Yardmax YG1550 Review (2024)

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As someone in the lawn care business for more years, I’ve had my hands on many mowers. From manual push to automatic ride-on, I’ve seen it all. 

The Yardmax YG1550, however, caught my eye with its myriad of impressive features tailored for smaller lawns and tighter spaces. But as with any mower, it comes with its share of strengths and subtle areas of improvement.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

Key Features of Yardmax YG1550

Engine and Performance

Having worked with countless mowers over the years, trust me when I say that the engine often makes or breaks the experience. 

With the Yardmax YG1550, I was genuinely taken aback by its 170cc OHV Yardmax engine. It is not every day you come across such power in this mower category. 

This kind of potency translates into the meticulous care your lawn deserves. The YG1550 isn’t just about raw power; it seamlessly marries it with performance. Every time I have taken it for a spin, it’s been nothing short of an efficient, top-notch mowing session.

Cutting Abilities

The 21-inch cutting blade ensures a wide mow with each pass, reducing effort and time. The seven adjustable cutting heights, ranging from 1.25 to 3.75 inches, are a boon. 

Whether you’re looking for a close trim or leaving some height for that lush feel, it’s all possible with the single-lever deck adjustment.

Deck and Construction

With the Yardmax YG1550, you will immediately notice its solid 16-gauge stamped steel deck. It’s a testament to its robustness, built to handle the rigorous demands of frequent mowing sessions. But what genuinely caught my expert eye was its one-piece seamless design. 

Beyond just looking sleek and modern, this thoughtful design reduces those pesky vibrations. The result? Each mowing session feels smooth, letting the mower glide over the turf, making the job much more enjoyable.


Mobility is where the Yardmax YG1550 truly shines. Its compact, light design and the 7-inch front and 11-inch rear double-ball-bearing wheels [1] ensure maximum maneuverability. It’s beneficial in gardens with tight corners or numerous obstacles.

Handle and User Comfort

The adjustable 3-position handle height is an admirable feature. It caters to users of various sizes, ensuring comfortable mowing for all. It’s not just about cutting grass; it’s about doing it comfortably, and Yardmax seems to understand that.


In my line of work, I’ve encountered many homeowners struggling with limited storage, especially in their garages. That’s where the Yardmax YG1550 truly impressed me. Its foldable design is nothing short of a revelation.  

Gone are the days when your mower would awkwardly occupy a huge chunk of your storage space. With the YG1550, it’s as easy as giving it a fold and sliding it into a corner. Practical and convenient, it makes storage woes a thing of the past.

Review Conclusion: Yardmax YG1550

To wrap up this Yardmax YG1550 review, it is evident that this mower offers a delightful blend of power, functionality, and design. It is tailored for those who demand efficiency and comfort in their lawn care endeavors. 

While it might have a couple of areas that might not cater to everyone’s needs, the pros heavily outweigh these subtle cons. From a seasoned lawn care specialist’s perspective, the Yardmax YG1550 is a commendable machine that packs a punch way above its weight class. Whether you have a petite lawn in the city or a sizable suburban yard, this mower is undoubtedly worth considering. 

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