Best Chainsaw Storage Ideas: Ways to Store in the Garage, Wall, Etc.

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Chainsaws are vital tools for many tasks, so it’s not a surprise many users like collecting them. However, not everyone has enough storage space for this type of collection. 

If you wish to store these machines in safe and good conditions, you should consider building these space-saving chainsaw storage ideas recommended by our pro woodworkers.

Best Ways to Safely Store Your Chainsaw

#1: Wall-Mount For Smaller Spaces

Besides taking up too much storage space in your garage, leaving a chainsaw on the floor increases the chances of accidents and damage. Rather than that, we highly recommend mounting these tools on the walls. 

chainsaw mounted on wall

You can do this setup by buying chainsaw hooks. It’s widely available in many home improvement stores, so you won’t have difficulty finding them. 

If you ask our team, this storage idea is best for users living with kids. Through this, they won’t have easy access to this dangerous cutting tool. The only downside is the chainsaws may become hard for you to retrieve, especially if you mount them too high. 

#2: Keep in Your Shelves

You may not know, but there are two types of shelves you can build to store your different chainsaw types. If you have plenty of wall space, building a vertical shelf will not only keep your tools organized but also makes them more accessible. 

Preferably, we advise constructing the vertical shelf as high as your waist so you can easily grab tools. And then, cut slits that are big enough for the frames of your chainsaws. The only dilemma is you may need storage that kids can’t access. 

chainsaw on a rack

Another place you can consider chainsaw storage is the horizontal shelf. It’s a typical plane anchored to a wall, so you may already have this structure in your garage. Nevertheless, they’re also easy to install. As for drawbacks, it’s not exactly space-efficient. 

#3: Pack in a Chainsaw Bag

Packing your chainsaw in a bag should be more efficient if you need to travel regularly with the tool. Ensure that the bag you bring has durable handles and straps, as some chainsaw models can be heavy. 

If you can, choose a bag with pockets. Through this, you can keep all the chainsaw accessories together in one place. 

Putting your chainsaw on a bag also prevents it from accumulating dust or moisture. Overall, all you need to do to get it out of children’s reach is hang it higher or put a lock on it. 

#4: Keep in a Chainsaw Case for Portability

Did you know that you can purchase a case specifically designed for a chainsaw? Unlike regular bags, these cases are shaped according to the tool’s construction. 

storing chainsaw in a case

They also include sturdy handles, so you don’t have to worry about carrying them around despite their heavy product weight. 

#5: Place in a Chainsaw Holder and Tray

Holders and trays are also great for transportation, but what we like about them is they can catch oil drips and sawdust from the tool while it’s in storage. 

If you look closer, the tray’s edges are connected with a bungee cord. These wires will secure the tray to the holder. 

#6: DIY Chainsaw Tree Hanger

As a collector, it’s not uncommon to have the desire to display your chainsaws openly. And what better method to do this than building a chainsaw tree hanger? 

chainsaw tree holder

You can design it as large as you want. All you need are a few logs cut with angled slots into which the chainsaw will be slid. It won’t save you space in storage, but it can accommodate many tools.  

#7: Use Other Suitable Cases

Other than the bags and cases we discussed above, there are other suitable containers you can store your chainsaw in. If you have the time and resources, buying a thick, soft interior cushioning case would be suitable. 

Through this, you can ensure that the tool is safe and undamaged no matter how many times it gets transported. 

Must-Know Storage Tips

#1: Look for a Dry, Secure Spot

If you don’t want your chainsaw to catch molds or rust [1], ensure that the storage is dry and without traces of moisture. Keeping the tool in wet or humid conditions will eventually damage its metal construction. 

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wall hanging chainsaw rack

#2: Keep it Away From Sunlight

You may not notice it through the naked eye, but long exposure to sunlight can damage your chainsaw. It affects its durability and components. We suggest storing these power tools in secured cases or places not in direct contact with the sunlight

#3: Keep the Area Well-Ventilated

Although we don’t advise storing chainsaws outdoors, your storage area must be well-ventilated. You’ll be required to drain the carburetor and fuel tank before long storage, so being in a place with good airflow should keep you safe. 

#4: Prepare its Parts and Additional Tools for Storage

Apart from draining the tanks and carburetors, the tool’s chain is one of the most important parts you must pay attention to. Don’t forget to clean it before storing it to prevent dust or residue buildup that can damage the chain eventually. 

Winterizing Your Chainsaw: Additional Storage Measures

If we’re talking about storing gas-powered tools for months, we highly encourage any user to empty the fuel tanks. Should you find yourself unable to drain it completely, the other alternative you can go for is fuel stabilizers. 

winterizing chainsaw

Next, remove the bar and chain before spraying them with protective oil. If necessary, you should also sharpen the chain before attaching it back to the saw head and storing it. 

Long Term Chainsaw Storage Reminders

When storing any power tool, it’s best to check if any components need replacement. For chainsaws, you can inspect the spark plugs and air filters. 

All the screws and bolts attached to the chainsaw should also be tightened so that it won’t pose any issues when you use it again.


Is it OK to store a chainsaw vertically?

Yes, it is OK to store a chainsaw vertically. But if you don’t want to stain your storage floors with an oil leak, you must empty its fuel tank. 

How do you store a chainsaw so that it doesn't leak oil?

You can store a chainsaw on an even surface to prevent oil leaks. Other than that, it’s best to drain the fuel tanks before storing the tool. 


Chainsaws are delightful tools to have in anyone’s workshop, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re bulky. Their sturdy constructions are bound to take up space in your storage. 

Our team hopes you were able to find a setup that suits your collection through the chainsaw storage ideas we presented. 

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