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Finding a quality circular saw is an extensive and in-depth process. You are responsible for finding a piece of equipment that can make your cutting and shaping jobs easier, and won’t be harder. Our main goal is to help this process along by having a feel and providing a review of five of the best circular saw models we’ve used. We’ll thoroughly review the general pros, cons, price and consumers opinions associated with each of the saws and put them as part of this article to show their pros & cons.

By the end of this buying guide, you’ll know which one is right for you among these products. Read on to find out what makes a good circular saw a great, and which could provide you the most utility for your day carpentry activities. There are a lot of excellent brands in the industry which include Dewalt, Milwaukee, SKIL, Genesis, Bosch and more and we put them to the test.

Top Circular Saws Picks of 2020 Reviews & Comparisons

After you understand the benefits and the suggestions of maintaining, using and buying circular saw models that will help you bevel, crosscut and rip. A circular saw also allows you to cut compound miters, without the need for any top miter saw.  It’s the time for the circular saw reviews on the tools we think are the best ones in the market.
Some of these saws known as the best skil saws and some on this list are very similar to the top worm drive circular saws.
Here are the best products available today and their difference.

1. Skilsaw SPT70WM Circular Saw


To start, the Skilsaw SPT70WM Circular Saw is one of the best saws of this type available. It has received good rating and ts construction has one purpose in mind – cut through the heavy material in one pass. You can read reviews and ratings about this saw, pick it on Amazon for a price at about $405, which may be quite a lot of money to pay.

Without a doubt, the best feature of the SPT70WM is its ten 1/4th inch blade that larger than the standard type of blade. This big cutting depth makes it easy for workers to incise, rip, and cross-cut through wood with ease and adjust it as they please too. Choose this product if you want a blade that’s guaranteed to lessen the time it takes to complete your cutting jobs.

We also like the high-quality components used to make this saw. For example, it infuses both lighter magnesium and aluminum for the footplate and housing on this model. The magnesium makes the saw more lightweight and durable than other metals.

The carry handle is placed in a convenient location, but it’s too narrow since the weight breaks down in a smaller area. Also, the auxiliary handle has a nice, and full gripping surface. Both of these key features make the saw easier to carry and handle without it slipping out of your hand.

Like other Skilsaw tools, this has a Dual-Field motor. This field motor cools more efficiently because the field coil has room than field saws in other brands like Bosch and Milwaukee. This cooling system is important because you don’t want the motor to burn when under heavy pressure.

While some think that the SPT70WM is a bit bulky, it’s uncomplicated to cut through tough metals, and beams than competing tools. Many like this saw because of the heavy steel blade that is powerful, yet very safe to use even for bare hands. Buy this if you want something easy to use every single day.

But, there are a few issues that we have with this circular saw. Some shoppers disliked it and can’t recommend because it requires a lot of start-up power and is not energy conserving. This can be pretty disappointing in the long run especially with its high price point.

Still, it is an amazing investment for anyone trying to incise through the stock. You will have high-quality standard size blades that are designed to complete your wooden projects faster. This means you should buy this if you want one of the most powerful power tools and products that will last and remain fully functional throughout the years, a practical choice for its price.


  • Large Cutting Capacity.
  • Lock pin for easy transport.
  • Virtually spark-free.
  • Cleans with no deburring.

2. Porter-Cable PCE310 Circular Saw


The Porter-Cable PCE310 Circular Saw delivers excellent performance day after day for such a lightweight standard size blade. It’s reliable and has a fast motor speed. This product is being sold on Amazon for a price around $65 (you can read its reviews there as well). Because of its properties, this is a stunning choice for novice and professional woodworkers alike.

Recently, customers liked using this for a lot of projects (mainly sheet goods and 2x4s). Porter-Cable features a 24-tooth blade that’s good for cutting down plywood sheets for easy projects and is great to pick for framing. You will like this blade as something capable of cutting any piece of wood without any hassle.

The seven 1/4th inch blade and 5/8th Arbor features place this circular saw above its competitors. This long blade makes it easier for woodworkers to cut through most things without the blade becoming dull or damaged.

