How to Cut a 135-Degree Angle on a Miter Saw: A Complete Guide

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Clean, accurate miters are crucial to avoid significant wasted materials and time delays. A miter saw is a power tool mostly used for trimming and cross-cutting at various angles. Here is our professional step-by-step guide on how to cut a 135-degree angle on a miter saw.

Steps to Cut a 135-Degree Angle on a Miter Saw

You would often start with determining the spring angle on a crown molding, for example, with a framing square so you can set your miter saw or table saw. 135-degree corners are used when two walls come together with a sharp edge. 

Normally, it’s more difficult to create an accurate obtuse angle greater than a right angle, like a 135-degree miter angle, compared to the regular acute angle cuts. However, you can easily cut a corner at a 135-degrees angle and other obtuse angles once you understand the correct procedure explained below by our woodworkers. You can use a transition piece.

Ryobi sliding miter saw

Step #1: Prepare the Miter Saw

The first step is to prepare the saw and set the saw gauge to 22.5-degrees. To do this, loosen the knob for the angle cut and adjust it to either the left or right at 22.5-degrees. It doesn’t matter which side you start with as long as you choose the opposite direction in step three. 

Lock the saw at this angle. Ensure that the tilt angle is 0-degrees. This will make the saw cut straight across the length and not in a bevel formation.

Step #2: Ensure Firm Placement of Wood on the Saw

Clamp your timber, wood, or longboard firmly to the saw in the desired position. Make sure the fence is square. Smaller wood can be clamped firmly against the saw’s fence to prevent moving while performing the cuts. Note that miter saws have a specific indent at 22.5-degrees to help you accurately and quickly lock in at the correct angle when doing miter cuts.

preparing and securing board to cut with a miter saw

Step #3: Set and Cut at a 22.5-Degree Angle to the Right

After making the initial cut, position the next piece of wood inside the miter saw and adjust the angle to 22.5 degrees in the opposite direction of your first cut. If your previous amount was to the left, align the saw to 22.5 degrees on the right side or vice versa. To ensure accuracy, you may find drawing a guideline for measurement purposes helpful.

Step #4: Set and Cut at a 22.5-Degree Angle to the Left

Cut another piece of wood inside and set the miter saw at a 22.5-degree on the left, the same angle as you had on the right. Now, you should have the second half of your cut angles. 

Once you have perfectly cut the two pieces of wood, place the two pieces together at the cuts and both should align perfectly if you cut them in the same manner.

Step #5: Measure Angle Alignments

The last step of how to cut a 135-degree angle on a miter saw involves doing an angle measurement. You have to use an angle measuring tool to measure whether your cut is 135-degree. If you had followed the steps correctly, you should have a 135-degree miter corner by now, especially if the module has a sharp edge. A difference of one or two degrees will not affect the design.

For accurate cutting, you can check these products below: 

Reliable stop blocks for miter saw

Safety Reminders

Our woodworking experts recommend that you remember to abide by the following safety measures while using the miter saw.

ClearArmor 141001 Safety Ear Muffs
  1. Put on a pair of safety glasses or goggles. You can also use a face shield. 
  2. Put on earmuffs, earplugs, or safety headsets. 
  3. Keep your fingers at least 7 inches away from the saw blade. 
  4. Do not reach for any object above or under the blade while it is spinning.
  5. Allow the miter saw blade to finish spinning before lifting.
  6. Remember to stand about a foot or two away and at an angle away from the spinning blade.
  7. When performing a miter angle cut, always lock the knob at the proper angle you want to cut at.

Advantages of Cutting a 135-Degree Angle on a Miter Saw

Miter saws are not the only tools for cutting corners or a 135-degree angle on the market. However, a good miter saw is often preferred by our team because it tends to sit on the top of a frame module and locks itself in that same place. Hence, when cutting with a miter saw, the circular saw cuts across in a straight position, making the process easier.

It offers better stability than other types of saw and the chances of making mistakes with a miter saw are very low. Unlike most other saws, this saw comes with several measurements.


With the correct technique, you now know how to cut a 135-degree angle or any other obtuse angle [1on a miter saw or table saw including on a crown molding corner. Always observe the safety precautions, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for your tools, and thoroughly read the instruction manual to avoid any maintenance or safety-related issues down the line. 

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