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7 Best-Rated Mini Circular Saws for small and practical jobs in 2018

Circular saws have gone a long way from the time it took over the back and forth saws by offering more efficient rotating blades that complete cutting jobs in less time. Circular saws also provided the advantage of a smaller space required to operate a saw, and that changed the game for cutting tools.

Advancement in technology of cutting machineries and power tools have brought a series of smaller and more portable products—circular saws are no exception to that. Today, many DIYers, woodwork beginners, and even carpenters and other professionals prefer mini versions of circular saws. Why? The small and portable circular saw can offer more mobility, ease of use, and sometimes have power and key features that perform on par with the big ones.

Of course as in any tool, you would have to consider your needs. Would you need the circular saw for a small craft at home? A personal DIY project? A home renovation? A serious carpentry job? In any case, if your requirements have the words: compact, easy to use, lightweight, and easy to store on top of the list, then a mini/compact circular saw is what you need.

Further search on available mini circular saws today will easily lead you into getting the most compatible mini saw that will satisfy your requirements. However, I know very well that research takes a lot of time. I want to save your precious hours by providing a reliable list of the best small circular saws in the power tools market today (for the generic comparison, check here).

I have included the key features and my personal first impression of these compact cutting tools. Some of these have worked really great for my projects that I continued using them, but rest assured the details I have provided below are not biased in any way.

With the varying needs for different projects and wood workers, I know two or three products would not suffice, so I have expanded the list into 10 items to give you more options on what mini circular saw to get. Check out this list to help you decide.

Best Compact Circular Saws in 2018

Despite the barrage of choices you have, from craft saw to carpenter's toolkit supplement, the best mini circular saw to suit your needs doesn’t have to be amazing. To help you complete your portable and compact circular saw shopping checklist, we’ve compiled a definitive list of the 10 best mini circular saws you can spend your money on today.

1. WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2" Compact Circular Saw

WORX WORXSAW is known as one of the top mini circular saws, and it actually ranked in the top of this list.


  • Far lighter than a typical compact work saw.
  • Features a thin blade for faster-cutting speed.
  • Provides better visibility while you are cutting.
  • Features a depth gauge lever which is conveniently positioned.
  • Much more durable than most of the other models.


  • A little more pricey than many other options.


If you want the best compact circular saw, you could do much worse than with this product. You will find few options that are available in this price range that feature such an excellent level of durability. If you are looking for a circular saw that can put up with a little more abuse than usual, this is the best choice.

Worx is one of the more reliable makers of affordable circular saws. If you are looking for a product which will last you for a long time, you may wish to invest in a Worx product.

For example, the guard on this model is made out of hardened plastic, which most people would consider fragile, but you will find that it is less prone to breaking than regular thin metal guards. The low weight of this product ensures that you will not get tired after a long workday using this model.

While low weight may make some users feel a distinct lack of quality, you will find that it makes this model even less likely to break when it is dropped accidentally. This model is also much easier to use than many other mini circular saws, and this is the case for several reasons.

You will find that the handle on this model is large enough to be comfortably held by almost any user. The failing in most mini circular saws is that they are too small for you to handle with ease in most situations. You need a handle which is molded to be comfortable as well as large enough for your needs.

2. Tacklife CSK77AC Classic Mini Circular Saw

Tacklife CSK77AC is one of the most powerful mini circular saws, with some of the most advanced compact circular saws for the average woodworker.


  • The cutting line is guided by a laser.
  • The blade, which is left-handed, is easier to cut with.
  • Features 705 W of available power for remarkable cutting strength.
  • Features a max speed of 4500 rpm.
  • The included blades are much more durable than many other varieties.
  • Features a grip which is comfortable and slim.


  • This model is a little more pricey than would be preferred.
  • A little heavier than some other saws.


This next product is one of our favorite mini circular saws because it is meant to be easier for the customer to use than much of the competition. This model combines the power that you would find in a full-size saw with the convenience of a smaller one.

One of the features which make this saw more convenient than the competition is the inclusion of a laser guide for your blade. The laser gives you a much better idea of where your cut will line up.

Tacklife is known for making compact circular saws that can usually do the job of larger products. This is one of the leading features that you will want to look for in a quality saw.

This product also features blades which are more resilient than the ones that you will find on most other mini circular saws. If you are trying to make more difficult cuts that wear away the blades that you will find on mini circular saws which are available from other companies, you will find that this model is ideal for your needs. If you’re serious about getting a mini circular saw to assist you on your daily projects.

