Makita XPS01Z Review (2024) — An Expert’s Deep Dive

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A particular thrill comes with the feel of a new power tool in hand, and having used a wide variety of saws in my decades-long woodworking journey, I was particularly excited to try out the Makita XPS01Z. 

While unwrapping the package, the sleek design and the promise of powerful cutting beckoned me. Here’s a brief on what stood out and what didn’t.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

Key Features: Makita XPS01Z

Variable Speed Control Dial

In woodworking, precision is paramount. With the ability to adjust speeds from 2,500 to 6,300 RPM, the Makita XPS01Z offers unparalleled adaptability. This feature permits smooth operation on diverse materials, whether hardwood’s rigidity or softer woods’ fragility. 

This dial has been a game-changer in my projects, guaranteeing the best cuts irrespective of material intricacies.

Automatic Speed Change™ Technology

While most saws offer variable speed, the XPS01Z goes a step further. The saw intuitively adjusts cutting speed and torque during the cut, ensuring consistent optimum performance. 

This self-regulation mechanism ensures the tool never overexerts, leading to smoother, more refined cuts. It’s like having an intelligent assistant that adapts on the go.

Large Cutting Capacity

The impressive 2-3/16” cutting capacity at 90 degrees means this saw isn’t just versatile; it’s beastly. This saw manages it with grace, whether thick lumber or finer sheets. 

Add the bevel capacity that swings from -1° to 48° with stops at 22.5° and 45°, and we have a tool that accommodates almost any woodworking requirement. 

The capacity range can expand possibilities in the workshop, letting you experiment with designs you’d have previously hesitated to try.

Star Protection Computer Controls™

The genius of this feature lies in its subtlety. The system ensures that the tool always works within safe parameters by allowing real-time communication between the tool and the battery. 

It means longer tool life and safer operations. It’s like a safety net, protecting the battery and tool from common electronic mishaps.

LXT® Technology

The innovation of using two 18V LXT® batteries ensures consistent power, longer run time, and no cord constraints. It’s especially vital for those who work in spaces where maneuverability and flexibility are key. 

The continuous power flow ensures the performance is uninterrupted and consistent, making the woodworking experience seamless and enjoyable. LXT® Technology makes the tool highly convenient and adaptable to varied working environments and requirements.

On-board Hex Wrench

The importance of convenience in blade changes is often understated. An on-board hex wrench [1] makes blade changes quick, efficient, and hassle-free, preventing unnecessary downtime and maintaining the workflow. 

This feature is handy when working on extensive projects requiring varied blade types, ensuring smooth transitions don’t hinder the creative process. 

It’s a minor feature significantly enhancing the user experience, demonstrating Makita’s attention to detail and user-centric design approach.

Review Conclusion: Makita XPS01Z

The Makita XPS01Z is more than just another plunge circular saw. This tool encapsulates power, precision, and convenience in one sleek package. Every feature has been thoughtfully added to elevate the woodworking experience, and as an expert who’s tried various tools, this one certainly ranks high on my list. 

The few downsides, like the separate purchase of batteries and a guide rail, are minor when considering this tool’s sheer performance and versatility. If you’re in the market for a top-tier saw, the Makita XPS01Z should be on your radar. 

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