Project Designer

Plan and design any woodworking project you have in mind with 100% accuracy using just pencil and paper.

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There are 3 templates: Basic, Tall and Wide you can use to sketch and plan your interior and exterior ideas and any woodworking project you like.


1:12 Graph Paper and Ruler for more precise drawing and to minimize waste.

3) Board cutting planner

Boards cutting planner to minimize waste and to check quantities by planning the optimal purchase of boards.
Planners for boards in nominal widths: 2″, 4″, 6″,8″, 10″ and 12″


A place for a final check of quantities, shopping lists and efficient working steps.


BONUS - Drilling Guides

Place your pre-drilling holes exactly where you want them. Prevent piece edge damage and screw misses. Align the template along the edge of your board or plywood piece, and then mark the spot.

Guides for lumber sizes:
1×4, 2×4, 1x 6, 2×6, 1×8, 1×10, 1×12


Shannon Lane

The drawing cubes were a terrific idea! It helped me visualize project ideas despite my poor drawing skills. I recommend this to anyone who struggles with making rough sketches.


It’s a comprehensive guide for woodworking beginners! Unlike other woodworking books I’ve read, it’s filled with simple illustrations, not just jam-packed with technical terms that are hard for newbies to understand.

HP Howard

The planner gave helpful tips and tricks that made my projects easiel to accomplish. Handling tools aren’t my strongest suit, but the match charts for drill bits and screws allowed me to avoid errors and do-overs.

Aya Maiden

I appreciate that this woodworking beginner-package tackles how to finish pine wood! The process isn’t as simple as everyone thinks, just because pine is easy to cut. Kudos on recognizing the need to include it on the guide!

Kyle Allen

I found it very useful as a beginner-hobbyist woodworker. makes planning projects so much easier than using softwares for me.

Peter G

I got this project guide for my niece, who has a knack for doing small wood projects. She loved it!/ personally liked how it elaborates on proper measurements and cutting methods in different sizes.


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