What is the Legal Age to Mow a Lawn or Operate a Lawn Mower?

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Operating lawnmowers is a routine activity in weed management and landscaping, commonly performed by homeowners and landscaping professionals. However, it is not without its risks, making safety a top priority, especially when children are involved. 

The legal age for operating a lawnmower has become a matter of concern and debate among parents, educators, and legislators. Laws and regulations can vary depending on your location, but there are universal guidelines and safety practices that protect children from potential hazards. 

Here, let me discuss the various legal age requirements for lawnmower operation and provide practical advice for parents and caregivers to ensure a safe mowing experience for young individuals. 

Legal Age To Operate A Lawn Mower

Most provinces and states passed laws that regulate the minimum age for using a lawn mower. In some states in the US, children must be at least 12 years old to operate a push mower, while 16 years old for a ride-on mower.

In Canada, the minimum age for using a lawn mower varies by province, but in most cases, it ranges from 14 to 16 years old.

It is essential to note that even if there are no specific laws in place regarding the minimum age for using a lawn mower, parents and caregivers should use their best judgment to ensure the safety of their children.

Young man mowing lawns

Mowing the lawn can be a hazardous task, and children should only operate lawnmowers when they are physically and mentally capable of doing so safely. Here’s a quick overview of the legal age requirements by state in the U.S.:

minimum age requirements for operating a lawn mower per state

Given that laws and regulations pertaining to lawn mower usage can differ across regions and may evolve, it is imperative to remain knowledgeable and adhere to the current legal standards and safety guidelines in your particular locality. 

Ensuring compliance not only helps in safeguarding the users but also contributes to the overall safety of the community.

Tips for Ensuring Safe Use of Lawn Mowers

To ensure safe operation when using a lawn mower, here are several tips to take note of:

Mowing overgrown grass

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay for a child below the recommended age to utilize a lawn mower with adult supervision?

Allowing a child below the recommended age to utilize a lawn mower under adult supervision may depend on the specific laws and regulations in your country or state. It’s always best to err on the side of caution and follow the recommended guidelines for age and safety when it comes to operating lawnmowers.

What is the recommended protective gear for a child to wear when operating a lawn mower?

To keep children safe while operating a lawn mower, it is recommended that they wear sturdy closed-toe shoes, long pants, eye, and hearing protection, gloves, and a hat as protection from debris and the sun’s rays. The following gears can help prevent lawn mower injuries and ensure the safety of the child.

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Is it safe for a child to utilize a lawn mower in conditions that are slippery or wet?

It is not safe for a child to utilize a lawn mower in wet or slippery conditions. Wet grass can make the ground slick, increasing the risk of slips, falls, and injury. In addition, wet grass can clog the mower’s blades, causing it to malfunction and potentially throwing debris or rocks.

It’s best to wait until the grass is dry before mowing, or to consider using a different tool, such as a grass trimmer or brush cutter, for wet or overgrown areas.

Is it permissible under the law for a child to use a lawn mower on public spaces or property?

Allowing a child to use a lawn mower in public places, such as a park or schoolyard, depends on the specific laws and regulations in your country or state. In general, it’s necessary to secure that the child is using the mower cautiously and is supervised by an adult. Alternatively, you can obtain for a lawn mower insurance in case of unfortunate circumstances. 


Age is an important factor when using a lawn mower. The recommended age for operating a lawn mower is based on safety considerations and the ability of the child to operate the machine safely.

Younger children may not have the physical or mental capabilities to handle the mower safely, which can lead to accidents, injuries, or even fatalities. 

Thus, it’s important to follow the recommended guidelines for age and safety when it comes to operating lawn mowers to ensure the safety of children.

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