Lawn Mower Insurance — Do I Need it for My Business or Home?

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Your lawn mower is expensive and may cost a lot to repair or replace if it gets damaged or stolen. So you may have considered getting insurance to protect your financial loss. 

But choosing the type of insurance that suits your equipment needs can be overwhelming. So, our lawn care experts prepared this guide to help you determine the lawn mower insurance that fits your needs. 

Do Lawn Mowers Need Insurance?

Yes, your lawnmowers need insurance if you want peace of mind and to alleviate your stress if some unexpected events happen to them. After all, lawnmowers are not cheap equipment, and their repair or replacement may cost you even more.  

Therefore, having your lawnmowers insured can eliminate the risk of losing money during unexpected events. 

You can ensure that the costs of replacement or repairs in case of theft or damage are covered by your insurance policy. 

Husqvarna lawn mower

Most importantly, lawn mowers insurance provides you protection against liability in case of accidents or property damages. 

If you accidentally injure someone or damage someone’s property while operating the lawn mower, the insurance policy can cover the costs. 

How Can I Insure My Mower?

Getting insurance for your lawn mower depends on how you intend to use it and the risks involved. 

For instance, if you’re operating a lawn care business, you must get insurance with liability coverage to protect you against potential property damage or accidents. 

Meanwhile, if you’re a homeowner and only intend to use your lawn mower on your property, we suggest having an insurance policy with theft and damage coverage.  

Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower used on grass

This can be included in your homeowner’s insurance policy under personal property coverage. 

Is a Lawn Tractor Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

Yes, a lawn tractor can be covered under homeowners insurance, but it depends on your policy. Although most homeowners insurance covers lawnmowers under personal property, some policies can be limited. 

Does it Also Cover Lawn Mower Accidents and Theft?

Yes, most insurance coverages include lawn mower accidents and theft. 

But it’s important to check the coverages included in your insurance policy prior to purchasing them or update your policy as necessary. 

How Do I Know if My Policy Covers Mowers?

Always check the coverage of your insurance policy. If you have the homeowner’s policy, check if they are included in the personal property. 

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We suggest inquiring with your insurance provider and determining the coverage prior to purchasing your insurance.

What Type of Insurance Do I Need?

The type of insurance you need depends on the type of lawn mower and how you use them, either for personal property only or for commercial purposes. Here are the typical types of insurance for your lawnmowers:

Personal Lawn Mower

If you own a lawn mower or lawn tractor and only use it on your personal property, you can insure it under the personal property policy of your homeowner’s insurance. Essentially, it covers losses from property damages and theft. 

Riding Lawn Mower

If you have a larger lawn mower, such as a riding lawn mower, it is essential to obtain ride-on mower insurance in order to safeguard it from potential damage or loss in the event of an incident occurring on your property. 

Moreover, obtaining this insurance will provide necessary protection for your riding lawn mower should any unforeseen accidents or mishaps occur within the premises of your home.

Zero-Turn Mower

Although there is no specialized insurance for zero-turn mowers, you can still insure your equipment. Your homeowner’s insurance may cover it if it’s used on your personal property. 

Bobcat Zero-Turn Mowers

But for commercial use, you may need equipment breakdown and theft insurance. 

Garden Tractor

Your garden tractor insurance policy covers various risks related to your garden tractors. You can purchase it as a standalone to cover general liability, auto liability, and equipment breakdown. 

But your homeowner’s insurance may also cover your garden tractor.

Lawn Mower Theft Insurance

Lawn mower theft insurance protects your lawn care business in case of theft or damage to your equipment. It also covers the cost of repair caused by attempted theft. 

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment breakdown insurance is necessary for your business as it protects your lawnmowers if they are damaged or destroyed caused by mechanical failures, electrical surges, operator mistakes, impacts, or other covered hazards.

Ohio Steel 1000P-SD Poly Swivel Dump Cart attach to a lawn tractor

Property in Transit Insurance

To protect your business, you may consider opting for property-in-transit insurance when you transport your lawnmowers to project sites.

Short-Term Liability Insurance

This insurance refers to general liability coverage, such as by the hour, for one day, and for one month. 

Average Insurance Costs

Your lawn mower insurance cost may depend on the coverage you need. Typically, lawn mower theft insurance costs $15-$47 monthly or $180-$564 yearly, while equipment breakdown insurance costs $32.15 monthly or $385.8 yearly. 

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Meanwhile, lawn care business insurance [1] costs $48 monthly or $576 yearly. Your final insurance cost depends on various factors, including the insurance provider you choose. 


Whether you’re a homeowner or lawn care business owner, damaging or losing your lawn mower can cost you a lot of money for repair or replacement. 

To protect you from such financial loss, you should consider getting the appropriate insurance that suits your equipment needs. With the right insurance, you can ensure that you’ll be covered against any unexpected costs. Most of all, the peace of mind that insurance can give you is priceless.

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