Top 35 Easy Wood Burning Ideas for Beginners

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The art of wood burning is truly captivating. It’s a unique and intriguing way to create beautiful decorations from a simple piece of wood. Even seasoned professionals approach wood pyrography with care and respect due to its distinctive nature.

The good news is that there are DIY wood burning ideas that cater to both beginners and experts. So, in this article, let me share some valuable tips to kickstart your crafting journey. 

35 Wood Burning Projects Anyone Can Try

1. Earrings


Wood is lighter than other materials, so creating earrings out of them isn’t an impossible feat to achieve. In fact, it’s a common Wood Burning project you’ll see being sold in most craft stores. 

It can also be a perfect gift if you want to give someone a distinctive ornament. All you need to do is apply wood-burn techniques to the material, which can take the form of woven patterns.

2. Decorative Spoon

decorative spoons

When planning a rustic wedding, selecting a personalized wooden spoon as a souvenir never gets old. Besides affordability, you can easily apply different types of Wood Burning art to these materials. 

On top of that, you can also hang wooden spoons on the wall to serve as home decorations to match other rustic ornaments. 

But before adding burn marks, our team suggests tracing the wood-burning patterns using a pencil or stencil. Through this, you can create a design as intricate as you want. 

Other artists also use a wood-burning pen tip to achieve the wood-burned design faster. If you’re keen on giving personalized holiday gifts, pen tips can be a great investment in the long run. 

3. Bookmark


Crafting wood-burned bookmarks may sound easier than other ornaments, but believe me, applying wood pyrography on a smaller frame is much harder than you think. You may want to tackle this task once you get the hang of handling smaller projects. 

Besides creating burnt edges, you can use a pen tip to create wood-burned patterns on its surface. Use a processed wood slice for this project as it works better when tracing intricate floral patterns, which are often used in designing wooden bookmarks. 

4. Growth Chart

growth chart

Parents who are into woodworking may like simple Wood Burning projects like growth charts. Not only does it help you track your children’s development [1], but it can also be built using scrap wood. It also spares your home from unsightly wall art of numbers and lines. 

And as your kids grow older, you can keep them hanging on your wall and treat them as home decorations with sentimental value. 

5. Coffee Table

customized coffee table

Besides decorations, designing furniture such as coffee tables can be an interesting wood-burning project. As some reclaimed wood is often ruined by paint, many resident DIYers prefer burning designs into pieces of furniture. 

Depending on the pattern you choose, Pyrography can add a touch of rustic elegance to your table. 

Although you can stain the table with different art ideas, don’t forget that you need to protect its surface with a clear coat if you don’t want the design to be damaged by high heat and other external factors.  

6. Keyholder

key holder

If you’re looking for unique gift ideas, consider burning personalized designs on a wooden keyholder. It’s one of my top recommendations and makes for a gender-neutral gift that’s also easy to create. 

You can add alluring nature prints or carve the family name into it for a thoughtful touch.

7. Magnets

ref magnet

Wood burning can also work well on magnets. While it’s one of the most classic gift ideas out there, but carving a design using any wood-burning tool could give a special feel to these decorations. 

Wood-burned magnets are also easy to source, as they can be built using scrap lumber and carved with typical pen tips. 

8. Wood Burned Trivets


If you don’t know what a trivet is, it’s a coaster made of cork placed under a hot object. Unlike solid wood pieces, cork has a slightly softer structure. It may require more caution and focus when executing wood-burning techniques into this kind of material. 

If you want accuracy in your design, use a wood-burning tool like a stencil instead of tracing pencil marks on the material. Before commencing the wood-burning sessions, you should ensure that you’re using a lower temperature because it’s not as solid as other lumber. 

9. Serving Board or Tray

serving tray

Besides coasters, a serving tray could pass up as a decent house-warming gift or wedding present. You can decorate its surface with any type of art or simply have it embedded with names and phrases. 

Like any other material that went through this woodworking technique, you must stain the serving tray and smoothen its edges after getting the wood burned.

