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At Sawinery, every woodworker has an all-around guide in everything woodworking related. Here, you can find answers to your woodworking questions plus tons of trusted recommendations and tips covering tools, projects, books, videos, DIYs, and woodworking experiences

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Sawinery.net was created by a real-life woodworker and a woodworking enthusiast, Robert Johnson. His years in the woodworking and carpentry industry, plus his love for the craft inspired him to reach out to his fellow woodworkers through this website. When he’s not working on a project at his workshop, you can find him checking out new tools online or at the nearest hardware, or seated at his home office creating content for this website.


Sawinery is a provider of a wide scope of woodworking knowledge. We continue to produce quality content that will help all woodworking enthusiasts worldwide understand and love the wood industry. We have buying guides to lay down the best options for every clueless buyer. We continuously publish detailed tool reviews so that the reader would know a tool inside and out before making any purchases.We have DIY projects to encourage both beginners and experts to try creating something new, perhaps a project they have not done before. We also keep stories of remarkable woodworkers to inspire those who feel like they are limited and could not start woodworking on their own.



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