Free Scroll Saw Patterns for Beginners and Pros (Simple & Printable!)

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Scroll saw projects are some of the most enjoyable and beautiful things you can make with wood. Plus, the sense of achievement feels satisfying and amazing. 

If you’re looking for free scroll saw patterns, you’ve come to the right place! There’s no reason at all to pay for patterns for a scroll saw, right? That’s why I’ve curated 40 free scroll saw patterns and designs for you to explore and choose from.

Top 40 Printable Scroll Saw Patterns to Try

1. Bear Puzzle

Bear Puzzle

This project is a toy that kids will love. It also an activity that even younger generations can accomplish. Once you know how to follow patterns to make straight cuts, you can try making curved cuts using this plan.

The blade of a scroll saw is small enough to cut out the pattern for this bear puzzle, but it might also be scary enough to make it hard. 

2. Family Sign

Family Sign

Now that you’ve got the hang of drawing curves, why don’t you try your hand at a finished piece worthy of display? 

Cutting out this family sign from Dreamingindiy’s free patterns will take some time, but it will be time well spent.

3. Geometric Square Pattern

Geometric Square Pattern

This geometric square pattern is less of a project and more of an excuse to play around aimlessly with your scroll saw

A square by itself isn’t particularly useful, but it could be a versatile shape to use in other contexts. 

4. Name Plaques

Name Plaques

Crafting name plaques with a scroll saw is a wonderful way to infuse a personal touch into your space. The intricate designs and cuts give the illusion of depth, making it more than just a name on the wall but a piece of art that speaks volumes about its owner.

This downloadable and print-ready version of a name plaques pattern is quite easy and flexible. This pattern is ideal not just for personal use but also as a one-of-a-kind gift!

5. Filigree Fretwork Pumpkins

Filigree Fretwork Pumpkins

These printable pumpkin patterns will guide you through the process of creating a frighteningly realistic Halloween decoration using your scroll saw. 

After gaining experience, the intricate patterns present a welcome challenge and inspire a wide range of seasonal crafts.

6. Freestanding VW Beetle Puzzle

Freestanding VW Beetle Puzzle

A freestanding VW Beetle puzzle is another scroll saw pattern well worth downloading, printing, and using from Scrollsawer. 

You can think of this freestanding VW beetle puzzle as a little bit of decor and a little bit of a brain workout all in one. The best part is that no one will ever know if you mess up. After all, this is a puzzle.

7. Noah's Ark Puzzle Pattern

Noah's Ark Puzzle Pattern

This Noah’s Ark Puzzle pattern is a great way to test and practice your mental prowess on your own time. 

It’s quite a challenge to reassemble, and you’ll have to prove that you’re a scroll saw pro by ensuring everything lines up perfectly. You can download the Noah’s Ark pattern free to use it and start the project. 

8. Filigree Fretwork Hearts

Filigree Fretwork Hearts

These filigree fretwork hearts, a holiday-themed scroll saw project, are sure to be treasured long after Valentine’s Day has passed. 

Maybe you can create a truly gruesome Halloween display with some fake blood. Fretwork hearts patterns can be downloaded and printed from Scrollsawer.

9. Bookends Pattern

Bookends Pattern

Create these classy bookends from Steve Good to hold down a couple of your antique-looking books or your favorite old book on your standalone shelf. 

Detailed, printable instructions for using a scroll saw are also available. These free patterns from Steve Good specify the wood type to use and the required wall thickness.

10. Scroll Saw Pattern of a Dish

Scroll Saw Pattern of a Dish

This dish design strikes the perfect balance between beauty and functionality. You can use it as a dish pocket for things like door keys, car keys, cards, watches, and other small things you take out of your pocket when you get home. 

Creating this dish is straightforward and uncomplicated, requiring just a single 3/4″ thick board. This is a good thing to put near your doors, so it’s easier to find small things.