We also like the saw build and control quality of this better than other models. For instance, the bevel is effortlessly adjusted to almost any angle. Plus, it has a spindle lock which makes it helps you mount and unmount the blade without causing any injuries.

Another aspect we liked is its dust chutes (like dust blower) integrated into the tool. It directs and blows sawdust out of the way. This prevents the cut line and the blade isn’t filled with the sawdust by the end of your job. Also, the dust blower blows the dust away from your proximity, so you don’t have to worry about the sand getting into your face and hindering your performance.

This runs at a speed of 5600 RPM and runs on about 15 amps. While this isn’t the highest speed on this review, the saw is far from slow. Due to the high speed, the blade cuts through even hard materials at a speed where you don’t experience too much resistance.

Consumers across the board complained about the limited cuts with bevel. You can only cut at 45-degree, which is a problem for professional workers trying to complete complex projects. If you have issues with it, Portable-Cable protects your investment due to its 3-year warranty.

Overall, the PCE310 is a strong circular saw that makes smooth cuts for a practical price. It has enough speed to do the job through most wood and is safe to use. You’ll like the Porter-Cable Circular Saw if you want a powerful blade that works better than the competition.


  • Weighs below 10lbs.
  • Motor than can run up to 5600 RPM.
  • Case shoe edge made of magnesium.
  • 10 feet long power cord.
  • 55° with up to 23 and 46-degree stops.

3. Skilsaw SPT67WL Sidewinder Circular Saw


Third, our review is the Skilsaw SPT67WL Sidewinder which also got a lot of good reviews from those who used it. A lot of sawyers find this device portable at a size of 8.6lbs. Skil used magnesium to have a durable base plate and lightweight PVC material to reduce the overall weight of this machine and make it lighter. You can read reviews and get this Amazon for a good price of around $105.

One thing that users like about this circular saw are its bevel dimensions. For instance, it has a max cutting in bevel at 45 degrees. This gives woodworkers more flexibility when cutting miter applications. This increased cutting motion is perfect for rooftop framing as it makes it easy for a user to cut in virtually any direction.

The gauge feature is another reason why people like SPT67WL. The saw has unique markings that measure and marks the lumber thickness. It has a mark for 2x material (used for framing) and has some that are common for ½, ¼, and ¾ inch thickness. People like this because it allows them to set the blade to their desired setting. The motor is a dual field with a worm drive enabled power of 15 amps.

Amongst these traits, the Skilsaw SPT67WL has a wide variety of kerf marks located on the front and back of the base plate. This indicates the blade’s line from 0 to 45 degrees. You would like this circular saw if you want something that can comfortably cut through plywood without showing gaps in its performance.

You would also like this because of its intuitive levers that are placed on the saw. The levers are large, easy to see, and easy to utilize. There’s no fumbling when using the adjustments; you can do exactly what you need to do with the saw without running into any difficulties.

The SPT67WL has enough power for certain tasks such as cutting straight in wood, and pressure-treated lumber and framing quickly and easily. Also, the blade guard doesn’t get hung up on bevel, slice rips, or slanted cuts.

Some workers complained about the cutting depth adjustment layer. People reported that the lever is too flat and find it difficult to flip the machine backside down to lock down the bevel. Consider getting a replacement if this problem becomes evident.

We believe that SPT67WL is a top tool for everyday use. On average, it is durable to last for up to 4 years. You should get this if you want a useful and quality control tool with a nice price that creates accurate cuts.


  • 56 Degree max cut in the bevel.
  • Dual-Motor Field removes heat, allowing the motor to last longer.
  • 10-foot cord length that lessens hanging on quality sheet materials.
  • One of the greatest small circular saws, weighing 8.6 lbs.
  • 15 Amp of worm drive enabled motor.

4. Dewalt DWE575SB Circular Saw


The Dewalt DWE575SB Circular Saw is an excellent tool for tradespeople of all skill levels. It has a power 15 amp motor and a motor speed of 5200 RPM. Also, the saw has a tough cord protection system for its whole length that provides 3x durability against a cord pull out. You can look to see reviews for this Dewalt model on Amazon at around $130, a nice price for your money.

Workers like the small carrying case that comes with this Dewalt saw. The case provides quick and mobile transportation around your workshop. You should get this if you want a saw that can be used almost in any location.

