What is the Longest Chainsaw Bar Ever Created?

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There are various models of large chainsaws and bar available, which comes with powerful engines too, but do you ever wonder what caps off the icing as the longest chainsaw bar ever made? 

Here let’s talk about the Guinness World Record holder for the title ‘the world’s largest working chainsaw’ and if it’s fit for milling logs too. 

The Longest Chainsaw Created

Crafted by Moran Iron Works, Inc. of Onaway, Michigan, the longest working chainsaw is called “Big Gus.” It measures 22 feet, 11 inches long, and 6 feet high. In 1996, the longest bar was displayed at the Da Yoopers Tourist Trap in the USA. 

Big Gus

Deemed as the longest working chainsaw, the Big Gus works at low-speed only to avoid the bar from falling off Highway 41. 

Longest Chainsaw Bar

The longest bar created is the Stihl chainsaw which measures 72 inches. However, it’s not commonly available in hardware stores or chainsaw shops. Amazon only caters to one 72″ chainsaw bar, mainly the Forester chain, compatible with Husqvarna machines.  

We still recommend going to a specialist chainsaw equipment should you decide to purchase one. There are also other chainsaw bar models, such as the Oregon chainsaw bar and Cannon Super Bars, which you can custom order.

What are the Uses of Long Chainsaws?

It’s uncommon to buy long chainsaws because they are more difficult to maintain and bulky to store. It also requires more arduous maintenance and can sometimes be stuck since it’s not always ideal to use these bars due to increased preventive measures required. 

Stihl MS 881

People buy long chainsaws because these chainsaws can be used for milling and slabbing large pieces of wood. Loggers find it easier to use long chainsaws for heavyweight woods and stumpwork. 

Where to Buy Long Chainsaw Bars

Long chainsaw bars are better when custom-made, and shops like Cannon Bar Works offer long bars until 82″. 

The Cannon Bar Works is prominent for creating the hardest-wearing bar rails and is one of the best chainsaw guide manufacturers in the world. Long chainsaw bars are also available on Amazon, but stocks are always limited for bars longer than 42″. 

chainsaw on the ground

You can also find long chainsaw bars past 100 inches. The only difference with longer bars after 72” is that they are mostly double-ended, which means you’ll need two chainsaw powerheads to keep it running. 

(If long bars are too much for your projects, check some of the high-quality chainsaw bars in this review!) 


What is the biggest bar you can put on a chainsaw?

The biggest bar you can put on a chainsaw depends on your chainsaw engine. But, you can use a chainsaw bar as long as 72″. The Cannon Bar Works in Canada are prominent for creating long bars compatible with Stihl or Husky Saws. 

It’s important to check for power-bar compatibility before installing big bars on your chainsaw to avoid accidents and unnecessary damage to your engine.

How long should a chainsaw bar be?

The length of your chainsaw bar should match the engine power of your chainsaw. Gas-powered engines with 25-35 cc-power rating can cater up to 12-inch bars only, while battery-operated chainsaws with 54-60 volts power rating can run with a 14-16 inch bar. 

What is the longest Stihl chainsaw bar?

The longest Stihl chainsaw bar in the models released was the MS 881, which runs on a 41″ chainsaw bar length, and is coined the most powerful chainsaw in the STIHL line-up. 

Custom-made long Oregon bars and Husky bars can still fit a STIHL chainsaw.

What is the longest chain saw blade?

The longest chain saw blade ever produced is the Big Gus Chainsaw which measures 6.98 meters (22 ft. 11 in.) long and 1.83 m (6 ft.) high and is powered by a V8 engine. 

The Guinness Book of World Records declared the Big Gus displayed at Da Yoopers Tourist Trap in the USA as the biggest chainsaw in 1996 [1]


While the longest chainsaw bar can seem fascinating, it’s not ideal to procure such big chainsaws if you’re using them to mill logs or cut off trees. Apart from Big Gus, we also mentioned various models and bars that can cater to long chainsaw bars. 

Still, our experts recommend checking for power compatibility because a bar’s efficiency heavily relies on the power it consumes.

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