Best DIY Pool Deck Plans and Design Ideas (2024)

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You know, if you’ve got a pool at home and you’re thinking of adding a deck, doing it yourself can be pretty rewarding. You’d have complete control over the design and you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. 

I’ve got a guide right here on pool deck plans that can help you make the best choice. How about that? So, read on! 

1. Above Ground Pool Deck

Above Ground Pool Deck

If you are looking for an easy DIY pool deck that is highly affordable, then an above-ground pool deck may be for you. It does not require excavation and costs less compared to an in-ground pool.

Its installation process may be quick and easy, but the magic lies in carefully planning your pool deck design. As your pool would be a gathering place for your crowd, your deck would need to be sturdy and visually pleasing. 

An above-ground pool deck requires elements like stairs and railing, so our experts strongly suggest that you go for high-quality materials to save you from the hassle in the long run.

2. DIY Pool Deck with steps

DIY Pool Deck with steps

Above-ground pools may be cheap and easy, but if you wish to take your pool deck experience to a notch, you may consider doing a DIY Pool Deck with steps instead. 

It might appear intimidating at first because of its complex structure, but having a neat space for sunbathing and relaxation with a scenic view will surely do wonders.

Use this pool deck plan to have an in-depth, step-by-step guide and impress your family and loved ones with a professional-looking backyard pool deck. 

3. Detached Pool Deck

detached pool deck

If you have a separate location from your house that you wish to utilize solely for a DIY pool deck area, then considering a detached pool deck may be a good idea aside from building a wood deck in your backyard.  

It offers ample space for people to gather around the pool comfortably to relax, hang out, or enjoy the view. This pool plan is perfect for beginners because you can decide which type of deck you wish to build. 

You can also customize what materials you want to use for your project. This free guide gives you an idea about building your backyard oasis.

4. Pool Party Deck

Pool Party Deck

A perfect way to unwind is to hang out by the pool with friends, and a pool party deck offers just that. If you have ample space around your pool area, customizing it to accommodate guests would be a fantastic option.

Begin by determining the perimeter of your yard and which style you want to go for. You would then need to plan where to put the table, chairs, and the entire layout. Check out these wood deck pegs and start your decking project today.

5. Basic Deck with steps and landing

Basic Deck with steps and landing

Installing an above-ground pool is considerably affordable and less complex than an in-ground pool. The fact that it is above-ground and can be detached at any time may also be appealing to some. 

If you wish to have a deck that is as easy as an above-ground pool while being as visually appealing as an in-ground one, you may also consider building a frame pool. 

Check out this free guide to learn how to install a basic deck frame with a walkable area, pool ladder, and stairs.

6. DIY Outdoor Floating Swimming Pool Deck for Kids

DIY Outdoor Floating Swimming Pool Deck for Kids

For a kid, summer is not complete without being able to swim to their heart’s content, and an accessible pool in your yard can make that possible. 

Making it your DIY project to craft an outdoor floating swimming pool is a fulfilling task. It is important to know the dimensions of your space and create a responsive layout of the plan. 

A raised wooden deck with a swimming pool inlay can be arduous, but seeing your family’s impressed look will make it worthwhile.

7. Above-Ground DIY Pool Deck With Lockable Gate

bove-Ground DIY Pool Deck With Lockable Gate

An above-ground pool deck with a lockable gate is highly beneficial, especially if you have kids using the pool. Since kids might take a dip in the pool when no one is looking, I strongly advise you to add safety measures. 

Add a lockable gate so you can control when they have access and prevent accidents in the future. Building an above-ground pool deck with a lockable gate depends on the size of your area. 

Plan a pool deck design that is responsive to the needs of your household, especially the little ones. Watch this video to give you different ideas.

8. Octagonal Floating Pool Deck

Octagonal Floating Pool Deck

Creating an above-ground pool deck is fun and innovative. Take it a step further by building an octagonal floating pool deck. 

Our builders suggest using stakes to lay out the deck and the walkways. Lay them down and ensure that the base is even before starting to dig up holes. Make sure the deck screws secure the platform and can hold its weight. If your budget allows, you may also purchase pre-cast concrete footings.

A floating above-ground pool deck allows a cozy space without compromising vegetation or other elements in your yard.  

9. Low Deck with Steps

Low Deck with Steps

Not everyone has a spacious patio or gazebo around their pool. Going for an above-ground pool deck might be the solution if you have a patch or vegetation you do not wish to disturb while building a pool deck. 

Add stairs with a few steps, not very steep, which will make it hard to climb, but high enough not to destroy the area you are trying to preserve. 

A low-level pool deck is perfect if you wish to have an accessible pool area with little to do except building poles and a firm foundation with the above-ground pool as the main attraction.

10. Circular Pool Deck

Circular Pool Deck

Hang around the pool with your friends by laying out a circular pool deck in your backyard. A circular pool is trendy because it is simple yet chic to look at. 

It is easy enough to execute this deck plan as it is less complex and pretty straightforward. In this case, using software for deck designing would help you visualize the outcome. 

You would have to do a bit of research and planning to make sure your deck compliments the design of your house—a few tweaks here and there will do the trick. Check this guide for a step-by-step process.

11. Pallet Wood DIY Pool Deck

Pallet Wood DIY Pool Deck

Your pool deck should cater to your needs and lifestyle. Quality aesthetic combined with functionality is what you should strive for. 

If you have a separate location to accommodate guests, go for a larger pool deck where you can add lounge chairs and other elements. Using pallet wood is among the most affordable styles for decorating your pool deck. 

Pallet wood is easily accessible and requires minimal tools to shape. You can easily complete your deck with a vintage wooden finish and unwind with friends and loved ones around the pool. Check this guide out to give you an idea of how to tweak your deck plans.

12. Near-Slope Pool Deck

Near-Slope Pool Deck

While decking with a slope near your pool seems impossible, our experts say otherwise. The process might make it a bit more complex, but utilizing that extra room in your yard will make all the difference. 

Since the ground is uneven, building a level frame is vital to ensure that your construction is stable. Secure the foundation, dig holes, add posts, frame the deck, add railings and a gate, and coat the wood finish. 

Erecting a patio-like area where you can walk would make the slanted ground function. You can turn this deck into a recreational area with the right tools and planning.

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13. 2-Level Pool Deck Plans

2-Level Pool Deck Plans

You can upgrade your DIY above-ground pool by making it a two-level style deck. Further customize it by setting piers, railings, steps, or a ladder around the pool edge to ensure safety. 

Note that if your deck is more than 30 inches above the ground, it must follow safety precautions. Balusters [1] on the steps should also be 4 inches apart at most, and railings should at least be 36 inches high. 

You may also add a gate to prevent access from the pool. You can also lead it directly to your house so you can easily go to your pool without stepping on the grass.

14. Freestanding DIY Pool Deck

Freestanding DIY Pool Deck

Build an elegant-looking freestanding pool deck to make good use of the area. Above-ground pool decks with freestanding design make it easy to climb onto the deck without compromising its appearance and functionality. 

Add basic steps, handy guardrails, and non-slip mats for the floor for added safety. Making a DIY Freestanding Pool Deck is one of the most straightforward ideas for customized pool decks, and you can watch this detailed guide to help you complete your pool deck project today.

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Building a deck for your pool by yourself can be challenging. If you don’t get it right, it could end up costing you not only money but also a lot of stress. It’s really important to plan carefully and be precise in your work. I’ve done my part, and I genuinely hope this guide helps you find the perfect pool deck plan to make your backyard even more amazing.

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