While this product may be a little heavier and a little more expensive than many other mini circular saws, you will find that it is worth the price that you pay, as it will be so much easier for you to use. If you don’t want to dread using your circular saw, this is a great option.

3. VonHaus Ultra-Compact Circular Saw

Vonhaus Ultra-Compact is the best mini circular saw that was made by this awesome manufacturer.


  • This saw features a powerful, 5.8 amp motor.
  • This saw cuts at around 4500 rpm for softer materials.
  • There is an included laser guide for more precise cuts.
  • Features the ability to plunge cut, which is somewhat rare.
  • Features a slim handle, which is more convenient.
  • Comes included with an extended dust extraction hose.
  • Comes included with different blades.


  • This model is less user-friendly than competing products


As with our previous model, you will find that this mini circular saw from VonHaus is the best option if you want something which is smaller and more powerful than the other options. For example, the 5.8 amp motor allows you to cut through some tougher substances than you will be able to with other models.

This product also features an excellent number of other features that make it easy to work with, though it is still a little less user-friendly than you may be used to dealing with. The ability to plunge cut with this circular saw allows you to make deeper cuts than you can with other products.

While this product may seem rather run of the mill when you are comparing it to some of the more specialized options, it is worth the investment for its reliability alone.

The additional blades which come included with this mini circular saw is a feature which serves to make this a much more versatile product than you would expect. The inclusion of a handle which is far more ergonomic than the ones on other mini circular saws makes your life much easier.

The blade, which can rotate at up to 4500 rpm, is both durable and thin enough to allow for the execution of quick cuts. If you are tired of mini circular saws which come included with subpar blades, you are sure to be a fan of this product from VonHaus.

4. Winamrt Mini Power Circular Saw

Winamrt is one of the leading brands of one-handed mini circular saws, with some of the best compact circular saws.


  • This saw is easy to use, even with one hand.
  • The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use this saw.
  • The inclusion of a 400 W motor is powerful enough for most uses.
  • Comes included with three blades, depending on your needs.
  • Features a hookup for a vacuum tube.
  • Can usually be found on sale.


  • Features worse build quality than some of the competition.
  • Smaller than many other mini circular saw models.


If you are looking for a mini circular small which is small and affordable, this is one of the best options around. Since this product comes equipped with a blade which is only three inches large, it is far more capable when it comes to more precise cuts, quite unlike many other models with larger blades.

Since this saw is so much smaller than most other models, you will find it easier to handle efficiently while you are working, so you don't have to worry about using it with a single hand. The grip, however, ensures that there are few issues with this product slipping while you are working.

The small size of this saw makes it much easier to use in tight spaces. If you are trying to ensure that you can work on a more delicate project, this is the saw for you.

As with most other mini circular saws, this product features a spot where you can connect a vacuum tube, so you won't have to worry about any wood shavings getting in the way. The inclusion of three blades is not something which is familiar with such affordable products.

Since this compact circular saw can be found available on sale so often, you will find it a less significant investment than some of the other options that are available. If you are looking for a circular saw which is compact enough to be handled with ease and affordable, this is a great model.

5. Genesis GCS545C 5.8 Amp Circular Saw

Genesis makes consumer and professional-grade mini circular saws.


  • The 4.5-inch blade provides a good compromise between maneuverability and durability.
  • The blades are tipped with tungsten carbide for added strength.
  • The use of triple gear reduction ensures max torque.
  • Features a dust port for the easy clearing of wood dust.
  • Adjustment controls are readily available.
  • Features a grip which has controls which are readily available.


  • This saw is less durable than other models.


The Genesis 5.8 Amp circular saw is one of the better products on this list when it comes to versatility. If you would like to ensure that your mini circular saw is capable of performing the most jobs possible, you will very likely want to invest in one of these.

The inclusion of a dust port means that you won’t ever have to worry about wood dust getting in your way, and the triple gear reduction keeps the torque output high on this product. While the 5.8 amp motor is relatively typical for one of these saws, it is helped immensely by this gearing.

While Genesis saws may not be the most well-known of the ones that we have reviewed, you will find that they are worth the money that you put into them.

The blades, which are tipped with tungsten carbide, can cut through harder surfaces than you may be used to cutting with a smaller circular saw such as this one. Speaking of cutting through tougher materials, you will find that this product is easily capable of diminishing vibrations and discomfort.

