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12 Wood Projects That Sell

If you decide to turn your woodworking hobby into a source of income, it’s crucial to pick the right wood project to sell. My years of trial and error can attest to that, and I don’t want you to waste your time and money as I did.

As a payback to the woodworking community, I’ve decided to offer a package of woodworking products that I know would sell. In this article, you will see my 12 best-selling woodworking projects that are easy and cheap to make. You can also get all of their plans below.

Here are the highlights of the package:

  • 12 beginner-friendly project plans
  • Detailed cut list to prevent you from wasting materials
  • Clear step-by-step instructions
  • Understandable schematics for easy assembly of pieces

Why you should you get it:

  • It will save you tons of research time
  • It contains projects that are proven to sell
  • Complete instructions and diagrams will make woodworking easier
  • After purchasing, you can start working and selling right away
  • It is cheap

This package is offered at a discounted price for the next 48 hours. The only question is, “Are you ready to create great wood pieces that will definitely sell?” If the answer is yes, get this package now.

Our 12 Genius Woodworking Ideas You Can Sell

1. Gentleman’s Stand

Gentlemans stand

Don’t let the name fool you, this easy-to-make woodworking project is for everyone. Nothing says “moneymaker” like a table shelf hybrid that all people will find use with. 

The gentleman’s stand consists of one small tabletop, two fully-customizable drawers that can become a large one or three smaller ones, and two shelves that can be converted into more or less spaces. So whether it’s for the gentlemen or the ladies, this great woodworking project offers a decent storage space.

This project does need quite a few more parts compared to others, but that doesn’t mean this stand isn’t easy to make. More components don’t necessarily mean more effort or skill. Just make sure you measure each piece of wood correctly depending on how large the gentleman’s stand will be.

With something useful for storage, I’m sure you can fetch a pretty penny for this and it will quickly become a standard item people will love from your business.

2. Adirondack Chair

Adirondack chair

If you need some quick wooden crafts ideas, an Adirondack chair is a good start. It may seem complicated but it’s pretty easy to do. There may be many moving parts compared to the average woodworking project, but you end up with something that can potentially make you a lot of money.

You would first need all the pieces from seat sides, to front legs to back slats. While all these components are available in your local shop, you can cut your own pieces of wood from scraps you have in your shop. After you have all the moving parts, you just assemble this woodworking project by screwing and attaching the pieces together.

Furniture pieces like this are popular among most people because they’re useful and practical. They already sell well in the market, but you can raise the price tag a bit since your Adirondack chair is handmade.

3. Basic Box

Basic Box

A box with a lid is very easy to make. Like the previous project, you only need some wooden pieces and some light assembly.

Simple wooden boxes like this can be a great storage piece for toys, books, jewelry, or other knick knacks. If used as storage in the kitchen, you can also use the lid as a cutting board if the box is big enough.

This beginner-friendly wood project also makes for a wonderful canvas for woodworkers to add their personal touch. After sanding down the surface, you can chisel in details or paint in unique images. Many people love creative designs, and that’s another factor that can earn a profit for you.

Overall, this is a great basic piece that beginners can make, proving that you don’t need to be an expert to create wood projects that sell well.

4. Candle Wall Sconce

Candle wall sconce

To make woodwork projects that sell, you can try creating intriguing pieces. We have all seen candles and sconces, but have you seen a candle wall sconce? While wooden craft ideas like this may have been a necessity during the ancient times, now it serves more of a decoration.

The idea and construction looks simple enough, and it’s definitely easy to make. It just involves cutting the right-sized pieces of wood and fitting them together. A circular saw is the best tool for the construction of wooden crafts like this. The toughest part could be the indent for where the candle is placed, but that recess can be cut even with hand tools.

Once the project is complete, you can pair it up with floating shelves or other wall decors in your home. If you plan on making a few of these for selling,  it will be an effortless way to make quick money for easy labor.

5. Classic Crate

Classic Crate

Like the basic box project on this list, a classic crate is an easy project that people will love. If you want to make similar projects, you can actually specialize in storage units because it utilizes many of the same concepts and skills.

For instance, if you also want to create the box, you would need similar pieces of wood. As such, you can cut all the parts you need for both projects and do it in one go. All you need are long slabs of wood cut to the size you want.

The good thing about wood projects like this is that they’re highly customizable. The length and width of the wood pieces can vary, and it may also depend on the right sized crate for the customer. People can use this for storing clothes, shoes, and even wooden toys.

And if you want to tack on a little bit more to the price tag of this classic crate, you can prepare small decorative details that you can attach around the crate with wood glue. If customization is something you want to do as well, prepare yourself for different customer requests too.

6. Contemporary Dining Table

Contemporary Dining Table

The most lucrative woodworking projects that sell are those that are highly practical and usable. For the household, pieces of furniture are the wooden items that come at a large price range.

