10 Best-Selling Wood Products on Etsy

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Nowadays, most woodworkers can make money by advertising their craft on online marketplaces like Etsy. Reaching potential customers has never been this easy, but the real problem is not all workpieces are in-demand in this website. 

If you want to make the most of your new venture, read along as I outline the best-selling wood products on Etsy, coupled with some business tips I’ve picked up along the way.

1. Laser-Cut Crafts

laser cut lantern

If you’re looking to sell something unique on Etsy, laser-cut workpieces belong to a product category that will take your creative venture to the next level. Unlike other projects, not every woodworker or casual DIYer can pull off these workpieces alone. 

Given its difficulty, this market isn’t too saturated by other artists. Some may think it’s because these products don’t sell well, but woodworkers selling laser-cut crafts are raking hundreds and thousands of orders because of their unique aesthetics. 

Take the store VectorPortArt as an example. This Etsy store is a “Star Seller” with over 43,000 sales. Their laser-cut products range from geometric earrings and lamp candle holders to decorative ornaments, so it’s no wonder they’re flooding with positive reviews. 

laser cut box organizer

If you want to get inspired by different laser-cut patterns, I suggest checking LittleLaserLab’s Etsy store. They have various jewelry designs, ranging from animated characters, animals, and seasonal symbols to religious figures. This Australian seller has already sold over 52,000 products on the platform. 

Tips on Making Laser-Cut Crafts and How to Sell Well

Like it or not, you must niche down when selling these crafts. Although laser-cut products are distinct, too much of the same workpiece can mean more competition than expected. 

If you’re new to laser-cutting, I advise you to master the machinery techniques, designing procedures, and composition process. You must also be technology-savvy because you must lay out the blueprints via computer software. 

Drawbacks and What to Look Out for

This business requires a laser-cutting machine, so it’s not the most budget-friendly venture for woodworkers. On top of that, learning how to navigate these pieces of equipment can take some time.

2. Wood Signs

painting wooden signs with TotalBoat Gleam Marine Spar Varnish

Consider making wooden signage if you want an affordable project to jumpstart your Etsy store. To cut costs, you can even create these products with scrap wood boards from your previous woodworking projects. 

It’s a limitless business idea because you can never run out of words and designs to put into the workpiece. You can consider customized products or search for unique print ideas to stand out from other sellers. 

Etsy stores like WoodformArtcrafts truly embodied the niching down process by providing wood signs for small businesses and companies. Besides those custom pieces, they also customize wedding decor and house signages with family names. 

Meanwhile, MantaMakesLtd’s Etsy venture has been fruitful, with over 145,043 products sold. While this UK-based seller specializes in different wooden products, their collection of wedding wood signs is unique and eye-catching. 

Tips on Making Wood Signs and How to Sell Well

If you scan Etsy as I did, you’ll notice that most top sellers with wood sign products understand typography [1] well. It may look easy, but you must know the suitable composition to make letters appear pleasing inside a rectangle. 

making a wooden sign

These wooden signs must also include an emphasis to make their visual aspect pop. I suggest adding the wittiest words or phrases to the design if you want to niche down. 

Knowing when to stop adding elements to the wooden signage is also crucial. While it’s fun to experiment with the patterns and techniques, a busy design can be too distracting to the eyes. 

Drawbacks and What to Look Out for

These may be one of the best-selling wood products on Etsy, but you should know that its market is saturated. The material affordability and endless design ideas make this craft a popular business venture. 

These projects are easy to make, so newbies and casual DIYers won’t have problems learning to craft these themselves. However, making a DIY wood sign that you can sell requires a steady hand and a creative eye.  

3. Handcrafted Toys

helicopter toy

Another market with many potential customers on Etsy is wooden toys. Since these products are often non-toxic and eco-friendly, many parents prefer these options over plastic and artificial selections. 

A Germany-based Etsy store called EstiaHolzspielDesign agrees with the sentiment, as their tagline reads, “Because childhood is too short for bad toys.” 

