With the various woodworking options in Wichita, Kansas, settling on one class becomes difficult, especially for an aspiring woodworker. For this reason, our team of experts decided to come up with this review on woodworking classes in Wichita, KS to ease your selection process.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Wichita, KS

1. Fowler Woodworking

Fowler Woodworking

Fowler Woodworking school provides all the tools and accessories you need to build that incredible piece of kitchen cabinet, furniture, rocking chairs, etc. 

With over thirty years in the woodworking business, the instructors are experienced in designing and using Japanese woodworking and traditional styles. Students get to learn these techniques and how to apply them when building their projects.

2. MakeICT


MakeICT is a community of experts and members willing to share and teach aspiring students how to create different projects using various techniques. Situated in a spacious, air-conditioned woodshop, MakeICT has all the tools and equipment, ranging from saws to automated mills to build any project you want.

They offer an educational woodworking program to students. Classes are brief and based on instructor schedules. As a beginner, you’ll have to take a basic class to get familiarized with the tools and various woodwork fields.

3. Takelessons


Takelessons offers you the chance to learn woodworking at your pace and convenience. Lessons are affordable and tailored to suit your skill level and schedule.

The impressive thing about Takelessons is that they can help you find top-rated instructors within your neighborhood in Wichita [1]. Additionally, you choose to sign-up for an online woodworking class, learn at the comfort of your home, or meet up at a scheduled location with your teacher.


The various woodworking classes in Wichita, KS provided here will help you build woodworking projects with an expert touch. As with woodworking classes, you need to make sure the option you choose is best suited to your skill level and will provide everything you need.

Whether you are at the basic or advanced level, these places have the right woodworking classes for you! 

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