PowerSmart DB8621AS Lawn Mower Review (2024)

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The quest for the perfect lawn often starts with the right equipment, and as a seasoned lawn care specialist, I’ve had my hands on numerous mowers over the years. 

Today, I’m excited to share my insights on the PowerSmart DB8621AS, a model that’s been making waves in the lawn care industry. 

PowerSmart DB8621AS

What I Like

What I Don't Like

Features of the PowerSmart DB8621AS

21-Inch Cutting Deck

The PowerSmart DB8621AS boasts a 21-inch cutting deck, which strikes the right balance for the average suburban lawn. This size offers the perfect middle ground, ensuring it isn’t cumbersome for smaller lawns while providing enough width to tackle larger areas effectively. 

motor of PowerSmart DB8621AS

A broader cutting deck means fewer passes are needed, translating to less wear and tear on both the mower and the user. Over time, this can lead to considerable time savings, especially if you’re mowing regularly.

Rear Bag Collection

An efficient rear bag collection system is vital for maintaining a clean finish after mowing. The PowerSmart DB8621AS impresses with its clipping collection, which I find similar to the PowerSmart PS76404C mower.  

The bag’s design ensures a substantial amount of grass is collected before emptying, helping to streamline the mowing process. 

Additionally, by reducing thatch build-up, which can suffocate a lawn and encourage pests, the rear bag promotes a healthier, more vibrant lawn over time.

Durable Steel Deck

The heart of any lawn mower is its deck, and the DB8621AS doesn’t skimp here. Its steel deck starkly contrasts some of the plastic alternatives flooding the market. 

steel deck of PowerSmart DB8621AS

Steel offers superior durability and resistance to wear. It can also handle the bumps and scrapes that regular mowing brings. 

Over time, this resilience ensures that the mower remains functional and safe, providing consistent performance and reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

Mulching Capability

Mulching is more than just a way to deal with grass clippings; it’s a process that can rejuvenate a lawn [1]. As clippings decompose, they return vital nutrients to the soil, encouraging healthy growth. 

The PowerSmart DB8621AS is adept at this, chopping clippings finely to speed up decomposition and ensuring they are distributed evenly. This process ensures your lawn remains lush and green, getting the most out of every mowing session.

Quick Folding Handle

Time is essential for professionals, and the ability to quickly move equipment is invaluable. The quick-folding handle on the DB8621AS is more than just a convenience; it’s a feature that underscores its design for real-world use. 

grass chute of PowerSmart DB8621AS

Whether transporting it to a new site or simply stowing it away at the end of the day, the folding handle minimizes hassle. It reduces the mower’s footprint, ensuring it fits comfortably in tight storage spaces or on transportation vehicles without taking up unnecessary room.

These features highlight how the PowerSmart DB8621AS has been designed with both the professional and the homeowner in mind, offering functionality, durability, and user-friendliness.

Customer Experience

The feedback has been largely positive in my discussions with fellow lawn enthusiasts and homeowners. Many appreciate its straightforward assembly right out of the box. The easy-starting mechanism is another aspect customers have frequently praised. 

Conversely, some users with larger lawns have expressed a desire for a self-propelled version. The rear bag, although efficient, might require emptying multiple times for denser lawns, but this is a common trait among most mowers in this class.

Review Conclusion: PowerSmart DB8621AS

The PowerSmart DB8621AS has carved a niche for itself. Its efficiency, user-friendliness, and durability make it a solid choice for professionals and homeowners. While it may lack the bells and whistles of some high-end models, it excels in its core functions, which truly matter in lawn care. 

As with any piece of equipment, it’s not without its minor drawbacks, but its strengths easily overshadow them. If you’re searching for a reliable, no-nonsense mower that delivers consistent results, you should consider the PowerSmart DB8621AS.

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