While some handcrafted toys are in the higher price range, like wooden castles and pretend cash registers, they have affordable options ranging from snack crates to different fruits. 

If more educational wooden toys are what you seek, I definitely think you’ll like what the littlewoodenwonders store can offer. This shop carries simple wooden puzzles in animal forms and name blocks. On top of that, they also provide customized teethers that are not common among other Etsy sellers in this niche. 

Tips on Making Wooden Toys and How to Sell Well

It’s no secret that this market is highly profitable. So if you want to profit from this craft in this category, you must be creative. When the rest of the sellers offer wheeled cars and name blocks, you can strive to create something different and safer. 

making a wooden toy with Dewalt DW788

If you ask me, personalizing these workpieces will work wonders for your business. It can appeal to parents as a commemorative item or to others as a thoughtful gift to newborns and toddlers. 

Some people may worry about competing with massive Chinese toy factories, but trust me when I say that most buyers are after high-quality products. So as long as your workpiece has an excellent design and durable structure, you have nothing to worry about. 

Drawbacks and What to Look Out for

When selling toys, you must ensure that your crafts are safe to be around children. The materials you’ll use to construct the workpiece must be non-toxic and food-safe. You should also check if it’s large enough to avoid choking hazards. 

4. Butcher Blocks

red oak butcher block

As a variation of cutting boards, it’s no surprise butcher blocks made it to the list of the best-selling wood products on Etsy. These projects are perfect for customizable gifts, so many DIYers and woodworkers have included them in their offerings over the years. 

One of the Etsy stores that jumped into this trend is TigerCoDesigns. This shop specializes in handcrafted gifts, but what caught my attention was their specific product customization. Besides adding names, they also have ones for occasions like grandparents’ birthdays or retirement.   

On the other hand, DaddyChefllc from Florida takes his butcher blocks to the next level using end-grain wood materials. Most of his workpieces under this category are made from oak and vary in size. From their aesthetics and durability, it’s evident that these gift ideas are for professional chefs. 

Tips on Making Butcher Blocks and How to Sell Well

Although customization can add to your sales, butcher block buyers often look for aesthetics and material durability. The customer base for these products ranges from regular homeowners to restaurants, so choosing your target market is essential. 

butcher block from scrap hardwood

Drawbacks and What to Look Out for

These products are costly. I’d definitely recommend using high-quality and durable wooden materials during its construction. And considering its not-so-cheap production expenses, you must set these workpieces in a higher price range than regular cutting boards. 

5. Wine Racks

wine rack

Wine racks are not a typical gift idea, but it’s one of the highly sellable wood projects and items on Etsy. Newbie woodworkers tap this niche infrequently, so it’s less saturated than other options. When creating these workpieces, you can challenge yourself to different techniques and designs that may appeal to wine lovers. 

If you check DecoMil, you’ll see various wine rack designs, from the standard shelf-like variations that can carry 36 bottles to the samurai and cross-style patterns. The shop also features cork holders and a shot glass display case that attracts a specific target market. 

While the market for wine racks is small, you can sell high-quality workpieces at a high price, as Dekostyl did. Their product has solid wood construction that ensures durability and longevity. It also offers a unique aesthetic, so it stands out from others. 

Tips on Making Wine Racks and How to Sell Well

It would help if you were unique when selling wine racks on Etsy because you’re tapping into a particular niche. Go for something other than generic designs and think outside the box. Your workpiece doesn’t always need to replicate a cellar. 

wine shelf

Furthermore, it is crucial to emphasize that when choosing wine racks, it is essential to opt for options made from robust and long-lasting wood materials. 

This is particularly significant as wine racks serve both functional and decorative purposes, and it is imperative to avoid selecting substandard products.

Drawbacks and What to Look Out for

I won’t sugarcoat it; crafting wine racks isn’t easy on the wallet. Most of the wood species used for this product aren’t budget-friendly, so it’s only natural that the final market price isn’t as cheap as other workpieces on Etsy. 