11. Patterns of Colors and Shapes Puzzle

Patterns of Colors and Shapes Puzzle

If you’re a beginner using a scroll saw, then this pattern of colors and shapes puzzle is perfect for you! Beyond that, these colors and shapes puzzle patterns are perfect for kids in your house. 

This great pattern can act as a decorative wood ornament and a means of instruction in the basics of geometry and color theory. In addition, practicing these basic curves and shapes will get you used to your saw in advance of more complicated patterns.

12. Tool Patterns

Tool Patterns

Hanging power tools or other tools from pegboards is a great way to keep tabs on them. Having them out of place can also be very frustrating. 

So, creating these tool patterns from SunCatcherStudio can help you stay on top of the game using your scroll saw. 

13. Intarsia Butterfly

Intarsia Butterfly

This intarsia butterfly is as detailed and delicate as the insect itself, making it a good test of your skill levels using a scroll saw and attention to detail. 

With Scroll Saw Paradise’s downloadable and printable patterns, following the steps is a breeze. Once completed, this project makes a delightful addition to any garden display.

14. Shelf Bracket Patterns

Shelf Bracket Patterns

When you can make your own unique shelf bracket patterns, why buy the boring shelf brackets that everyone else uses? 

Craftsmanspace provides a wide selection of shelf bracket patterns for download and printing. They can be as easy as those built on L-shaped support or as complicated as those that will leave your visitors scratching their heads.

15. Clock Hands Classical Patterns

Clock Hands Classical Patterns

The clock hands of a longcase clock are represented here in a traditional stock illustration. These clock hands patterns were reimagined after being inspired by an old book. The clock’s hands – both short and long – each come in one of eight distinct styles.

With this style, you can transform your home’s wall into a time capsule from the classic era. It’s the perfect finishing touch for your home if you’ve got antique or retro furnishings.

16. Grand Piano Music Rest Pattern

Grand Piano Music Rest Pattern

A grand piano is a timeless symbol of class and refinement. Therefore, it is fitting to complement the beauty and harmony of a grand piano with an attractive design for its music rest.

This tree illustration template features a symmetrical design. This music rest shows a sense of tranquility and abundance, as represented by the birds and fruit below the tree. Also, this music rest pattern is inspired by an antique book. 

17. Circular Scroll Saw Pattern

Circular Scroll Saw Pattern

This circular pattern template is straightforward and simple to follow. The center or inner circle is empty or hollow; you can fill it with anything you want, such as words or any other design. Besides, this circular scroll has a symmetric design with a 45-degree interval.

You can check the full set of instructions to start this free scroll saw pattern. Also, you can use various software, including 2D CAD, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, CorelDraw, and others, to easily edit the design.

18. Cabinet Fretwork Panels

Cabinet Fretwork Panels

If you’re a pro at making scroll saws patterns, you should try these cabinet fretwork panels. There’s no denying the elegance these cabinet fretworks bring to otherwise boring storage spaces. Rather than buying, why not create your own?

Several patterns in these designs use mirror imaging, mirroring either the top with the bottom or the left with the right. Meanwhile, others showcase fluid, continuous, and more intricate designs.

I think these touches can transform an ordinary cabinet, elevating it into a piece of art.

19. Lovebirds Plate Holder

This love bird plate holder is another beautiful piece of home decor with a practical purpose. The construction of this plate holder is simpler than that of the music box. 

You can use this DIY as a table centerpiece or a place setting for a wedding reception. This is a project that’s ideal for beginner and advanced woodworkers! 

20. Santa Mobile

Santa Mobile

If you have a new scroll saw, you can put it to good use by making a Santa mobile. This is one of the ideal woodworking projects for the Christmas season! 

You can download and print this scroll saw pattern from Craft Ideas. It’s easy to create as it uses only the most fundamental shapes. 

This is an excellent pattern to practice advanced scroll sawing techniques, as it requires shaping the exterior of wood rather than making simple internal cuts.

21. Autumn Coaster Saw Patterns

Autumn Coaster Saw Patterns

Intimidating at first glance, but this comprehensive and intricate coaster is worth the effort in the end. 

