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Having explored various lawnmower brands out there, Scag Mowers truly impressed me with their consistent production of high-quality lawn care tools since 1983. Still, I understand how navigating through their extensive product catalog to find the perfect mower can be overwhelming.

That’s why I took the initiative to create a comprehensive price guide for Scag mowers. This guide can help you pinpoint the product that aligns with both your budget and your specific lawn needs.

Zero-Turn Mowers

If you want a cutting tool that can get the job done faster without sacrificing comfort and durability, then going for zero-turn mowers is the best decision you’ll ever make. 

Lawnmowers with this technology can get expensive, but Scag Mowers has budget-friendly options depending on the field sizes and terrains you need to tackle. 

Turf Tiger II

True to its name, the Turf Tiger II selection delivers impressive cutting performance. During testing, I couldn’t help but be in awe of its 12 mph ground speed.

SCAG Turf Tiger II

Besides, these mowers drive shaft cutting decks and centered-mounted gas tanks for better stability when driving up hills. 

Gasoline Models

Diesel Models

Propane Models

Cheetah II

Commercial mowing demands a lot more speed and power than tending to household lawn tasks. Because of this, Scag Mowers launched the Cheetah II product line. Equipped with selections that power up from 31 to 38 HP, I don’t doubt that it can cover long hours of mowing. 

SCAG Cheetah II

(For your commercial mowing requirements, you could alternatively consider the dependable but high-priced Gravely Mower units.)

Gasoline Models

Tiger Cat II

For some brands, the dilemma is always price vs. quality [1], but that’s not the case for Scag Mowers’ Tiger Cat II selection. These are collections of mid-sized and mid-priced mowers that deliver smooth and adjustable cutting operations. 

SCAG Tiger Cat II

All models are equipped with high-capacity fuel tanks, making them suitable for an uninterrupted mowing experience. 

Gasoline Models


If you want an all-rounder lawnmower, but your budget is limited, you can opt for Scag Mower Patriot options. 

SCAG Patriot

Although these zero-turn models don’t include advanced features seen in other units, they can cater to your general lawn care needs. In fact, they’re capable of ground speeds up to 10mph and operate with 6.5 gallons of fuel. 

Gasoline Models

Freedom Z

If you’re a new user, trust me when I say you want a unit you can easily maneuver. This Freedom Z selection is a perfect entry-level mower that any homeowner can maintain without hassle. 

SCAG Freedom Z

On top of that, these models are equipped with a digital hour gauge that informs riders of the gas levels and total usage to avoid unnecessary interruptions. 

Gasoline Models

Liberty Z

Believe it or not, some lawns demand commercial-grade performance despite small mowing areas. So if your turf includes complex obstacles, you may need to peek at Liberty Z’s mower selection. 

SCAG Liberty Z

With high ground speeds and adequate gas capacity, they’re capable of delivering efficient cutting operations suited for your residential needs.

Gasoline Models

Stand-on Mowers

Massive mowers can cut through tough obstacles, but stand-on mowers are more efficient when mowing tight and narrow spots. For Scag Stand-on Mowers, the brand ensured that their designs are both high-performing and space-saving. 

V-Ride II

It is said that compact cutting machines offer a different kind of efficiency due to their lighter mass, and that’s what the Scag Mowers V-Ride II selection has. 


From its wide tires and cast-iron blades, you can be sure that its small sizes aren’t a hindrance to its superb performance. 

Gasoline Models

Walk-Behind Mowers

Another option you can opt for when tackling smaller lawn jobs are Scag’s Walk-Behind Mowers. These models are divided into the hydro and belt drive systems. If you ask lawnmower specialists, these units are suitable for areas you can mow within forty minutes.

SWZ Hydro-Drive

All SWZ hydro-drive mowers under this brand operate in a zero-turn radius. A hydrostatic drive system means that these models don’t require as much maintenance as typical mowers. They’re also designed with durable steel construction, so expect them to withstand harsh mowing conditions. 

SCAG SWZ Hydro-Drive

Gasoline Models

SW Belt-Drive

Users can opt for 36 to 52 cutting deck models for this product line. These units operate with powerful Kawasaki engines, allowing mowers to run as fast as 6 miles per hour. 

SCAG SW 36 Belt-Drive

Gasoline Models

SWZT Hydro-Drive

You may not know, but SWZT Hydro-drive is the most advanced walk-behind mower selection out of the three I discussed in this list. It features ergonomic controls and tough construction that fit demanding lawn care tasks. 

SCAG SWZT Hydro-Drive

Besides its Kawasaki engines, SWZT Hydro-Drive has an adjustable cutting deck to make grass-cutting operations easier. 

Gasoline Models

What is the Best Scag Mower for the Money?

The best Scag Mower for the money depends on your lawn care requirements. However, if you’re tending to an extensive landscape with tough obstacles, there’s no question about choosing Turf Tiger models. 

mowing with SCAG mower

For smaller tasks and narrow spots, buying walk-behind and stand-on mowers is what I would recommend you to do. 

Are Scag Mowers Worth it?

Yes, Scag Mowers are worth it. The product lines that this brand continues to launch are durable and reliable enough to cater to different lawn and landscape needs. 

Where to Find Scag Mowers for Sale Near Me

You can visit the brand’s website. From there, there’s a section where customers can find the nearest dealers in their area in just one click. 

Where to Find Used Scag Mowers for Sale Near Me

For used Scag mowers, I recommend combing through online selling websites like eBay and Amazon. If you can’t find them on those platforms, there’s always Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace to source a second-hand machine


How much is a 52-inch Scag mower?

A 52-inch Scag mower could range from over $5000 up to over $18000. These price estimations highly depend on your chosen product line, components, and drive systems.

How much is a 61-inch Scag mower?

A 61-inch Scag mower could be priced between over $9000 and $22000. It varies depending on the mower’s engine options, drive systems, and power capacity. 


Knowing Scag mower prices will help you save money and time in the long run. Trust me when we say that budget constraints don’t need to hinder you from getting the best Scag mower option to make your mowing experience efficient and convenient.

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