About Us

Robert Johnson started Sawinery.net with the aim to provide more knowledge and information on the different types of saws, yet it has proven to span over a larger scope than that. From specific reviews of various models of saws, Sawinery’s contents now encompass a little bit of everything related to woodworking. From tools and their use, to woodworking projects and inspiring stories of woodworkers, Sawinery provides different thoughts and perspectives deemed beneficial to all readers, from newbie DIYers to expert woodworkers.

The Journey

Starting with a simple kit of basic woodworking tools and a circular saw, Robert found himself getting more interested in what other power tools can do, especially different types of saws. As his workshop grew through the years, his knowledge about specific tools grew through continuous research and his first-hand use of some of them. With the intent of impart whatever knowledge he is acquiring, he started Sawinery.net and published his first article about a chainsaw.

From the most common handsaw used by a lot of households, Sawinery then continued releasing reviews of specific saw models and his top lists of the best saws in the market based on his own assessment. As the posts grew, Robert decided to categorize them according to saw type, which now compose the main pages of the website. The categories included in Sawinery’s reviews are:

  • Chainsaw
  • Table Saw
  • Miter Saw
  • Circular Saw
  • Band Saw
  • Scroll Saw
  • Reciprocating Saw
  • Jigsaw

Included in the categories aren’t only pure reviews, but some important information about the use, safety and care needed for each specific type of saw. A blog section has also been added for other posts that do not talk about saws, including articles about woodworking books, introduction to woodworking, woodworking projects, and interviews on women and other heroes about their woodworking journey.


Sawinery’s general mission has changed over the years, but its core remains anchored on the love for woodworking. Whether it’s about woodworking itself, woodworking projects, tools needed for the project, or stories of inspiring woodworkers, Sawinery aims to spread knowledge and awareness about them. What Sawinery puts out there may not always convince people to try out woodworking, but in the least, we hope to inspire beginners, motivate long-time woodworkers, and bring more appreciation to woodworking and the power tools needed for the craft.