Although this project may appear more difficult and time-consuming than it actually is, the printable patterns are extremely detailed. The skill is easily transferable, allowing you to draw a wide variety of shapes and create coasters for any occasion.

22. Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual Calendar

This perpetual calendar from Craftsmanspace, for which you can find detailed instructions and a free scroll saw design to download, is a more complex build.

But it’s a good way to practice new abilities or release nervous energy in the downtime between more pressing responsibilities. This perpetual calendar is also perfect for giving as a present.

23. Dual Shade Whale Pattern

Dual Shade Whale Pattern

Another project that appears to be much more difficult than it actually is, this dual-shade whale is an easy project for scroll saw users with some experience. 

You can find easily downloadable and printable patterns on Shopify to make the process as simple as it can be.

24. Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Tree Ornaments

This list cannot be completed without including Christmas ornaments that go in time with the season. So I’m including this scroll saw pattern that you can print out for free. 

As soon as you’re used to creating Christmas tree ornaments and if you have the skills necessary for sketching Christmas tree ornaments [1], you should be able to make a living off these basic Christmas tree scroll saw patterns.

25. Single Board Basket Pattern

Single Board Basket Pattern

Simple baskets made from a single board are a good way to ease into working with space-filling materials. 

TheKimSixFix has provided downloadable and printable saw patterns for a variety of wood fruit bowls and baskets, which you can display in your kitchen or on your dining table.  

26. Colorful Butterfly Magnets

Colorful Butterfly Magnets

Fortunately, you can make these unique butterfly magnets without any expensive or rare wood. Cut your own butterfly scroll saw patterns from discarded pieces of wood.

Even better, if you have kids, you can have them over to help out with this Do It Yourself project. There isn’t a better way to bond as a family than doing this. Meanwhile, you’ll be assisting the kids in developing their practical abilities and art skills.

27. Wooden Human Skeleton

Using a scroll saw, you can create a human skeleton out of wood that will give your guests and neighbors the chills. This work of art is perfect for a spooky holiday.

If you enjoy crafting, this is a fantastic piece to attempt. The included downloadable plan simplifies the construction process, even for first-timers.

28. Scroll Saw Baskets Group

Scroll Saw Baskets Group

Previously, I recommended crafting a basket from a single sheet of wood. Now, I’d also like to suggest a free basket pattern that everyone in the family can give a shot!

However, it will take more than a single board, but the finished product will provide much more room for storage. I’m telling you – this is one of the best scroll saw patterns you should try as it’s very useful.  

29. Old Car Patterns

Old Car Patterns

You can decorate your garage in style with these four-car scroll saw patterns featuring classic cars. 

The blueprints are available for free download and printing at Craftsmanspace. This is a great way to practice your precision cutting skills due to the level of detail required.

As you know, classic cars have an enigmatic charm that transcends the passage of time. If you own a scroll saw, you can easily recreate their designs on a piece of wood.

30. Jaguar Scroll Saw Pattern

Jaguar Scroll Saw Pattern

Use a scroll saw to create a jaguar design on a piece of wood, capturing the animal’s grace and elegance. To get started on this project, you can find jaguar saw patterns or ideas online for reference.

And then, using the free pattern, cut out the patterns with your scroll saw. If you have a passion for animals, this may be a great opportunity to use your skills.

31. Full Moon Nightlight Pattern

Full Moon Nightlight Pattern

Following this scroll saw pattern, you can transform your ordinary nightlight into a work of art. But fusing fretwork and woodworking skills is essential for success.

I personally think this is a brilliant application of a nightlight (the moon) in this context. Expect an Intricate scroll saw pattern, like carve the tree design. Just check out the link to view the comprehensive documentation of this scroll saw pattern project. 

32. Round Scroll Saw Ornament

Round Scroll Saw Ornament

Practicing goes a long way if you’re trying to learn how to make a round scroll saw pattern. And repeating this pattern will strengthen and improve your abilities. 

