Many people get too cocky when it comes to DIYs—they take on huge projects too early and they end up failing or hiring a professional to do it instead. We can blame it to many sources as well, who promise to provide “beginner projects” but list down complicated plans that are doomed to go to waste.

We don’t want to waste your time and money on something like that, so we’ve done the hard part for you and compiled the best woodworking projects for beginners in the 5 main categories:

Furniture Projects

Dresser-Top Organizer

Poker Table

Maple Chair

Slant-Front Bookcase

Welsh Stick Chair

Countertop Wine Rack

Rustic Dining Table

Sliding-Top Table

Cherry Step Stool

Cherry Console

Wine Rack

Cherry Hutch

Stylish Dining Chair

Hanging Wall Shelves

Baker's Rack

Small Home Office

Dining Room Buffet

Oak Wine Server

Craftsman-Style Bar

Kitchen Cabinets

Outdoor Projects

Trellis with a Twist

Double Porch Rocker

Garden Bench

Patio Serving Cart

Bird Feeder

Oak Chaise Lounge

Butterfly Lighthouse

Patio Furniture

Log Cabin Birdhouse

Garden Shed

Garden Arbor

Bird Nesting Shelf

Window Planter Box

Titanic Deck Chair

Outdoor Taboret

Backyard Playhouse

Gravity Bird Feeder

Seedling Shelter

Outdoor Tray Table

Japanese Bench


Fretwork Picture Frame

Salt & Pepper Set

Keepsake Box

Sculpted Wood Vase

Treasure This Box

Coaster Set

Revolving Knife Block

Dartboard Cabinet

Cheese Board & Slicer

Twister Jewelry Box

Walnut Mirror Frame

Fretwork Wall Shelf

Flip-Down Coat Rack

Oval Jewelry Box

Slant-Sided Tote

Three-Tiered In-Box

Custom Music Stand

Dresser Top Valet

Craftsman Quilt Rack

Jewelry Chest

Home Decor

Floor Lamp

Smartphone Amplifier

Traditional Wall Clock

Turned Canisters

Pet Bed

Steam Locomotive

Shadow Boxes

Shaker-Style Tall Clock

Candle Centerpiece

Modern Desk Lamp

Coaster Centerpiece

Picture Frames

Classic Mantel Clock

Wall Calendar

Potpourri Box

Candle Holders

Trivet Centerpiece

Towel Rack

Inlaid Picture Frame

Metal Inlay Box

Woodworking Shop

Mobile Tool Cart

Roll-Top Chisel Case

Drill Press Cabinet

Carpenter's Toolbox


English Workbench

Drum Sander

Modular Cabinets

Edge Clamps

Table Saw Sled

Roll-Around Tool Cart

Modular Workstation

Table Saw Cart

Heirloom Tool Cabinet

Hand Plane

V-Block System

Stackable Tool Totes

Wall-Mounted Shelf

Utility Workbench

Clamping Station

Woodworking Journey

A DIY woodworking project may be pretty intimidating, especially for people who don’t have a clue which basic supplies or which wood to use. Woodworking skills and power tools are sometimes really complicated, especially when used to build a project in your backyard.

However, the first thing you need to know is not all DIY experts made their way through their woodworking journey already knowing what a jigsaw is for and how this piece is different from a reciprocating saw; nor did they perfect their first beveled cut or got all their measurements correctly. Many great woodworkers started learning beginner woodworking skills from home where they needed to get help to find their way as they build furniture. They may have gotten their materials and other things in their backyard or workshop just to build and create a DIY project.

There’s nothing wrong about making easy-to-build DIY wood items first. And who says you have to build and assemble a big-size tree house, a full deck, or a complicated piece of furniture, anyway? DIY items at home don’t always have to be made on a larger scale, especially if you don’t have the information and space yet. You can create something with a 1-sheet plywood, and it would give you beautiful results while being easy at the same time. You don’t need a lot of materials or space. DIY ideas like a chair, hangers for plants, or simple gifts for kids can be made even if you have limited space in your backyard.

student in woodworking class

In any craft, you have to take baby steps to get you to mastery. For a  simple woodworking project, the key to starting that DIY journey is actually learning woodworking for newbies, even at home. And if you need to get help through woodcraft books or a DIY mentor, the internet is the perfect place to find more information. Whether you need complete tips to measure lumber, customize pieces, there are hours of videos that can give you support.

There are high-quality plans that don’t need a lot of materials to build and wouldn’t take a lot of time. Newbies can easily build these plans and paint them with a simple design. And don’t worry, you don’t even need a great hybrid saw to make or build a simple project. You can even get any DIY project from this list and build a great DIY project with kids, regardless of whether they have their own wooden kits to build. As an example, kids can build their own wooden art or a simple sign with just a few boards and glue. If they can sit through the project and complete it, they could even play and have fun painting their creations. 

*Note: the difficulty level of all these DIY woodshop pieces is at easy level only. Thus, those who want to create furniture may find these woodworking plans too basic for their skills. If you’ve been working on DIY pieces already, it may be easy to build a classic adirondack chair from pressure-treated pine or cedar. Working with pressure-treated wood always add a smooth, nice touch. You can also use it for outdoor chairs, TV trays, a sofa, bench, door, or a book stand. End tables are also great to store things and stay organized. If you’re into advanced furniture, create a comfy chair or sofa that you can just sink into, rest your legs on, and just have a glass of wine.

All newbies can feel comfortable creating any of the following DIY projects, and if you got more than just a few hours, challenge yourself and build more than a few things if you can. You can decide to invite a few friends over the weekend to see if your creations are sturdy enough. Simple skills are needed to make a wooden sign or even bamboo planters for your plants.You won’t need professional tools and big pieces of lumber to create great wood items like these.


Woodworking doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a lot of simple DIY items you can build when you are at the starting phase and some of them are even profitable. Even with just a few tools, elbow grease, and your best scroll saw, you can build beginner woodworking projects at home without complicated wood plans.  Once you get the hang of it, you can work your way to creating woodwork projects that can sell.

These 100 easy ideas are just a portion of all possible DIY pieces that you can make. You can build a wide variety of stuff. The best part is you don’t have to create anything in the most perfect way. 

Many of these easy DIY woodwork pieces aren’t just used for decorating your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen counter, or garden; they can be practical, too. So go ahead and get your woodworking tools ready, and start taking each easy wood project at a time. Many woodworkers also build an online or physical store to sell a piece of furniture or DIY product for inexpensive prices. 

Looking for some more inspiration? Check our these woodworking pictures.