John Deere Lawn Mower Prices Guide

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As a brand that’s been around for a long while, it’s not a secret that John Deere has a vast selection of lawnmowers. However, it’s also true that not all their products carry the same price tag and features that you’re looking for. 

In this post, our team curated the John Deere lawn mower prices guide to determine which model suits your budget and needs. 

100 Series Lawn Tractors

All the mowers listed under this product line operate with hydrostatic transmissions. It means that these cutting tools require less maintenance compared to typical mowers. 

It’s also obvious how John Deere prioritized user-friendliness when launching these units because they all have open back seats and convenient fuel gauges. If you’re mowing a two-acre land, these models could fulfill your cutting needs with their 17.5 to 24 HP engines.  

John Deere S100

Gas-Powered Riding Mowers

200 Series Lawn Tractors

Unlike the 100 series, lawnmowers under this category only have two deck variations, the 42-inch and the 48-inch. On the bright side, these models have powerful engines ranging from 21.5 to 22 HP. 

If you’re a beginner, you’d love its cruise control and front bumper that makes cutting operations both comfortable and efficient. 

John Deere S240

Gas-Powered Riding Mowers

X300 Series Lawn Tractors

John Deere knows the struggles of maintaining a lawn [1], so they released a mower selection with adjustable deck levels to address common mowing problems. Compared to the other two categories we discussed, the X300 series offers more maneuvering convenience thanks to their TwinTouch forward and reverse pedals. 

John Deere X350

Gas-Powered Riding Mowers

X500 Series Lawn Tractors

If you’re tending to a more complex landscape, you may need lawnmowers with heavy-duty tires like those in John Deere’s X500 series. Upon our team’s checking, we also discovered that this product line is packed with iTorque Power System engines. Not only do these units deliver long-lasting performance, but they also cover more land with bigger mower decks. 

John Deere X570

Gas-Powered Riding Mowers

X700 Series Lawn Tractors

Last but not least, John Deere also released a series of lawn tractors with higher horsepower. The units under this category are equipped with iTorque Power Systems that run up to 25.5 HP. Besides, you can find bigger deck sizes in this series, with some as wide as 60 inches. 

John Deere X758

Gas-Powered Riding Mowers

Top 3 John Deere Lawn Mowers Today and Their Prices

1. John Deere S240-48

Priced at $3599, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with S240’s 48-inch Accel Deep mower deck. Not only is this unit efficient, but it’s also comfortable to use thanks to its 38 centimeters open back seat design. Because of this, mower users don’t need to worry about long mowing hours. 

2. John Deere Z375R-54

Some may assume this model has a higher price tag because of its 54-inch mower deck, but the reality is that Z375R only costs around $3799. 

John Deere Z375R-54

You can rely on this mower for tough lawn jobs as it runs with a powerful V-Twin engine. Beginners won’t have a hard time using this model as it has color-coded controls that are easy to identify.

3. John Deere S130

You’ll see S130 being sold in the market for around $2399. You may think it’s cheaper than its competitors, but it operates with a 22 HP V-Twin engine that suits tough cutting tasks in small to medium lawns. Besides that, it also runs on hydrostatic transmission, so you’ll have lesser maintenance worries for this model. 

How Much Should I Pay for a John Deere Mower + Factors to Consider

Condition of Your Lawn

While it’s tempting to buy massive lawnmowers if you have the money, our resident lawn care experts recommend assessing the condition of your lawn. You see, tougher obstacles mean you’ll need a unit with more power. On top of that, you’ll also need to align your lawn size to the mower deck’s width. 

mowing with John Deere Z375R-54

Mower Type

Ultimately, the type of mower you have to buy depends on how big your mowing area is. Going for classic push mowers is a great alternative if it’s a narrow and small land we’re talking about. 

However, if you’re dealing with a vast field, riding lawn mowers with efficient features could make your mowing experience easier. 

In case they wish to mow during the summer, some individuals additionally take into account if a zero-turn mower has an air conditioner.


John Deere mowers are more affordable than some known brands. They also participated in the big box store trend, so expect this manufacturer in every sale season out there.

John Deere X300

Where to Find John Deere Lawn Mowers for Sale Near Me

Finding the nearest store with John Deere products is one click away. If you don’t have enough time to shop around, you can browse through their website and order online. 

If you’re uncomfortable with that, they also allow customers to search for dealers near their location through the website’s search button.

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How long does a John Deere lawn mower last?

A John Deere lawn mower can last up to ten years as long as it’s maintained properly. On average, these lawn care machines have a lifespan of 4500 to 5000 operating hours, depending on the frequency of usage. To prevent future issues, here’s what you need to know about the common John Deere 125R problems!


This John Deere lawn mower price guide sets your expectations and shows you that this brand tries hard to cater to every customer’s budget. Although these mowers may appear lower in pricing, we don’t doubt that John Deere’s selections are durable and reliable enough to aid your regular mowing needs. 

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