This scroll saw pattern is great for practicing new skills. Also, this includes a downloadable plan, so getting started shouldn’t be difficult.

33. Pegasus Panel Pattern

Pegasus Panel Pattern

This plan exhibits a lovely scroll saw pattern with a Pegasus in the middle. It’s a lovely painting, worthy of being displayed on your wall. Craft this frame out of wood using your scroll saw if you enjoy tinkering. 

If you’re a beginner, this downloadable pattern is accessible and easy to follow. This structure, however, is not straightforward. I suggest giving your masterpiece a more finished look by staining it with different colors.

34. Scrolly Scalloped Mirror

Scrolly Scalloped Mirror

If you want to attract attention to a mirror on the wall, this is one of the eye-catching free scroll saw patterns you can try. Craft the pattern by sketching the form on the Medium-density fibreboard (MDF).

The next step is to cut the image out using your scroll saw. Apply the grit to sharpen it, and it will become flakier. 

Use a miniature roller to apply the white paint. Scotch-Mount inverted mirror indoor double-sided mounting tape for woodworking allows you to shape the mirror to the pattern.

35. Tropical Fish Bowl Pattern

Tropical Fish Bowl Pattern

This is another beautiful scroll saw pattern from Steve Good. You can check out its printable blueprint to help you craft your own unique work of art.

I highly recommend it as a do-it-yourself woodworking projects for amateurs, too. If you’re looking to hone your abilities, this wood project shouldn’t present too much of a hurdle.

36. Patterns for Ribbon Ornaments

Ribbon Ornaments

Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays, or any other holiday, these scroll saw patterns and ideas are perfect for the occasion. They are also excellent presents for your friends and family. Incorporating ribbon designs into them makes them more than just decorative. 

DIY woodwork newbies need not fear as the patterns can be fashioned using your scroll saw. Plus, they provide a strategy to assist you!

37. Personalized Keychain Holder

Personalized Keychain Holder

What can be carved out of wood with a scroll saw is truly astounding. Those you care about will appreciate receiving a keychain holder that you personalized with their name.

Creating your own keychains is a fun and inexpensive way to show your loved ones how much you care. Making one is simple if you have a pattern to follow. So make sure to check the pattern link out!  

38. Wooden Nativity Scroll Saw Pattern

Wooden Nativity Scroll Saw Pattern

If you follow this pattern, you’ll give your kids a memorable experience. They will appreciate your work of art and provide feedback on which festivals would best suit the themes.

This can take the form of a puzzle for them as they put together the various parts. I suggest using painter’s tape to ensure your pattern sticks to the surface you place it on.

39. Bamboo Triptych Pattern

Bamboo Triptych Pattern

A bamboo tree and a bird are the subjects of these scroll saw patterns. Cutouts of bamboo trees and birds make up their entirety. Some of the simplest projects you can craft are these.

This means that amateurs may value their abilities after completing a DIY task. If you choose these patterns, check out the downloadable guide that will facilitate your work.

40. Lily Pad Box Pattern

With the right approach and materials, building a box out of lily pads is a breeze. Despite the usual circular lily pad, you are free to experiment with other shapes when creating your own. 

Design your lily pad box after something you’d find in nature.You can try out different shapes like flowers, leaves, suns, or stars. But if you prefer a circular design, I’d recommend sticking with the provided pattern.

About Scroll Saws

Scroll saws are a kind of power tool that comes in different styles. Like a wet tile saw or a table saw, these saws are powered by electricity. 

This type of saw cuts wood very quickly by moving the blades up and down in a continuous motion. Also, a scroll saw is a portable tool made in a way that makes it easy to attach to a worktable.

If you’re looking for a reliable tool, you may want to consider the Wen 3921 Scroll Saw.

wood board and scroll saw

How to Choose a Scroll Saw


If you are keen to put in the time and effort to learn, these scroll saw projects are not that difficult to complete. And when you finally get the hang of it, you’ll be astounded by the masterpieces you can make!

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