What Happened to Ana White? — Wood Furniture Plans Update

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You might remember Ana White as the friendly host from HGTV’s “Saving Alaska,” but her woodworking expertise predates her television fame. She provides user-friendly project blueprints, but the big question is: do they align with your personal style and financial plans?

In this article, join me delve into Ana White’s journey and assess whether her woodworking creations live up to the buzz surrounding her name.

Who is Ana White?

Her woodworking career started in 2009 when she started blogging free DIY furniture plans and tutorials. Around that time, she and her husband moved to their new home and tried to get affordable furniture pieces.

She continued to share tutorials and project plans online, so it’s only natural that her following grew exponentially. Her popularity and influence in the industry led her to author several woodworking books and even landed her TV appearances in HGTV’s Saving Alaska.

Who is anna white

The trust she gained from these ventures allowed her to feature in prominent platforms like People Magazine, Country Living, and many more. In fact, brands like Home Depot, Minwax, and Lowes partner with her for promotional campaigns.

What Tools Does Ana White Use?

Part of Ana White’s free woodworking resources is her recommended tools. If you scan her website, you’ll see a beginner’s guide where she details the materials and tools she uses for her projects.

In her guide, she provides a video tutorial that covers essential tools such as drill bit sets, circular saws, tape measures, clamps, and more.

By including this comprehensive tutorial, she ensures that readers have access to visual instructions, enhancing their understanding of the tools and their proper usage.

It’s impressive how she included the budget range and exact tool brands she’s using.

Anna white woodworking

On top of all that, her tool guide also has a comparison chart for fastening materials you can use for your projects. It enumerates the pros and cons between brad nailers, screws [1], and Kreg jigs.

What are Ana White’s Best Plans?

Among the countless woodworking plans Ana offers, the one that garners positive and critical reviews is her farmhouse beds. These wooden furniture pieces may have classic designs, but their simple and sturdy construction resonates the most with regular homeowners and DIYers.

Another project from her catalog that require minimal woodworking skills is the DIY outdoor sofa. Initially, it may look massive and overwhelming, but her easy-to-follow guide should allow you to accomplish such an advanced workpiece.

Ana White’s Furniture Building Plans Catalog

1. Easy Build DIY Planter Box

If you want to spruce up your porch or patio, these wooden planter boxes are the perfect DIY project. Making one of these with essential woodworking tools only takes around $10 to $20.

Anna white builds

2. Wood Closet Shelving

Many of Ana’s readers show positive feedback on this project plan. Besides costing only $20 per linear foot, this 10-foot closet shelving is easy to build and customizable. It’s a space-saving workpiece suitable for homes with limited space.

3. Simple to Build Porch Swing

If you want something different, try Ana White’s detailed project plan for making a porch swing. Besides the material list, this guide includes the cuts you need to execute, specific tools, and general step-by-step instructions.

4. Camp Loft Bed with Stairs

This camp loft bed is a perfect fit for your kid’s room. You need to set aside a budget of $50 to $100 for materials, with a few woodworking tools like a circular saw, Kreg jig (Kreg K4 or K5), and drill. It’s a workpiece that can blend well with different interior aesthetics.

Anna white DIY Bed frame

Build your Own Furniture Free Plans

Admit or not, what happened to Ana White came from her free woodworking templates. So if you want to follow in her footsteps, you can start by searching for references online.

Assuming you already have the fundamental skills needed for this career, you must determine what furniture you want to build. It will help if you choose a specific niche to discover where and how to attract your potential audiences.

Anna white furniture projects

Like Ana, it’s best to build your online presence in the woodworking community and work your way up by providing quality project plans. You can join the best woodworking guilds in the US for more learning and connections. 

It’s tempting to post whatever and whenever, but trust me when I say that poor-quality projects will only damage your reputation in the industry instead of improving it.


Ana White is a seasoned figure in the world of woodworking, boasting a wealth of experience that spans many years. Her project plans have stood the test of time, earning a solid reputation for their reliability and user-friendliness. 

Whether you’re just starting out or consider yourself a laid-back DIY enthusiast, you can trust her guidance to be a valuable asset. While her massive catalog may intimidate you, I suggest trying the most basic ones to determine if her content suits your skill level. 

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