Does Menards Sell Riding Lawn Mowers?

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When talking about affordable home improvement products, Menards is undoubtedly one of the best stores to go to. And since it offers different tools and materials suited for homeowners, it makes you wonder, does Menards sell riding lawn mowers as well? 

In this post, our team will answer your queries about the brand and see if its offerings are worth investing in. 

Does Menards Offer Riding Lawn Mowers?

Upon checking, we confirmed that Menards doesn’t sell riding lawn mowers. 

If you scan their offerings as we did, you’d know that most of their lawn mower products are gas and electric walk-behind models. They also have reel mowers that don’t need fuel or a battery to work on your lawn. 

What Lawn Mower Brands Do They Sell?

Their gas lawnmower selection carries reliable walk-behind models from major brands like Troy-Bilt, Columbia, and Remington. If you want a more affordable gasoline-powered option, they also have units from Yard Machines. 

As for electric mowers, their options are quite limited. You can choose two varieties from brands like Sun Joe and Lawn Master, both of which are budget-friendly. 


On the other hand, the widest selection range they have for lawnmowers is for the cordless models. It may surprise you, but Menards have in-store units from brands like BLACK+DECKER, Scotts, Sun Joe, and Snapper. You can also request shipping for lawnmowers under manufacturers like Worx, Greenworks, Masterforce, and Yardworks.

You can also buy lawnmower parts from them if you need to replace components or add accessories to your cutting machines. From engine oil filter to mower deck belt, we assure you that you’ll find what you need in their selection. 

Price of Lawn Mowers at Menards

Generally, their product lines are at a lower price range, especially during a sale or via mall rebates. As we scanned their offerings, we discovered that their push reel mowers are priced below $100. 

As for gas models, your options can range from less than $200 to over $700. Remember that these units have bigger engines and designs, making them more costly to build. However, it’s important to note that Menards awards their customers with discounts and rebates for these purchases. 

Toro lawn mower

Their cordless selections range from around $200 to over $500. These prices will vary depending on the deck size and the power output the mower can deliver during cutting operations. 

Do I Need to Call Menards If There are Available Mowers Before Buying In-Store?

No, you don’t need to call Menards to see if their branches have available mowers. You can simply search their official website for the model you’re looking for. They also have a separate lawnmower section, so you wouldn’t be confused when scanning for products to buy. 

On the website, you can see if the unit is available in-store or for shipping. If you chose shipping items, you’d have to indicate your location to see if it’s available at the nearest Menards near you. 

When Do Lawn Mowers Go on Sale?

If you’re a regular home improvement shopper, you’d know that there are specific dates when lawnmowers go on sale. Typically, we’d recommend doing your equipment shopping in late spring or summer. 

shopping at Menards

Besides these seasons, it’s worth keeping an eye out on important holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, as these occasions are often swapped with sales. 

Do They Hold a Sale on Memorial Day?

During Memorial Day, you can count on Menards to hold a sale event on their popular lawnmower selections. 

You can get up to a 30% discount, so many lawnmower enthusiasts take advantage of these occasions for last-minute shopping. If you have any inquiries about their discounts, you can reach them at their 763-441-6400 hotline. 

Tips to Save More During Menards Sale Season

Some may not know, but Menards is known for rebates. If you have store rebate checks, you can purchase additional products for free or at lower prices to maximize your savings. 

store paper bag

We also suggest checking Ray’s List section on their website, as it offers clearance items sold at a bargain price. Clearance items are also available in stores, so it’s wise to watch out for those during the sale season. 

Consider timing your purchases strategically, as Menards often has seasonal or holiday-specific sales where you can find even better discounts.

Is it Possible to Negotiate Prices on a Brand New Land Mower?

While price tags are pretty much the final deal, you can get a discount on your purchase depending on the brand you’re going to buy. Not all selections go on sale simultaneously, so we suggest checking out previous events to see which one you can save money from. 

Is it More Cost-Efficient to Mow Your Own Lawn?

Yes, it’s more cost-efficient to mow your lawn by yourself. While it’s important to maintain your lawn properly, hiring professional mowing services can get expensive over time [1]

Ryobi lawn mower

By learning how to mow your lawn, you’ll save more money in the long run and spare the hassle of contacting third-party services. 

How Long Do Riding Lawn Mowers Usually Last?

Good quality riding lawn mowers can last seven to eight years. But to reach this peak machine life, you must maintain it through regular cleaning and component replacement. 


Does Menards sell small riding lawn mowers?

No, Menards does not sell small riding lawnmowers. This home improvement store only offers walk-behind and push mower options, which are lower in pricing than the riding models.

Does Menards sell John Deere riding mowers?

No, Menards does not sell John Deere riding mowers. Right now, the brand only offers walk-behind models from Worx, Greenworks, BLACK+DECKER, and many more. 

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Although Menards does not sell riding lawn mowers, there are several walk-behind models you can consider if you’re tackling smaller and easier mowing jobs. Besides, we’re certain that any regular home improvement equipment shopper wouldn’t miss the store’s frequent sale events and rebates that allow you to maximize your savings. 

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