10. Mountain Scenery Earring

wooden earrings

As previously discussed, it’s possible to design a unique set of earrings through wood burning. However, rather than geometric shapes and lines, did you know that you can transfer the beauty of the mountain scenery to this small accessory? 

Although you can choose from many wood burning ideas, you must know that burning intricate details on wood requires advanced skills and demands time.

11. Cheese Board


Kitchen utensils like cutting boards are always a thoughtful present to consider, especially if you got it personalized. You should choose the wood for your cutting board with care, especially if it is customized. 

Instead of using paint, you can opt to use wood-burning techniques to customize names and designs on a cheese cutting board. Besides adding patterns on the middle surface, put details on the edges to give it added distinctiveness. 

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12. Guitar


If you’re a musician who’s also passionate about woodworking, having a guitar with your wood-burned initials can represent two of your aspirations. 

And while it’s a great project, I recommend checking the kind of material your guitar is made of before proceeding to wood burning. 

13. Plaque


A plaque is also one of the simplest materials you can work on for this technique. You can start doing your design through a pencil outline or by creating a stencil as a guide. These plaques are mainly for decorative purposes in events or at home. 

14. Light Switch Cover

light switch cover

Light switch covers may seem like the smallest details in your home, but customizing them with wood-burning techniques could add a different feel to the room. 

Your wood burning ideas could range from simple geometric shapes to intricate character designs. Just keep in mind the difficulty may vary depending on what you choose. 

15. Ornaments With Sentiments

Ornaments With Sentiments

Adding sign decorations on the walls can brighten up any room in your home. The ideas you can come up with when designing these pieces are limitless, but it would help if you have a wooden sign for any occassion. 

One-word sentiments are undeniably popular among homeowners as they can easily be applied through wood burning. 

16. Heart Mandala

Heart Mandala

Unlike other ideas on this list, designing a heart mandala through wood burning isn’t as quick as other projects. It could take days before completion. However, it’s a great challenge for beginners like you to practice this technique.

17. Coasters


Wood-burned coasters are one of the hot objects in craft fairs and one of the most typical personalized gift ideas any crafter can think of.  You can grab a quilt block wood and have it burned with geometric patterns. 

There are no limits when designing coasters, as you can find many design ideas to get inspiration from. 

18. Candle Holders

candle holder

If you’re visualizing a home lit up with candles, carving the holders through heated tips is a way to go. Not only would it add a different touch to the room, but it’s also a neat and safe way to store your candles. 

19. Harry Potter Cutting Board With Pyrography

Harry Potter Cutting Board With Pyrography

As a fan of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, imagine the delight of having a wood-burned cutting board with the symbols of four Hogwarts houses imprinted on it. 

The main challenge you’ll face for this project is the design’s quality mainly relies on how well you sketch the crest on the wood surface. 

20. Celtic Knot Box

Celtic Knot Box

Next to coasters, wood-burned boxes are quite common for a woodworking project. If you want to be different, we suggest adding Celtic knots on its surface. The burn work for this piece isn’t that easy, but it would work as long as your pen tip is at medium temperature. 

21. Floral Picture Frame

Floral Picture Frame

You need to be quite artistic to pull off wood-burned floral picture frames. Depending on your skill, you can use free-hand or stencil to lay down the linework. 

This step will essentially determine the output you’ll get, so it’s advisable to trace the design as neatly as possible. 

22. Painted Wall Art

Painted Wall Art

You may not know, but flames and paint can go hand-in-hand in one project. You can trace an image using carbon paper, burn the linework with a heated angle tip, and apply a wood finish before adding the paint mix. 

23. Cooking Utensils

cooking utensils

Adding patterns in cooking utensils isn’t uncommon, even for ones you buy at the store. However, the beauty of this technique is its ability to customize your items according to the design you want. 

These patterns are often repeated throughout the surface, so you’ll need more attention to detail. 

24. Sliced Wood Ornament

Sliced Wood Ornament

For this project, you wouldn’t need cut-out wood. Instead, you’ll need to use sliced lumber to create the ornament. It’s a perfect decor for a rustic-themed home and can be achieved easily using a highly heated pen tip.

