How Long Does it Take to Charge a Lawn Mower Battery?

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Working with energy-efficient cutting tools, I’d personally recommend a battery-powered lawn mower. But, let me tell you, charging its battery can be trickier than you might expect. 

Several factors can influence the charging time. So, how long does it usually take to charge a lawn mower battery? Let me share what I know based on my expertise.

Charger Features

It’s not a secret that most lawn mowers whether it is the best 30-inch riding mower, run with a lead-acid or lithium-ion battery. But besides knowing which type of lawnmower battery you have, being well-versed in its charger features can help maintain your lawnmower batteries. 


If you’re an avid lawnmower user, you’d know that many lawn tractor options in the market operate with a 12-volt battery. However, there are also recently released electric lawnmowers that come with 6-voltage batteries.

mower battery

Getting a charger that suits the voltage requirement of your lawnmower is very crucial. Because if you get a mower battery connected to incompatible charger cables and adapters, it may cause damage to the battery and possibly lead to undesirable accidents. It can also be the reason why your riding mower won’t start working


The specification that dictates battery charge speed is the amperage. If you double-check the chargers sold in today’s market, it’s not hard to notice that most have a maximum capacity of ten amps. 

I’d suggest opting for a charger with a lower amperage when it comes to your lawn mower battery. Using a charger with a higher specification could potentially cause harm to both your battery and the charger. It’s a good practice to prioritize compatibility and safety in such cases.

Charging Modes

Another useful feature you should look for on your lawn mower battery charger is its multiple mode settings. 

With this capability, the methods of charging the mower’s battery can vary from slow charge, fast charge, and floating modes. 

mower battery charging test

Additional Features

Besides charging your lawnmower battery to a full capacity, chargers are meant to enhance its convenience and lifespan. 

For example, some recent lawn mowers have charger cables with jumpstart configuration. You may not know, but it brings your dead mower batteries back to life. 

Opt for a charger equipped with a timer feature. This is a valuable addition to your lawn mower battery maintenance routine. These timers are designed to detect when your battery is fully charged and then automatically stop the charging process. 

This simple but effective feature goes a long way in preventing overcharging, which can ultimately damage your batteries. So, it’s a smart choice to invest in a charger with this functionality. 

Standard Charging Time

Whether you are using a brand new or second hand lawn mower, the charge duration is still crucial as it indicates how long you can charge the battery. If the electric lawnmowers run with a lithium-ion battery [1], charge durations depend on the type of mower you’re using. 

Getting batteries completely charged for a self-propelled mower will take two hours. On the other hand, push mowers with lithium-ion batteries only takes half an hour when plugged into an appropriate charger. 

charging mower battery

Besides that, there are also light mowers that take about an hour and a half before fully charging their batteries. Depending on the brand, bigger mowers charge for several hours.

Now, how long does it take to charge a lawn mower battery under the lead-acid category? Unlike the previous battery type, small lead-acid batteries need to be plugged into the charger for 12 to 16 hours. If you’re dealing with a bigger lead-acid battery, it can take up to 36 hours of charge time. 

When dealing with lead-acid batteries, it’s advisable to opt for chargers with higher charge currents. This helps minimize the charging time, typically falling within the range of 8 to 10 hours.

Trickle Charging Time

If you got your mower battery plugged into a trickle charger, estimating its charging time can be more difficult than typical chargers. You may not know, but a trickle charge runs at a lower voltage, so expect it to take several hours or even days. 

trickle charging a mower battery

How to Charge Your Lawn Mower Battery Properly: 7 Steps

Step #1: Read Your Lawn Mower for Charging Guidelines

Before connecting the battery of your high-quality Troy Bilt lawn mower to its charger, check the owner’s manual for safety guidelines. It contains useful instructions you can follow if you intend to re-install your batteries into the mower. Besides that, you’ll also find it useful when dealing with common battery problems.

Step #2: Locate and Prepare the Battery for Charging

Locating the positive and negative battery terminal is one of the first steps you should take to charge your lawnmower. Typically, it’s located under the mower’s seat. However, not all models are structured the same. It would be wiser to check the user manual or online resources to confirm the battery placement of the specific unit. 

Step #3: Connect the Necessary Cables to Start Charging

After locating the battery, it’s best to start by connecting the positive cable, which is the red one, to the positive battery terminal. This method reduces the risk of arcing and fusion, making the process safer and smoother.

connecting cables to charge mower battery

After that, you’ll easily spot the negative charger cable. For reference, its wire is colored black. When plugging it into the negative battery terminal, don’t forget to use gloves. 

Step #4: Plug the Charger into the Wall Socket

Now that the battery cables are well-attached, it’s time to connect them to the power supply, commonly known as the electric wall socket. While you can charge batteries through electric extensions, you better use direct sockets for faster charging of your electric mower.

Step #5: Wait for it to Charge

It’s not a secret that patience is the key when charging a lawnmower battery. Lucky for you, most batteries have an indicator light to inform users if the battery levels are fully charged. 

charging a riding mower battery

If you happen to own one of the newer models, you’ll notice that certain battery features kick in automatically once the battery reaches its full charge capacity. 

This functionality can be quite handy, particularly when dealing with lithium-ion batteries, which have a tendency to overheat when exposed to high temperatures. Additionally, it’s a good practice to charge the battery in a well-ventilated area for optimal safety.

Step #6: Disconnect Once Charging is Done

After that, switch the battery charger off right away. If your battery has no switch, you may proceed to unplug the charger from the electric wall outlet. 

Step #7: Allow the Battery to Rest

If you’re dealing with a mower that relies on a lead-acid battery, here’s a handy tip: it’s a smart move to allow a bit of downtime before disconnecting those cables. 

Give it about five minutes before you go ahead and detach the charger cables from the battery terminals. This simple precaution can help with gas dissipation and keep things running smoothly.

Can You Start a Lawn Mower While Charging the Battery?

Yes, you can start a lawnmower while getting the battery charged. All you need to do is hook the positive jumper cables into the terminal, giving your mower enough power to start operating. 

Meanwhile, the generator equipped with your mower will be in charge of its battery charging procedure. 


How long does it take to charge a lawnmower battery at 2 amps?

Charging a lawnmower battery at two amps will take several hours long. This method is often called trickle charging, and it operates in very low electric currents. Considering that it keeps your battery connected to the power source for far too long, it’s not recommended by most lawnmower experts. 

How do you know when your lawn mower battery is fully charged?

You’ll know when your lawnmower battery is fully charged through the light indicator. Other than that, newer lawnmower models are equipped with battery timers that automatically turn off chargers once it detects full battery levels. It’s a great feature if you don’t want the battery to wear down due to overcharging. Check out this Craftsman CMEMW213 electric mower review to learn more!


It’s a common misconception that solving battery issues is as simple as replacing them. The reality is, with the right knowledge, you can avoid most problems associated with your mower’s battery and charger.

To ensure your lawnmower keeps running smoothly and doesn’t unexpectedly stall during your yard work, it’s crucial to adhere to proper charging guidelines.

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