When is the Best Time to Buy a Riding Lawnmower?

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If you are exhausted from pushing a lawnmower in your large yard, why not upgrade to a riding lawnmower? They have everything you need to keep your yard looking nice. 

And if you have a tight budget, you can score the best deals and discounts by buying during the right season! In this guide, we’ll discuss the best time to buy a riding lawnmower.

Purchasing a Riding Mower Off-Season

Getting a riding lawnmower in the spring or fall is ideal since it gives you plenty of time to prepare for the summer and store it. 

man riding zero turn mower

When grass is at its tallest, June and July are the most challenging months to locate a decent deal on a lawnmower. It’s when shops charge exorbitant markups to make the most of their clientele.

If you can wait until the spring or the fall, you can save money on a lawn tractor. Now, let’s examine your choices in greater detail.

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Buying During the Spring Season

Late February or early March is the best time to acquire a riding lawnmower for use in the coming spring. Discounts on the newest models are offered at the beginning of the year to bring in customers who may have missed out on sales throughout the rest of the year.

It’s easier to find what you’re looking for in the spring because that’s when retailers restock. If your heart is set on a specific zero-turn lawnmower, you might want to reconsider waiting until fall to make your purchase. 

But, it could be wise to get it in springtime while supplies are still plentiful.

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 Riding Mower

If you don’t order a lawnmower by early March, you can still have one between April and May. Keep an eye out for discounts as spring draws to a close.

Buying During the Fall Season

August and September are also prime months to purchase a lawn tractor. These retailers now clear out their remaining stock with steep discounts to make room for winter equipment, chainsaws, and snowblowers.

You can bet on a decent sale in the fall, but don’t expect a wide assortment of goods. Shops have a small selection because of the time of year. If you’re willing to work with any brand or model, you might want to look into purchasing a tractor during the fall.

Why is it Not Ideal to Purchase During Winter?

The end of the year marks the beginning of a few of the biggest sales. 

According to our research, if you buy a lawn tractor or riding mower in the dead of winter, you probably won’t use it until spring.

Z-BEAST Zero Turn Riding Mower cutting deck

Until it’s too late, you won’t know whether there are any broken or missing pieces. The time limit on returning or exchanging your purchase has passed, and now you must rely on the warranty to have it repaired.

If you intend to inspect the product when it arrives, you can take advantage of the winter sales. Please be aware that only a small range of lawnmowers will be available.

Shopping Tips and Tricks for the Sale Season

     In addition to its usefulness for towing, a lawn tractor functions most efficiently on sparsely populated lawns.

mowing lawn with Cub Cadet XT1 LT42” Riding Mower


Can I bargain the price of a lawn mower?

It’s more difficult to haggle down prices at big box stores like Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot than at local shops. If you pay in cash or notice a minor flaw, such as a scratch or dent, you may be eligible for a price reduction on that lawnmower. 

When do lawn mowers go on sale at Home Depot?

Lawn mowers go on sale at Home Depot in the spring before the cutting season begins, in the fall after it ends, or for special occasions like Christmas and Father’s Day. 

When retailers need to clear out their riding lawn mower inventory, they often put the machines on sale at their massive superstores.

How much should I spend on a riding lawn mower?

You should spend on a lawnmower based on your budget and needs. Consider spending extra if you have a larger lawn or reside in a region where lawns need to be mowed throughout the year.


If you want to save money, you should know when is the best time to buy a riding lawnmower. Like other seasonal goods, lawn mower prices rise and fall. However, buying a lawnmower in the early spring or (if you can’t decide) early fall can help you save money. Have a little more patience as you can still find a riding lawn mower under $2000 or close to that price range. 

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