For instance, this contemporary dining table has raked in a lot of coin for me. It’s a staple in kitchens and dining rooms, and it gives you tons of room for customization as well.

The construction of furniture will need lots of plywood, a trusted saw, some wood glue, and screws. We have a detailed plan on the site that you can follow as your guideline, but you can always customize this with engravings and etchings. These touches won’t take up too much of your time, and in my experience, they make for amazing woodworking projects that sell.

An extra tip: look into different types of wood. The type of wood you choose can add to or take away from the aesthetic of the finished product. For example, fir is a type of wood that is known to be soft. Since it’s malleable, it’s not a good wood choice for furniture that will see a lot of wear, like a kitchen island or a cutting board.

A dining table would be better make out of harder wood such as walnut, oak, birch or maple. These types of wood are also often seen in hardwood floors and can handle strain over time.

7. Folding Campfire Seat

Folding Campfire Seat

Many people love the outdoors, and there are lots of ideas if you want to make wood projects that sell to this demographic. A good example is this camping seat. It can be a hassle to sit on the forest floor and get your pants dirty while cooking food on the campfire. This is a solution to that.

Although this design is slightly more complicated than others, you’ll see how easy it is to make this project when you take a look at the plan and the finished product. The two most important tools you need are the drill and saw. The rest of the construction is simple without any complicated tools.

For users, the best part about this folding campfire seat is that it’s multi-functional and versatile. It easily folds away for storage and can even be used as an ottoman or stool around your home.

8. K-Cup Dispenser

K Cup Dispenser

A regular morning cup of joe is a necessity for a lot of us, and it’s exactly for that reason why this idea makes for a great woodworking project to sell. It’s simple to build yet it’s practical and of high-quality.

The K-Cup dispenser can hold all of your flavoured coffee pods, making it a convenient addition to the home. And even if you see two compartments on the photo above, you can always add another one to keep packs of sugar or cream.

For the construction, you only need the sides, divider, back, front, and bottom pieces of the wood. If you want to have just one compartment for your coffee pods, it will significantly reduce the amount of work needed. You can also personalize this dispenser by painting a slogan on the sides when the job is done.

9. Picnic Condiments Tray

Picnic Condiments Tray

Unique and versatile pieces like this picnic condiments tray are big moneymakers. If you can think of customized ideas for individual buyers, that adds value to the product you’re selling.

This wood project is a pretty versatile one. It can transform into a serving tray, a vanity tray, or even a bathtub caddy. If you need it to hold larger objects, you can just bypass all the parts in the middle.

Then again, if you want to practice and improve your skills, you can make this project a more customized one for your client. You can create highly customizable pieces to hold different kinds of condiments. Aside from being able to raise the price, the functional aspect of this picnic condiments tray would make it a popular item in your wood business.

10. Shoe Rack

For shoe lovers out there, if the gentleman’s stand didn’t offer enough shoe space, a shoe rack would do the trick. Made just for your shoes, a shoe rack made of wood is also a common piece we see in houses today.

These projects are sturdy pieces that are easy to make. Like most of the versatile ideas we have on our list, a shoe rack can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Of course, we recommend adding to the price for more intricate work.

But if you like to keep it simple, all you need is a large piece of wood that’s cut in the right dimensions. You can also bypass the slat design and just go for a solid panel. Feel free to get creative with the finishing, color, and design depending on the plans you or your client wants.

A shoe rack is a good moneymaker because we all have shoes that need a place to be stored. Plus, if your clients have a lot of shoes, it gives them an excuse to get more racks.

11. Side Table

Side Table

A side table can be easy or difficult to make depending on the design you choose. But like with other furniture, one of the best things about it is you can always put your own touch. You can make a big table, a small table, or a stylish table depending on what your client needs.

As you see on the image above, simply adding an extra platform on top creates a larger surface area, adding more dimension and uniqueness to a simple piece. All you need is an extra piece of wood and you’ll be able to hike up the price of this project.


If you want, you can even make it into a foldable design, similar to the campfire seat. Portable pieces won’t take up much space, and they’re also attractive for on-the-go customers. If properly finished with the right lacquer, any of these woodworking projects can also be used outdoors

Just remember to be aware of the sizing of the uprights. They need to fit into each other while remaining level. After all, a side table with an uneven surface will only ever be a decorative piece with no practical use. 

12. Utility Stool

2x4 Utility Stool

If the table and the folding campfire seat are easy to make, this utility stool will be even easier. However, we’re deviating from the standard four-legged design and going with a base and cross-base piece just to be a little extra.

Since the stool is a slanted design, it will require more attention on the measurements, degrees and overall balance. Depending on your skill level, there is an easier way to make this utility stool by straightening the sides.

