receive in your Young Woodworkers Kit include:

  • A tape measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Jeweler’s screwdriver
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Hammer

All of the tools are of high quality and can be used again and again for other projects.

What Do You Need to Get Started

Your kids won’t be needing any prior skills or knowledge of woodworking with woodworking kits like this. It’s suitable for children that have or don’t have experience, especially since the holes are pre drilled. 

For payments, everything can be done online with your credit card. You just need to sign up for an account, pick the kit/s you want, and then finalize your subscription.

How Does young woodworkers kit club Work?

Once you have signed up and completed registration and chosen your young woodworkers kit, you will receive the shipment within 6-10 business days in the US. However, for those who are looking to get a kit in Canada, you may be looking at around a month.

If there are any issues with the shipment or kit once you have received it, the shipment must be returned within 21 days. They also offer the first kit at a discount for the next few new signups, so might want to check that out.

Available only for the next 6 customers

Benefits of a Woodworking Kit For Kids

All kinds of crafts, including woodworking, can have a multitude of benefits for kids [1]These include enhancing their motor skills such as hand-eye coordination and hand dexterity, especially since building something with wood requires precision and focus. 

Speaking of focus, it also encourages kids to learn to pay attention to the project he or she is working on. This helps build their concentration, which can carry over to other learning experiences in the future.

Still, it’s best to hold back on power tools if your kid is still too young. In Annie’s young woodworkers kit, the holes are pre drilled for added safety.

a kid building a toy

Why You Should Get Annie's Young Woodworkers Kit for your kid?

Other than having something new to look forward to every month, it gives your child a hands-on learning experience and fosters their creativity. There are plans included in the package, but feel free to let your kid experiment and play around as they build their own ideas into reality.

Woodworking may not use as many colors as some other arts and craft kits available through the same subscription service, but it does let your kids have fun as they learn to build a project they like.

They can customize the design in any way they wish! Encourage them to add anything they wish such as stickers, flags any little embellishments not included in the kit to make their new project stand out.

When everything is done, your child will have a sense of achievement like he or she never had before. Building something from scratch with their own two hands will allow them to see what it’s like to work for something and being able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

More Benefits

Woodworking kits can also potentially bring you and your child closer together, if you use it as a fun bonding activity. You can follow the instructions together and finish off the project with a fun painting! 

This activity, when done in groups, may also teach your child the importance of following instructions, leadership and delegation. Whichever role your kid takes, it builds them up for group settings in school and help them get used to being part of a team or a social group. 

a wooden toy car


The kits from Young Woodworker’s Kit Club are all very safe. All the pieces are cut and drilled for you so you can easily build and complete a project. There is no need for any power tools that can potentially hurt your child.

However, even though the kit instructions are straightforward and your child can potentially finish a project all on his or her own, we still advise constant supervision. After all, your young one may be working with tools for the first time and the chances of injury, however small, still exist.

Conclusion - Is Annie's Young Woodworkers Kit Club Worth it?

Annie’s Young Woodworkers Kits have been extremely well-designed as creative activities that kids will enjoy and learn from.  Aside from that, their safety, interest, self-development, and self-expression were also taken into consideration. 

With the convenient subscription setup, your kids can expect a fun new activity to arrive in the mail every month. Given these benefits for such a good price, we believe that Annie’s Young Woodworker’s subscription service is definitely worth it. 

Available only for the next 6 customers

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Annie’s Young Woodworkers Kit Club Review – Woodworking Subscription Box
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