Thanks to the substantial handle and the ergonomic design, you don't have to worry about discomfort while you are in the middle of a cut, even if you are trying to get through metal. The controls are located conveniently on this product so that you can adjust the with one hand.

6. Makita SH02R1 12V Max CXT Cordless Circular Saw

Makita is a well known and trusted brand name that has been building high quality and powerful chainsaws for over 50 years.


  • The cordless design of this mini circular saw makes it easier to use.
  • The 1500 rpm blade speed of this product allows you to cut through harder material.
  • You can cut up to one inch deep with this saw.
  • The bevel base can tilt up to 45 degrees.
  • This saw is much more lightweight than other battery saws.


  • This is a less affordable saw than the competition.


If you want a saw which runs using batteries and you are looking for a product which offers some of the best build quality you will come across, this product from Makita is a great option. The inclusion of a bevel base allows you to cut at angles which go up to 45 degrees.

While most mini circular saws are relatively heavy, you will be hard-pressed to find a product which is as light as this one. At only around 3 or 4 pounds, this product is much easier to handle during particularly long work sessions. The adjustable cut depth allows you to diversify your cuts with ease.

Makita is a top manufacturer of circular saws since their products are both powerful and reliable, which is exactly what you will want to look for in one of them.

While 1500 rpm blade speed may seem a little slower than the speed that you will find on other models, it is ideal for cutting through harder materials reliably. This slower speed ensures that your motor will not end up overheating while you are trying to cut through materials that are a little thicker.

You will find that the build quality of this product is superior to much of the competition. You need to ensure that your mini circular saw is as reliable as possible if you want to get your money’s worth out of it. While this saw is a little more expensive, it is worth the price.

7. Dremel SM20-02 120-Volt Saw-Max Mini Circular Saw

The Dremel is a good workhorse that is ideal for beginners.


  • The motor has a power of 6 amps, which is more powerful than most other products.
  • This product features worm-drive gearing.
  • Comes included with four blade types for different materials.
  • Capable of making both straight cuts and plunge cuts.
  • The saw features good cut visibility.


  • This saw is more expensive than many other models.


If you want a handheld saw which is as powerful as possible, this model from Dremel is one of the best options at your disposal. This is due to the 6-amp motor, which is more powerful than the motors that you are used to finding on more compact circular saw models.

If you are trying to ensure that your cuts are precise and accurate, you will find that the visibility offered by this saw is superior to many other products. While it may not feature a laser guide for better cut accuracy, you will find that the adjustable blade position is more than enough.

You can also choose between settings for plunge cuts and straight cuts, which offers superior versatility to much of the competition. While there are not many ways that a mini circular saw can impress you, this product's assortment of features is more than impressive enough for us.

There are also four different blades which come included with this saw. These blades are optimized for use with various materials, so you can get the best cut possible. If you want to ensure that your cuts go as smoothly as possible, you will want to use the right blade for the right material.

If you need a mini circular saw which is versatile and you don’t mind paying a little more for it, you will find that this model is the best option around.

8. ROCKWELL 4-1/2″ Compact Circular Saw

The Rockwell is ideal for left-handers, women and men with relatively small hands.


  • This saw features 5A 3500 rpm motor that performs like a full-size saw.
  • Has a thinner 4.5 inch blade that makes it strikingly lighter and works without much strain.
  • Designed with left-handed blade that allows impeccable cut line visibility.
  • Features a dust extraction port and vacuum adapter for easier dust collection.
  • Features a slime in-line grip for excellent control and comfort.
  • Comes with an included kit for blade changing and a 10-ft power cord.


  • Kit doesn’t include a dust bag or a case for the saw.
  • It is not designed to cut tiles.
  • Pressing safety button and trigger lock button simultaneously can be difficult.


Rockwell’s compact circular saw is the way to go if you are keen on performance that is on par with the standard-size ones. Its electric motor boasts of a 5-amp power that easily cuts through 2x4s in a single pass, unlike other compact saws that would require flipping over of wood to finish the cut.

Experience excellent maneuver of this lightweight tool that makes overhead cuts a breeze even during long hours of use. Blade clearance of this saw is at maximum, providing best-in-class cutting capacity. The blade’s speed when operated is 3500 RPMs, with measurements at 4.5 inches, has 24 teeth, and a 3/8-inch arbor. Expect less strain when you cut using this saw’s thinner blade.