This project requires the same basic skills it takes to construct a table as it’s essentially just a smaller version. If you have the basics for tables and side tables down, you can experiment with this utility stool wood project plan. 

Additionally, if you scale up the size of a utility stool, you will have yourself a handy little table. You can also tweak the measurements a little bit and create a baby gym.

A pro tip to save on costs: purchase larger slabs of wood when creating a wood project. Also, try to build more than one piece from the materials, especially when they can be sold as a set.


This is a loaded question that doesn’t have a correct answer. It depends on many factors such as whether you are a hobbyist or a serious professional. If you’re a total beginner, you can invest a little bit and get help from those who have been doing woodworking for a while, like experts from WWGOA (Woodworkers Guild of America).

You also have to ask yourself a few questions. Do you work for others or are you an entrepreneur? Is this a side hustle or something you are willing to devote all your time to?

Whether it’s something you are dabbling in or have been passionate about for a while, we’re sure if you are reading this, you’d like to make a little bit of money on the side no matter how big or small. 

To help you out with your side business, we have some advice which we’ll get to in a bit.

man standing with tools on table


Woodworking can be such a rewarding activity, especially when you see your clients and customers appreciate all your hard work. To make things much more smooth-sailing, here are some tips:


You may have the skill to build a wide range of items, but it’s in your best interest to search for your niche. This can provide a means to help build your online brand and a loyal following of customers who know what they’d like to get from the things you sell.

To help look for your niche, think about what you enjoy making the most and check what you would consider the best project you can sell.


Do some online market research. Who also specializes in your niche and what do they offer? How can you improve and thus outdo your competitors in selling?

This may take some effort to sort out, and you don’t need to settle on a definite answer yet. Just find some great ideas and acquire some direction for your new online business. We wouldn’t suggest switching your niche and product ideas too late in the process.

Aim to set your wood products apart from the rest by adding personal touches. Feel free to add more colors, features, accessories, add anything that makes your product more special. This makes a great strategy so it’s easy to sell, especially when you’re selling kids’ items like wooden toys or a baby gym.


Where and how would you like to sell your products? Are you going to market your business online or are you planning to rent out a store? Great platforms for DIY artists include Instagram and Etsy. You can even partner with local venues and set up a pop-up shop. Either way, selling online or in-person will help you earn extra money.

Market the products you build as well. Before you can set a price for a piece of decor you’re selling, you need to conduct research into your competitors and your demographic. This is to help you understand what people can afford.

Product descriptions matter as well. You want to sell to people and let them know that your product is what they’re looking for. It’s a good idea to advertise the features of your product well. Make sure to mention all the good the item will bring to the person who will buy it.

Let’s look at an example. A vacuum cleaner salesman would know his demographic would be housewives. He would sell through a product description mentioning all the time and energy his new vacuum cleaner model would save on and the energy costs as well.

man in white polo shirt working on sculpture


Before creating and selling your product, you need to source good materials. If you plan on churning out a lot of inventory, you need to head to a supplier for your wood pieces to cut costs. It’s a good idea to search for inexpensive materials (without sacrificing quality) to build your inventory. 

If you decided to market and sell online, plenty of high definition pictures with contrast and saturation will put your products in the best light. Give your online clients and customers plenty to go on with by incorporating as many different placements and decorations as you can. It’s always a good idea to spark their creativity through your photos.

Lastly, consider how you will accept payment. For selling larger and more expensive pieces, consider accepting payment plans as well. It’s best to create a secure and fast method (for both parties) to lock in the money you’re making.


You can make virtually anything out of wood. All you need is a creative mind, a passionate heart, and basic tools: saw, wood glue, nails, hammer, and wood finish. Even with just these items, you can create a lot of great woodworking products to sell.

Just by looking around where you are sitting, I bet you can see at least three items in your house that spark a good idea for wood projects that sell.

A wooden frame for your TV? (because why not?) How about you build a cutting board, wooden cutlery, and bowls for your kitchen? You can even create a wooden picture frame to go on top of the fireplace and special bookends for the office.

The sky’s the limit really when it comes to what you can make and sell.


To help you live up to the title of woodworking projects that sell, here are a few online platforms that have spawned many independent businesses into thriving ones today.


Etsy started back in 2005 as an online platform for handmade creations. There are millions of users and billions made in revenue, all you need to do is tap into this great resource to get started.

Although the number of users and sellers are overwhelming, you will still have a good chance to make money when selling in the right niche. There are fees involved so make sure you look into those numbers and factor them into your business plan before selling and creating posts.

woman typing on a laptop


Facebook Marketplace is a great online platform to use to help you earn money. Easy to use, people on this platform are selling everything from pre-loved goods to handmade items to popular luxury brands. When posts are tied to your online profile, it does give you less privacy but more security when selling transactions are conducted.

