Rich headshot

Rich Murphy

Senior Woodworker

Rich is a second-generation woodworker, raised amidst the echoes of buzzing saws in his father’s workshop. For fifty years, he’s immersed himself in the world of woodworking, continuously refining his craft. While Rich has undertaken custom woodworking projects, his true passion lies in kindling the love for sawdust-scented creations in the hearts of new woodworkers. His workshop isn’t just a place for craftsmanship; it’s a haven where the next generation catches the contagious enthusiasm for the art.

An engineer and a wordsmith, Rich seamlessly blends technical precision with eloquent storytelling. His ability to teach goes beyond the mechanics of woodworking; it’s about instilling a deep appreciation for the timeless craft. Whether mentoring novices or collaborating with seasoned artisans, Rich’s joy lies in fostering a community bound by a shared love for woodworking. In each cut and carve, he not only shapes wood but leaves an enduring mark on the ever-evolving narrative of this ancient craft.