How to Make a DIY Clamp Rack

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Every woodworker knows that you can never have too many clamps in your workshop. But when they’re scattered all over, it can be a real headache. Picture me, surrounded by sawdust and half-finished projects, thinking “Where on earth am I going to put all these clamps?” It’s a dilemma you may have encountered at one point as well. You’re not alone in this.

That’s where this DIY clamp rack comes in handy. It’s a simple solution, with slots for those long bar clamps and space for the smaller ones as well. Just imagine a neat row of clamps hanging on the wall, ready to grab whenever you need them.

So, let’s get into it. I’m here to show you how to make your own clamp rack, step by step.

Cut List

Soft Wood


Dimensions (Inch)


01 Top


21 x 6-1/2 


02 Side


18 x 7-1/4


03 Shelf


21 x 6-1/2


04 Clamp holder


21 x 3-3/4


05 Holder support


4-⅜ x 3-3/4


06 Back


21 x 18






Wood glue



Pocket screws



Wood screws








Step 1

Cut out all the necessary pieces for the clamp rack, including the slits for the clamps.

cutting pieces for the clamp rack

Step 2

On the back panel, mark positioning lines for both the shelf and the clamp holder.

Marking the positioning lines for both the shelf and the clamp holder

Step 3

Drill pilot holes on the back panel and the clamp holder to prepare for attaching the support of the clamp holder.

Step 4

Utilize Pocket Hole Joinery to drill holes on all parts for assembly.

Utilizing Pocket Hole Joinery to drill holes

Step 5

Apply wood glue to the edge of the clamp holder and secure it to the marked position on the back panel using clamps. Then, fix it to the back panel with 1-¼” pocket screws.

Applying wood glue to the edge of the clamp holder

Step 6

Similarly, attach the shelf and top to the back panel using the same method.

Attaching the shelf and top to the back panel

Step 7

Secure the sides to the back panel using the same technique as before.

Securing the sides to the back panel

Step 8

Fasten the shelf and top to the sides using 1-¼” pocket screws.

Fastening the shelf and top to the sides

Step 9

Attach the support to the rack using pilot holes and 1-¼” wood screws.

Attaching the support to the rack

Step 10

Lightly sand all edges to remove any roughness and to achieve a smooth finish.

Clamp Rack Final Product

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – your very own clamp rack. And guess what? If you think you need more space because you simply have a ton of clamps in the workshop, you can simply extend this design and build a longer one.

Having a dedicated spot on the wall for your clamps can make a huge difference in your workflow. It keeps your clamps within arm’s reach but out of your way, freeing up valuable space on your workbench for, well, work.

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Rich is a second-generation woodworker, having grown up in his dad’s workshop, “making sawdust.” Fifty years later, he’s still studying and working on improving his own woodworking skills, while also helping new woodworkers “catch the bug” for the smell of fresh sawdust. While Rich has done some custom woodworking projects, his greatest thrill is helping the next generation of woodworkers along, regardless of their age. His background as an engineer and a writer just adds to his ability to teach his true passion, woodworking.

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