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When testing the blade of this Dewalt saw, it cut through each material we placed in its path with little difficulty. The blade is sturdy enough to cut through 95% of all material without breaking. You’ll like this blade because of its sturdiness and cutting in the most efficient manner.

This Dewalt tool makes cuts up to 2 9/16 inches at a 90-degree. This cutting depth provides enough strength to slash through 2x hard materials. And with its max bevel capacity, it means that it allows you to make cuts at angles from 0 to 57 degrees. Since the saw has two bevel stops (22.5 and one at 45 degrees), it’s flexible enough to do common angles.

As most sidewinder DeWalt circular saw, it’s blade sits on the right-hand side. This position sacrifices blade visibility for balance and comfort. Still, woodworkers can see enough of the blade to cut without needing to lean over the tool.

DeWalt added an extra degree to the device’s max capacity for bevel cuts, which means it allows up to 57 degrees of movement. The saw has a simply adjustable metal bevel lever and achieves bevel cuts that competing saws won’t.

There is one issue associated with this circular saw. Users disliked the lack of a rip fence. You need a rip fence to help make multiple uniform cuts with precision. Because of this, you will have to take extra time measuring to make precise cuts.

DeWalt’s DWE575SB is one of the best saw models for its value. It’s among the greatest, most accurate, and can last for up to 3 years. Get this product if you want a saw that assists you in making even cuts in great precision without exposing you to injury, a testament to the brand’s excellence in creating tools, including saws and drills.


  • 5200 RPM.
  • 8.8 lbs.
  • Capability for a max of 57 Degree Bevel.
  • Electric Brake Included.
  • Standard 7- ¼ inch blade.
  • Good warranty.
  • Positive Bevel Stop and wrench storage.

5. SKIL 5180 Circular Saw


Last on our list is the Skil 5180 Circular Saw. The saw has enough power and user-friendly attributes (like the laser guide) to handle all of your weekend and DIY-ing. You can find this device with its reviews and rating on Amazon for a price about $55.

While sometimes dust control might be an issue, the dust blower helps keep the line of cut free from sawdust. Sawdust tends to get into the user’s eyes and can hinder their ability to make accurate cuts with a certain level of precision. This places it ahead of the others because it keeps the blade in your line of sight and protects carpenters from injury.

We like the torque clutch that’s included with this saw. It’s one of those key features that doesn’t make sense firsthand, but it becomes apparent when using the device. The motor speeds up gradually at first until you attain your groove. You will like this because it keeps the blade in place while it’s in use.

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Regarding its performance, the saw can cut through 2×4 rails and fence boards within seconds. With its engine, it slashes things up to 2.375 thick more smoothly. Thus, you will like this circular saw if you need something for your DIY projects and applications.

The motor runs at a speed of 5300 RPM without any loading conditions. And it’s powerful, delivering over 120 Volts of energy when used. Buying this is a wise investment and allows extensive and effective work. The laser that guides the cut is top of the line feature that will boost your accuracy level. that a lot of times missing in the more advanced saws.

To highlight it’s additional key qualities, the 5180 cuts material that’s 1.94 inches in cutting depth at 45 degrees that you can adjust. For large ones that are 2.44 inches at 95 degrees. With the inclusion of the guards, this device is capable of making narrow cuts that create a smooth finished result.

Some don’t like the blade because it can’t cut through 4×4 stuff in one chance. You will have to repeatedly place the desired material through the blade multiple times to achieve the desired result.

The Skil 5180 is the smoothest, and quietest running saw available in today’s market. The saw comes with the latest technology, including the top laser guide feature, which shows the technology while also trying to create a minimal amount of noise. You’ll like this because it’s perfect for those who need a workplace devoid of sound.


  • Built-in a laser guide.
  • Cross-Cutting.
  • Torque Clutch that Reduces Kickback.
  • 20 Tooth Carbide Blade.
  • 15% Weight Reduction.
  • Integrated dust blower which removes sawdust.
  • One-year warranty.

