Hustler Turf Zero-Turn Mower Prices: Residential & Commercial Mowers

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Purchasing a zero-turn mower can be a significant investment, one that requires careful consideration and research. Among the myriad of options, Hustler stands out as a reliable brand, consistently introducing innovative and efficient models to the market. 

If you’re interested in purchasing from this brand, I have curated a comprehensive list of Hustler zero-turn mower prices paired with their standout features to guide your decision-making process. Let’s start!

Hustler Turf History and Reputation: Are Their Zero-Turn Mowers Good?

John Regier conceptualized the first Hustler mower because he needed a riding mower to maneuver easily on slopes and irregular landscapes. Therefore, he started building a mower from discarded parts and farm machinery. 

He successfully created a mower that could perfectly maneuver in reverse directions, hence the invention of the first zero-turn mower in the world. 

To supply the growing demand for his zero-turn mower, he collaborated with Excel Industries. In 1964, Excel began the production of Hustler’s zero-turn mower in Hesston, Kansas.

Hustler Mower cutting deck

Hustler continued to innovate and is now known as one of the leading outdoor power equipment brands.

Their strongest cutting deck, made of fabricated steel, makes Hustler zero-turn mowers outstanding compared to other brands. They are also equipped with electric power take-off (PTO), activating the cutting blades by flipping the switch.

The quality of their zero-turn mowers are top-notch. Most brands used bolts and nuts to build the frames, which may come loose in the long run. But Hustler zero-turn mowers’ frames are made of tabular steel welded entirely.

cutting grass with Hustler Mowers

Also, Hustler zero-turn mowers are designed to discharge and mulch through both sides. Therefore, the grass cuttings will not get stuck on the deck. 

You can easily adjust the deck’s cutting height through the foot lever, so you are in total control and not damaging the lawn too much.

Hustler Turf Price Guide

Residential Mowers

Below are the models with their corresponding prices that you can choose from if you are looking for a mower to use at your home. 


Hustler Zevo

This model is exclusively built for homeowners’ needs.  It is an electric mower that can run up to 90 minutes and mow up to 3.6 acres per 6-hour charge. It is easy to operate and maintain. 

Key Features:


Hustler Dash

For homeowners with larger lawns, this model may be the ideal fit for you. Interestingly, many of the Dash model’s features align with what’s commonly found in commercial mowers from other brands.

With this model, homeowners can enjoy commercial-grade cutting quality without the need to stretch their budget for pricier alternatives.

Key Features:

Dash XD

Hustler Dash XD

The Dash XD is the upgraded version of Dash which comes in several deck sizes, a more comfortable bolstered seat, and larger rear tires. 

It is equipped with a Kawasaki engine, which has higher horsepower. It is suitable for heavy-duty work and can replace a big lawn tractor.

Key Features:

Raptor X

Hustler Raptor X

Raptor X has earned its reputation for durability and a compact design. It’s a go-to for homeowners proud of a well-maintained, manicured lawns. 

The design intention behind the Raptor X is to ensure users experience professional-level cut quality.

Key Features:

Raptor XL

Hustler Raptor XL

The Raptor XL is the upgraded version of the Raptor X. The main improvement of Raptor XL is the flex forks which can absorb shocks effectively, resulting in a more comfortable and efficient mowing. This innovation also helps to increase the durability of the mower.

Key Features:

Raptor XD

Hustler Raptor XD

The Raptor XD is suitable for homeowners with up to three acres of lawn. It has a durable steel fabricated deck that delivers professional high-cut quality. The main innovations of this model are the added horsepower and wider deck.

Key Features:

Raptor XDX

Hustler Raptor XDX

The Raptor XDX is a top-of-the-line residential zero-turn mower that has commercial-grade capabilities. Its deck is 5 inches deep, allowing it to mow over thicker grass at maximum speed. 

Key Features:


Hustler Flip-Up

The Flip-Up is the easiest to maintain because its deck can be lifted automatically. Therefore, cleaning and changing the blades of this mower require less effort.

Key Features:

Commercial Mowers

Through the years, Hustler has built its name in the industry and become the preferred brand for commercial zero-turn mowers. If you plan on buying zero-turn lawn mowers, below are the models you could choose from depending on your budget.


Hustler FasTrak

The FasTrak is suitable if you’re starting a lawn care business or simply mowing large acres of property such as farms or ranches. 

Key Features:

FasTrak SDX

Hustler FasTrak SDX

The FasTrak SDX is a 2024 redesigned and upgraded FasTrak. It introduced new features to help business owners improve their lawn care businesses. 

Key Features:


Hustler X-ONE

The X-ONE is designed to sustain long hours of mowing. It is suitable for full-time commercial lawn care or landscaping. 

Key Features:

Super Z

Hustler Super Z

The Super Z mower is known for its efficient high-grade VX4 technology that is proven to deliver quality cuts. 

Key Features:


Hustler HyperDrive

The HyperDrive comes with an exclusive transmission system, the HyperDrive, which is by far the most durable and reliable drive system on the market. 

Key Features:


Hustler TrimStar

The TrimStar mower is designed to reach narrow spots and irregular areas. It operates smoothly, reducing operator fatigue.

Key Features:

Surfer Pro

Hustler Surfer Pro

The Surfer Pro is the newest edition of Hustler’s stand-on mowers. Its smaller footprint is designed to navigate narrow spaces. 

Key Features:

Super S

Hustler Super S

The Super S is suitable for navigating narrow spaces. It is designed for easier maneuverability and control, offering operator comfort.

Key Features:

Super SF

Hustler Super SF

The Super SF is the largest addition to the Hustler’s stand-on mowers. It is recommended for commercial contractors to mow huge properties.

Key Features:

Super 88

Super 88

The Super 88 is a multipurpose commercial mower. It has wider cutting width suitable for larger lawns but has the ability of smaller mowers to navigate narrow and uneven spaces.

Key Features:

Super 104

Hustler Super 104

The Super 104 is recommended for mowing large properties. Its widest deck makes it the most productive mower in the market today.

Key Features:

Diesel Z

Hustler Diesel Z

The Diesel Z is specifically engineered for fuel efficiency, utilizing diesel, known for its economical consumption. Additionally, it is designed with easy maintenance in mind.

Key Features:

What is Hustler’s Fleet Pricing and Discount Program?

To honor their loyal clients, Hustler offers special pricing and a discount program [1]. The fleet pricing program is offered if you purchase at least two units. 

Hustler Turf Zero-Turn Mowers

The fleet discount for two units is 25%, while you can avail 27% discount if you avail of three or more units. The fleet discount is valid for 12 months. If you add one unit six months after your initial purchase, you will get a discount for one unit, and the 12 months validity will renew. 

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Eligible Mower Units for the Fleet Discount

Below are the models you can avail of under the fleet discount program:


It is undeniable that Hustler is the leading brand on the market today. When you buy their zero-turn mowers, you are assured that you are paying for the quality. 

But they do not come at low prices, so you must ensure that what you will choose is suitable for your purpose. Hopefully, this Hustler zero-turn mowers price guide has helped you plan and prepare for future purchase!

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