This saw has no problem with cutting angles, an easy edge of this model over others. It cuts 1 11/16 inches at 90 degrees while it cuts 1 1/8 inches at 45 degrees. Choose any angle you want from 0 to 90 degrees, and this compact saw will cut with ease.

This saw has a depth gauge lever that makes quick setup and adjustments trouble-free. It is very easy to use for beginners, left-handers, women, and men with relatively small hands. It is a versatile tool that can be used for minor renovations, DIY craft projects and intricate cutting jobs.

This compact saw is perfect for those wanting to have a handy cutting tool for unique cuts such as cutoffs, plunge cuts, and rips. It is a tool that definitely lives up to the good Rockwell image and is worth every penny, although it may come across as a little costly.

9. MASTERMIND 800344 Compact Precision Circular Saw

Mastermind is a tough, reliable, powerful and effective mini circular saws manufacturer.


  • This saw has 4 amp power in its professional-grade motor.
  • Has simple and quick adjustment features including depth and length indicator.
  • Very lightweight at 3 lbs and 13 ounces, easy to manipulate with one hand.
  • Has a quick-plunge cut feature and depth adjustment can reach up to 7/8 inches.
  • Features laser cutting guide and LED light.


  • Sight lines can be troublesome.


If you are looking for a highly handy tool that you’ll easily ease into, then MasterMind 800344 is your best bet for a compact circular saw. It is a user friendly cutting tool that is strategically designed to assist you best in your cutting needs. Aside from wood, it can cut other materials with thickness up to 7/8 inches and tiles with thickness up to 3/8 inches.

The trigger, SmartTrack LED and laser switch, depth locking lever swivel head lock, and blade guard release lever are all in orange plastic that easily stand out and can be easily accessed. Likewise, the main strategic features makes it a breeze for the user to make the best use out of this tool.

The design allows the blade to automatically be ready for a plunge cut, as the saw position lifts the blade up above the cutting surface when you operate the tool. Simply press the blade guard release lever with your left hand while using your right hand to guide the movement of the saw’s body along the material.

This tool’s design is a good fit for floor and tile work without producing a dust storm. The included vac hose adapter works well and gives you a dust-free cutting experience. While other details are not the best among its contemporaries (e.g. missing sight lines), MasterMind 800344 is a super tool that can deliver high quality results despite the discomfort in other features. After learning the ropes, you’ll be reaching out to this tool more often in the future.

10. Rotorazer Saw

Rotorazer is one of the most well known manufacturers of high quality electrical power tools and also small circular saws.


  • This saw features 3-amp motor, which may be less than the usual for compact saws, but can still do a lot of things.
  • Wide variety of materials that can be cut depending on the blade.
  • The blade leans toward the left side for better cutting experience for right handed users.
  • This saw has a dust collection port for less mess during cutting job.
  • Can cut a maximum depth of 90 degrees.
  • Included in the kit are 3 quick-change razor sharp blades.


  • It has a limited depth of cut: it won’t cut a 2x4 in one go.
  • The blade is not clearly visible making it hard to trace cuts.
  • This saw is a bit expensive for what it can offer.


If you are looking for a cutting tool for simple DIY projects and not heavy duty cutting, then this saw might work just fine for you. The benefits of having this Rotorazer saw is the same as any compact saw—it is lightweight, easy to store, and easy to maneuver.

However, for people looking for the performance of a standard saw in a smaller form, Rotorazer might be a miss for you. Since it cannot cut thick materials, it would not be the best tool for many wood working cuts and may just end up being an additional hassle to the job.

But if you are simply heading for a simple tool to cut a variety of materials with, then Rotorazer can cut wood, plastic, metal, tile, and other materials for you, as allowed by your blade choice. It is a perfect tool for crafts enthusiasts—comfortable to use, easy to transfer/transport and wouldn’t require a huge space for storage.

Cutting may be awkward at first as blade is not easily seen, but once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy the light weight of the tool and how you can use it even when cutting in tight spaces. A bonus from this compact saw is the inclusion of three blades in the kit—carbide tipped, high speed steel, diamond grit.


We hope that our reviews have helped you decide what the best possible mini circular saw for your needs is. While there may not be as wide of a selection of these smaller models as there are for larger circular saws, you will find that it is still sufficient for most needs.

Feel free to ask away in the comments below if you have any questions about our review process.

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