6. Makita 5007MG Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw


Makita 5007MG is one of the best circular saws as it combines accuracy and smoothness of performance as versatile power tools. It has a praised magnesium build that makes it lightweight, actually among the lightest, but definitely durable and has a long life. Its price costs around $175 in Amazon, find it there to see the reviews too.

The 15-amp motor of this saw delivers up to 5800 RPM that is sufficient for a clean cut. A built-in electric brake ascertains maximum productivity while the heavy-gauge aluminum adds up to its durability. While these are relatively good key features, all these are also found in the much cheaper Makita 5007F with a plunge blade that is also worthy of the money you pay.

However, 5007MG has the lead over 5007F in cutting depth of 2-1/2” for a perpendicular cut. It also gives a generous 56-degrees allowance for bevel cuts with positive stops at 22.5°and 45°, which means more than enough for common bevel work.

What we most like about this saw is the ergonomic construction of the handgrip that avoids body fatigue and extreme vibrations, making it one of the excellent power tools to use for longer cutting sessions. Jumping from one material to another can’t be an issue as it can easily cut through a lot of types of wood, ceramics, and even metal. The AC/DC option is very practical for people needing to switch from an outside portable cutting tool to a plugged-in saw for hours of use. It was also added with LED lighting.

While it may seem to fall on the expensive side, Makita 5007MG is a dependable and durable cutting tool that can withstand heavy use and perform excellently to give you your money’s worth for the span of its life.


  • Weighs 10.6lbs.
  • 5800 RPM power.
  • Option for AC/DC power supply.
  • Has an electric brake part.
  • Rear-handle blade left design.
  • Two built-in lights made of LED.
  • Has a battery life monitor.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Onboard wrench storage.

7. PORTER CABLE PC15TCSM 15 Amp 7-1/4″ Heavy-Duty Circular Saw


Porter-Cable PC15TCSM has excellent value and can stand up among other standard 7-1/4″ circular saw models at a cost of only $80. This mid-ranged saw comes with decent couple of basic features that would sit well with both beginners and professionals.

Powerful at 15-amp, this saw makes efficient and level cuts while the sawyer remains comfortable with its lightweight. This is helpful if you prefer the lightest of tools. We had a breeze cutting straight through items using this saw, mainly because of the highly productive lower blade guard. The integrated dust blower (chute) that ensured our straight cutting line was sawdust-free, the motor and the fast blade speed that lessened resistance in cutting.

This saw features 55 degrees of bevel capacity with quick adjustments at 22.5 and 45 stops, as preferred by many workers and professionals. It also ensures proper weight distribution and balance, while the handle positions keep the user’s comfort in check. The soft grip main handles and angled auxiliary are a couple of user-friendly key attributes that any user will enjoy and feel comfortable using.

Professional woodcutters would appreciate the magnesium shoe with a nice edge that maintains the accuracy of each cut, as well as the security of a three-year warranty from the brand.

Overall, as a heavy-duty saw, the PC15TCSM Circular Saw performs exceptionally well, considering its price and other amenable features.


  • 15-amp motor.
  • With cast magnesium shoe.
  • 9.5lbs in weight.
  • 7 ¼ blade.
  • Has spindle lock to hold the shafts safely for quick blade changes.
  • 3-year limited warranty.

The Verdict

We believe that the Dewalt DWE575SB circular saw is the best circular saw available. It’s versatile and has enough power to cut through the hardest wood and has an impressive price too. Indeed, we love this saw. Make sure to buy this affordable saw to enhance and improve your performance on woodworking, DIY applications, and metal cutting activities. This will assure you that you will invest your money on the right tool.

We hope to have helped you with our tips on this clear buying guide we put together to help you choose and pick the right circular saw for your ongoing project. You may have noticed that we haven’t included any Bosch, Hitachi, Ryobi or Milwaukee tools in this article but we actually plan to, so in case you have a Bosch, Ryobi, Hitachi or Milwaukee circular saw (probably with LED light) that you want to see reviews of, let us know and we can do a follow up to this review.

Some of the other outstanding circular saws out there include Hitachi C18DGLP4, Ryobi CSB143LZK, Hitachi C7SB2, and Ryobi P506. Do you have any experience using any of those models or your review and guides? Let us know via the comment section below.


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