25. Wooden Garland

Wooden garland

Once the holiday season arrives, you’ll surely need garlands. However, the stores can only offer you so much. In fact, crafting your wood-burned garland allows you to repurpose these decors for other occasions.

26. Wood Burned Letter Tile Decor

Wood Burned Letter Tile Decor

If you’re going for the farmhouse feel, designing letter tile decors through wood burning should be on your to-do list. Once you have traced and burned letters on it, these pieces can be on the tabletop or installed on the wall.

27. Recipe Box

Wood Burned Recipe Box

It may appear like another wooden box project, but labeling it through wood burning gives a different touch. Instead of tips, you can use stamps on this piece for a more uniform appearance. 

28. Burned Wall Clock Design

Burned Wall Clock Design

Another artsy gift your rustic-loving friends will feel giddy about is a wooden wall clock designed with burn marks. You may need to show depth in the art for aesthetic purposes, I urge you to plan the design ahead of time. 

29. Burned Wood Vase

Burned Wood Vase

Did you know you can make a vase look like a legit tree trunk by wood burning? Most wedding venues have this customized piece to add a more rustic feeling to the celebration.

30. Cookbook Holder

Cookbook Holder

A cookbook holder can be a thoughtful gift if you know someone who cooks a lot or just starting out in the kitchen. It can also be a tablet holder, as some cooks no longer use physical books. 

But regardless of that, adding words and initials on the top surface is the main point of this idea. 

31. Personalized Family Tree

Personalized Family Tree

If you want to craft a piece you can pass down to generations, engraving a family tree into a wood slice is a great heirloom to consider. Not only is it simple to make, but being hard-crafted adds more sentimental value to it. 

32. Letter Stamped Box

Letter Stamped Box

Like the recipe box, this piece can be achieved through stamping. The only difference is it contains letters rather than recipes.

33. Wedding Centerpiece

Wedding Centerpiece

Having a great centerpiece could make or break a wedding. If you’re going for rustic, you can wood burn a tray or a vase as the centerpiece that aligns with the theme. 

34. Plant Tray

Plant tray

If you’re re-arranging your garden, one of the best DIY wood burning ideas you have to try is designing a plant tray. It neatly arranges your plants and allows you to add phrases or words that could liven up the garden.

35. Tissue Holder

tissue holder

Another simple project beginners like you can handle is designing a tissue holder. The burn patterns you can add to these materials are endless, from simple linework to scenery artwork.


Does wood burning make money?

Yes, wood burning makes money. From personalizing a wooden sign to adding prints on a set of earrings, these ideas will sell well if you find the right market. Some woodworkers would go to fairs or build stores to sell their crafts. 

How do you burn a pattern on wood?

You can burn a pattern on wood by using a burner tip or a soldering iron. However, you’ll need to smoothen the material and apply stencil or freehand designs. 

How do you burn wood neatly?

You can burn wood neatly using a well-maintained pen tip and well-prepped wood. On top of that, you must also ensure that your tool has the right temperature. But does burning wood helps seal it? Find out next!

Can you burn wood with a Dremel?

Yes, you can burn wood with a Dremel. It’ll work well if you’re required to stencil and carve the project. 

What is the best wood to use for wood burning?

The best wood slice for burning varies depending on the project you want to work on. But if you want ones that can handle wood burn well, go for hardwoods like pine trees. You can also build intricate art designs using wood pieces from trees like birch, oak, balsa, or walnut.

What’s the difference between pyrography and wood burning?

The difference between pyrography and wood burning is the latter only focuses on designing one material. On the other hand, Pyrography is a general term that means the art of burning, regardless of the material. 

What is the most difficult wood to burn?

The most difficult wood to burn is Cebil and Wamara. Other than those, lumber selections like Snakewood and Blackwood don’t suit this woodworking technique. 

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Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience under your belt, diving into wood-burning is a crucial step to upping your woodworking game. While it might seem a bit daunting at first, take it from me – these projects have the potential to open up exciting opportunities for your craft and career down the road. 

So, why wait? Embrace the challenge and watch your woodworking skills soar to new heights!

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