You’ll also be competing with renowned home improvement manufacturers. I’ve found that the only way to compete is to offer something they can’t: truly unique designs and top-notch quality.

6. Hanging or Small Wall Shelves

floating shelf

Instead of regular cabinet shelves, you can delight your Etsy customer base with hanging fixtures. For these projects, your primary target market is homeowners looking to spice up their living space. 

Besides attracting homeowners, you can also be a supplier to interior designers and other decorators. That’s how big this market is. 

Check out the stunning wall shelf inspirations from the BlueBirchDesign store. Their floating shelves range in different shapes, like hexagons, squares, and rectangles. Their selections also feature 2D and 3D motifs suitable for modern homes. 

Meanwhile, StandishHouse offers a different take on hanging and small shelves in their Etsy selections. Upon closer look, it’s hard to ignore that most of their handcrafted workpieces showcase eerie and enchanting aesthetics. 

Tips on Making Wall Shelves and How to Sell Well

It pays to be familiar with interior home styles to determine which designs will be abetted by more potential buyers. As a typical wood product sought-after by homeowners, you would want to avoid getting lost in the sea of sellers. 

wall shelf

Proper product presentations can boost your sales, so ensure you have great photos of your hanging shelves. 

You can also niche down for these products. As you know, shelves are not only seen in the living room. You can create workpieces suitable for the bedroom, bathroom, study room, etc. 

Drawbacks and What to Look Out for

Let’s be real, the wall shelf market is packed. You’re going toe-to-toe with seasoned woodworkers who have a dedicated following and mad skills. The only way to make your mark is to go for it—craft designs that not only look great but are built to last. Quality materials are a must.

7. Picture Frames

photo frames from scrap wood

Another beginner-friendly woodworking project for your Etsy shop are picture frames. These items may seem generic, but they can be a tremendous commercial success if you know your market. 

If you scan Etsy for sellers in a similar niche, you’ll notice that top stores offer more unique designs than others. 

Take RusticDecorFrames as an example. With the shop’s over 37,000 sales, it’s apparent that their rustic-barn workpiece styles are the ones that maintained their consistent customer base. 

In StitchLifeStudio’s case, this store focuses on wooden frames for cross stitch and embroidery. Their targeted designs allowed this California-based seller to sell around 15,000 products. Besides the workpieces in various shapes, the shop leverages its niche to advertise wooden easel stands and needle minders.

picture frames on wall.

On the other hand, Morethebuckles got their store’s specialty figured out by selling vintage picture frames and different antique wooden workpieces. 

Tips on Making Picture Frames and How to Sell Well

You’ll find over 32,000 product results under wooden picture frames by hitting Etsy’s search bar. If that does not scream saturated to you, I don’t know what will. 

Most of the top sellers for these workpieces offer rustic and barn-like designs. So if you want to dive into a more popular niche, it’s the category you should consider. I would suggest focusing on a specific target market (e.g., embroidery frames) to maintain consistent orders.

Drawbacks and What to Look Out for

Like it or not, you’ll have a lot of competition under this product listing. While it’s true that picture frames are easy and inexpensive to make, these perks also make them generic. Some casual DIYers can create one by themselves, so it relinquishes the need to buy these workpieces.  

picture frames

You’ll need to master different woodworking techniques to put a creative twist on these generic gift items. And as you know, that goal will cost you time and money to achieve. 

On the upside, learning these methods will allow you to spice up your projects with some customization. You may not know, but most buyers prefer personalized wooden products over generic ones. 

8. Entryway or Mudroom Table

entryway table

Home improvement projects like entryway tables are great products to sell on Etsy, mainly because they can attract new homeowners and decorators. 

Although they can be basic wood constructions, you can add a touch of uniqueness to each workpiece to match different interior styles. 

Take a look at the narrow entryway table that Northewwood sells. Despite being in the higher price range, this console has over 100 positive reviews. The shop also allows buyers to select the size of the hand-made product before purchasing it. 

