You must have discovered the wonderful hobby of woodworking if you’re here.

Woodworking, as you must have already known, is a fulfilling craft that lets you create something out of what can be construed as nothing. There are easy projects for beginners which you can finish quickly, and there are more complicated ones, like in any industry.

A slab can become a sculpture you can put on your shelf for everyone to admire or a keepsake to gift to people you care about, and bigger pieces can be turned into furniture, which besides being a source of pride also lets you save your money in the same way that planting your vegetables would. But to get there, you must start somewhere.

What exactly are you getting yourself into?

What are the basic tools that a fledgling woodworker has to start with?

When should you take the jump and eventually get yourself a table saw?

Don’t fret—we’ve got resources you can peruse. Need your obligatory introduction to woodworking? We have your back.

Want to know which tools to invest in, perhaps the accessories that are necessary for everyone practicing the craft? You don’t need to be looking elsewhere.

Maybe you need a little more convincing before getting into woodworking. We get it—it is nothing short of a commitment, after all. But for woodworkers who have practiced long enough, it is also more than just a hobby.

The advantages of woodworking

Some elders have found a lifelong love in the craft, and others who have found kindred spirits by working alongside each other in community centers even when they have started the craft later in life.

We have talked to those who have found healing in woodworking, because being productive while doing something you like has immeasurable effects on esteem and rebuilding one’s life, as is the case with PTSD survivors who are now full-blooded craftsmen… and women.

No, woodworking isn’t as exclusive to men as some people may think even though the numbers still show that there are more practicing males. It is a hobby that sees no gender, or status in life and there are many woodworking women. Even woodworking kits for youth are available nowadays, to teach woodworking to kids.

Those who fall within the spectrum of autism also found a way to connect to others through their scroll saws and their plies of wood, and then some more with an accomplishment as big as a business dedicated to the craft.

Even if you’re a lurker who has long progressed beyond the newbie belt, we have something for you here.

There are tips to apply to your work, which for some reason may be entirely new to you, as well as our guides through the different kinds of saws and product reviews.

Ever wondered what miter saw, chainsaw or bandsaw is the best or at least ideal for your work?

Maybe you need reminders here and there to be safe while working with your tools. And then some inspirational people have used their expertise to network with other hobbyists, making woodworking more than just a solitary activity.

So stay, look around and enjoy going through the basics, the tools, and the stories. We’ll have even more going forward, so stay tuned.