If you are looking to start something without having too much money ready, Facebook Marketplace is an easy and popular online platform to use that is free of charge. Many items are easily sold in the Marketplace, making it an easy platform to make money. 


Instagram started out as a photography app where people could share photos online. It is a far cry from the popular online platform that it is today, with thousands of opportunities to promote and sell products and services through posts.

If you want to make easy money on Instagram, you need to gain a decent online following and make good use of hashtags. This will help people find your product on the platform, making you sell it more effectively.

On Instagram, you can link your product to your website (if you have one) or simply refer the buyers to your email or other forms of communication to set up payment. 

We like that Instagram is mostly free, but it does take time to set it up and gain a great following. Your niche will matter more than ever here, so make sure you got that down.


I wouldn’t say it’s old fashioned, but it is the oldest online platform where people sell products easily. Craigslist began in 1995 and is still a popular contender in online sales today.

To help you sell and make money, you may want to focus on selling to local customers. That way, you could rely more on word-of-mouth and spread the word. Check your buyers in this platform too because it can be less secure since there is no way to really guarantee that the sale will go through.

If the person you’ve sold to decides to dodge your calls and not show up for the sale, then there’s really nothing you can do but just accept it as bad luck.

However, we like that this popular online platform is still free to use and is locally based, which is a pretty big advantage in our opinion. Check it out and you may want to sell through Craigslist.

hand using mobile phone


If you are looking to save extra money, this is not the option we would suggest to sell your product. However, if you are computer savvy and possess the know-how to make your own platform, then it may be easy for you to go this popular route.

You will bring extra work onto yourself and it could also cost you great fees or money to build and pay for a domain name etc, but it makes you look more professional in the end.

If you have your own website on your business card for people to see, it could give a great first impression, and that’s something money can’t buy. A website is a great way to build a brand and earn easy money as well. 

Be wary of modeling your website based on services like Teds Woodworking, though. You can check out why by reading our linked review.


List your product and sell it on Amazon. This great online E-commerce titan came out with Amazon Handmade, which functions similarly to Etsy.

They do pretty stringent standards on this platform. Your products or furniture can only be sold after it’s passed their online screening. This, in turn, guarantees great quality for the buyers – and is totally understandable from the buyer’s perspective.

Their monthly fees will cost you money (about $40) so make sure you factor this thing into your monthly overhead as well.


If you’re not ready to sell online, there are some ways to sell your products that allow your customers to come and see the items. Being able to do things the old fashioned way and actually feel and see what you are putting money into is still the preferred way for many (especially if you want to sell decor and furniture at a high price).

Try selling in flea markets, craft fairs, pop-up shops, booths, and even farmer’s markets to get your foot in the door and build your name out there. It’s still a thing nowadays, and it can help you make money and build your name too.

Last but not least, you can sell through the oldest of the old-fashioned ways if you prefer, which is to rent out a storefront for selling. If you have complete confidence in your products and you have some money to play with, selling in high traffic areas could bring a lot of business as well. You can make great money when you sell decor and furniture in a physical stand. 

Can you make money selling wood projects?

Yes, you can make money selling wood projects. All it takes is a good idea, some customization, your own unique spin, the right tools and materials, and some imagination to create amazing wooden projects that can sell well.

Where can I sell my woodworking projects?

You can sell your woodworking projects online or in a brick and mortar store. Online is easier as you can set up your own website or utilize sites like Etsy. A brick and mortar store can be more expensive and difficult to get into, but it also gives your potential clients the opportunity to check out your wood pieces in person.

What wood items sell best?

Wood items that sell the best are ones that are versatile and unique. For example, the gentleman’s stand can serve as a side table, drawer storage and a shelf all in one.

How do you price a woodworking project?

You should price a woodworking project by evaluating the materials and the labor you expended. A good way is to take your material costs and multiply it by 2. Also set your own hourly rate so you can come to a price conclusion for unique pieces.


Gentlemans stand

The gentleman’s stand takes the top spot today for wood pieces that can make you a lot of money. There are a few reasons for this.

First, it is highly customizable. It’s basically three pieces in one, and building it utilizes all the basic skills of a woodworker. This stand is also a woodworking idea that won’t take too much effort, time and materials, which is what you should price your pieces by. 

For these reasons, I believe the gentleman’s stand is the most worthwhile and lucrative option for woodworking projects that sell.


Through our guide above, we have we provided you with many ideas to get you thinking about amazing things to sell. Still, we hope you got some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

If you lack ideas or need to be prompted in the right direction, just read over our list to spark your imagination. After that, look through the methods of marketing and how to set up your business and pick a platform.

Once you have established your budget and all the loose ends are tied up, you have the potential of a thriving business on your hands!

We have more ideas, but this time specifically with plywood. Even better, we can help you kickstart your woodworking business, by letting you have ALL the project plans mentioned in this article for a small price.

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