IronsCustomWood follows the same example because its walnut wood entryway table comes in seven dimension options. They also allow buyers to choose between hairpin legs or metal legs. You can select the “no legs” alternative from the dropdown if you only need the tabletop. 

Tips on Making Entryway Tables and How to Sell Well

It’s a distinct home piece of furniture, so I recommend using the best wooden materials to ensure durability. If you can, I also don’t encourage going for regular rustic themes because these workpieces are rampant on Etsy. 

wood console table

The best you can do to ensure consistent sales is to pick an aesthetic. I know it’s a bit of cringe advice, but trust me when I say buyers’ search terms can be oddly specific. It’ll help if you add effective keywords for your products. 

Drawbacks and What to Look Out for

You must make your wooden tables with reliable and durable materials to differentiate them from competitors. Unfortunately, these lumber pieces aren’t as cheap as you think. The more unique you want your project to be, the more money you’ll have to invest. 

9. Other Wooden Furniture for Your Home and Office

furniture made out of Baltic Birch plywood

I know furniture pieces are the big game in the woodworking market. Whether for a home or office, buyers are flocking over workpieces to make their space more aesthetically pleasing and fresh. 

I can confidently cite ParametricArtWood’s furniture selections as an example. Most of the wooden desks in their product catalog have a unique wavy design that’s not typical in a regular office.  Even the chairs they sell carry the same pattern to give your space a consistent aesthetic. 

If you’re in the middle of home interior decisions, FromAncientWorld can help you narrow your choices. Most of their furniture pieces include modern styles and unconventional shapes. This Etsy store can supply your home improvement needs, from asymmetrical coffee tables to TV stands. 

Ash desk

For homeowners with kids, you’ll like most of DuckWoodworksShop’s furniture selections. Their wood products are Montessori-inspired, so you’ll find well-designed wardrobes, step stools, and other toddler-friendly items in the shop.   

Tips on Making Wooden Home Furniture and How to Sell Well

When selling furniture, the best strategy is to pick a style and stick with it. Looking at my Etsy store recommendations, you’ll notice that most focus on one target market. Whether for office items or toddler-friendly fixtures, design consistency is the key to selling well. 

Drawbacks and What to Look Out for

Since this category is crowded and popular, selling your item can be competitive. If you don’t have something different, you’ll likely be one of the generic options in today’s market. 

One of the most crucial elements of these furniture pieces is the aesthetic. While following a popular style can be tempting, being a trendsetter can benefit your business in the long run. 

10. Wooden Decor and Accessories

wooden Animal Decors

Besides new homeowners, these items are popular with people redecorating and renovating a house or office space. These workpieces are projects meant to challenge your creative juices because most require a splash of distinctiveness. 

You can take the works of HomeDecorArtCA as an inspiration. This Etsy store specializes in parametric wall art and unique hanging wood shelves that’ll catch any interior-savvy homeowner. 

Speaking of wall decorations, LiliumWallArt has sold over 6000 of these on the platform. Their design collections range from lotus flowers and geometric moon shapes to animal-inspired patterns. Buyers can bulk order from them in the EU and US, so the business has been doing well.

wooden Car Décor

If you want to see a wide range of decorations to get motivated by, check out DecozenStore. The shop’s distinct hand-made decor and furnishings include napkin holders, bowls, candle holders, and many more.  

Tips on Making Wooden Decorations and Accessories and How to Sell Well

These items are famous on Etsy and retail stores, so you’re looking at stiff competition in this category. Add something extra to every design to get the buyer’s attention. Allow some customization or engraving to expand your customer reach.

Drawbacks and What to Look Out for

This niche is one of the few product listings that don’t have drawbacks. As long as you’re making quality workpieces partnered with excellent marketing campaigns, you can get more than what you paid for. 


Finding the best-selling wood products on Etsy is relatively more straightforward than on other e-commerce platforms. However, specific categories require more product research than you imagine. 

If you want to sell better, you must be well-informed on the best materials, woodworking techniques, and marketing strategies to utilize. 

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