Craftsman CMEMW213 Electric Mower Review (2024)

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As a seasoned lawn care specialist, I’ve handled a fair share of lawnmowers – from gas-powered to eco-friendly options. It’s rare to find an electric mower that rivals its counterparts, especially for denser, longer grass typically found in larger yards. 

The Craftsman CMEMW213, however, seeks to bridge that gap. Boasting a 20-inch cutting deck, versatile mowing modes, and a lightweight build, this electric mower promises a solution for various mowing needs. Here’s my take on it.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

Main Features of the Craftsman CMEMW213

Overview of Specs

Power System

At the heart of this electric mower is a 13-amp motor that provides a power-packed performance. It’s the driving force behind the machine’s ability to cut through even the thickest and toughest grass effortlessly. 

While it operates on electricity, it’s important to note that the power cord needed for operation is not included and must be purchased separately. This is unlike other electric mowers with cords included in the package.


One of the primary reasons homeowners opt for electric mowers, especially the best electric riding lawn mowers, is their eco-friendly and efficient performance. The Craftsman CMEMW213 does not disappoint in this regard. This means you can easily maintain your lawn, even if it has grown a bit wild.

What caught my attention was how well it tackled taller grass. Its 13-amp motor allows it to excel in tackling taller, denser grass that might challenge other mowers. Its forte truly is in tackling taller, overgrown grass patches.

Additionally, the lightweight design of the mower at just 20.83 pounds, makes it a perfect choice for those with sloped or uneven terrain. Maneuvering it around obstacles and over hills is a breeze, reducing the physical strain associated with lawn maintenance. 

Deck and Blade

The mower’s deck and blade are integral to its performance. The mower’s deck and blade are durable plastic, ensuring longevity. The plastic construction might raise eyebrows, but it’s robust. The deck surprised me with its resilience.

The 20-inch cutting deck is suitable for up to ¼ acre gardens, making it an ideal choice for homeowners with medium to spacious lawns. The larger deck size means you can cover more ground with each pass, reducing the time and effort required to mow your lawn.

Storage and Handles

Craftsman has considered user convenience when designing the CMEMW213. The two-point foldable handle is practical, ensuring easy storage when the mower is not in use. The foldable handle is a masterstroke, making storage straightforward.  

Additionally, there’s a vertical storage option, which further saves valuable floor space. This option further enhances compactness, allowing it to fit snugly in your storage space. These features are particularly useful for homeowners with limited space.

Grass Catcher Bag

Like other push mowers with bagger system, the CMEMW213 features a hybrid grass bag design, combining a hard top and fabric body. This design provides a larger grass clipping capacity, reducing the frequency of emptying the bag during mowing sessions. 

The hybrid design ensures you’re making fewer trips to empty the clippings. The convenience of a spacious grass catcher bag cannot be overstated, as it minimizes interruptions during your mowing sessions.

Height Adjustment

Achieving the perfect grass height is crucial for a well-maintained lawn. With CMEMW213, you can choose based on your preferences since this offers six different cutting heights, ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. 

The single lever for adjusting the height makes the process quick and effortless.

Mulching and 3-in-1 Mowing Functions

The mulching option is my favorite, given how it naturally fertilizes the lawn. This, combined with two other mowing options, adds to its versatility. Versatility is a hallmark of the Craftsman CMEMW213 Electric Mower. It offers these mowing functions:

Cut and Collect

This function allows you to collect grass clippings in the grass catcher bag. It leaves your lawn tidy and eliminates the need for raking or bagging clippings.


Mulching is an eco-friendly practice that uses grass clippings as a natural fertilizer to enhance lawn health [1]. The CMEMW213’s mulching function finely chops the clippings and redistributes them onto the lawn, providing valuable nutrients to the soil.

Side Discharge

This function is available for situations where you prefer to discharge clippings to the side. It’s particularly useful when dealing with tall, thick grass, as it prevents clumping and keeps the mower’s path clear.

Practical Aspects

In addition to its impressive performance and functionality, the Craftsman CMEMW213 Electric Mower offers practical aspects that make it an attractive choice for homeowners.

3-Year Warranty and Customer Service

Craftsman backs this mower with a 3-year warranty, demonstrating their confidence in its quality and performance. The 3-year warranty is generous, and it’s heartening to know that customer service is just a call away. 

The company is known for its commendable customer service, ensuring that issues or questions are addressed promptly. These add a layer of reassurance for potential buyers. 

In fact, in this regard, I’m always thinking twice between Craftsman or Dewalt, since they’re both good manufacturers. 

Suitable for Those Needing Maneuverability

For those who find heavier models cumbersome, this one’s a game-changer. The lightweight design of the CMEMW213, combined with its ease of maneuverability, makes it an excellent choice for those who might find it challenging to handle a heavier model. 

Whether you have physical limitations or simply want a more user-friendly mower, this Craftsman electric mower fits the bill. 

Review Conclusion: Craftsman CMEMW213

The Craftsman CMEMW213 electric mower is a contender for homeowners seeking an efficient and reliable solution for lawn maintenance. Its lightweight build, powerful motor, and versatile functions make it a compelling choice, especially for those with larger lawns.

The Craftsman CMEMW213 electric mower is a valuable tool for crafting a greener and healthier lawn. While it may not be the most premium option on the market, it delivers where it matters most – keeping your lawn beautifully manicured. 

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