Best Milwaukee Tools Review: Is It A Good Brand?

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If you’ve landed on this Milwaukee Tools review, you’re probably on the hunt for a reliable power tools brand. While Milwaukee is a well-respected manufacturer, diving in without adequate research might still lead you to a less-than-stellar tool.

To ensure you don’t invest in the wrong item, let me offer you a brief overview of the brand and some tool suggestions that I personally find worth considering.

Overall Quality of Milwaukee Tools

After thoroughly exploring and testing their range of tools, I can confidently say that Milwaukee’s main perk is its premium quality construction. Because of its durability, it’s understandable why many DIY enthusiasts opt for this brand for regular home use and occasional repairs. 

Milwaukee tools

However, these tools aren’t sold as high as other premium brands in the market despite their longevity and functionality. 

Upon delving deeper into their product lineup, they offer a wide array of both cordless and corded tools. Most of these are heavy-duty, but I would only recommend them for lighter professional tasks. 

Production and Manufacturing

Other users may point out that some Milwaukee tools are manufactured in China, but you should know that they still produce competitive products regardless. 

Additionally, if you really look into it, it’s not hard to find out that this company also runs other manufacturing facilities around Europe and the US. 

Milwaukee USA

Another sign that this company is dedicated to producing better products is its willingness to invest 47M USD to construct high-quality manufacturing plants in Mississippi and Wisconsin.

Who Owns Milwaukee?

Milwaukee is a subsidiary owned by a company called Techtronic Industries. Although some products are manufactured in China, it’s an American tool brand that markets power tools around the country and the world. 

Milwaukee Tool Lineup

Hand Tools

Besides power tools, Milwaukee is known to sell different kinds of hand tools. From hammers, screwdrivers, and handsaws up to the whole mechanic’s toolbox, the brand has all of them on shelves. 

Cordless Tools

One of Milwaukee’s most intriguing cordless tool selections is their MX FUEL product line[1]. Since these options don’t operate with gas, they have fewer emissions and require less maintenance. 

Milwaukee cordless tools

All of these cordless tools, just like the Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw and other battery-powered products under the brand, are compatible with battery types M12 or M18. Because of this, users don’t have to waste time finding different batteries for different tools.

Corded Tools

Milwaukee also offers corded tools for professional and home use like any other manufacturer in the industry. The brand sells electric tools in almost every category, from power saws and drills to sanders. 

Outdoor Tools and Equipment

Besides tools required in regular DIY and woodworking projects, you can buy heavy-duty equipment from the brand that’s useful in maintaining your lawn. 

For example, did you know that Milwaukee has lawnmowers? On top of that, you can also find leaf blowers and string trimmers listed among their products.


Other products you can buy from Milwaukee are safety gear and work lights. These things are crucial to maintaining the safety and accuracy of any tool operation. 

Milwaukee 2821-20

And if you need a space to store your tools, they also offer different storage boxes and cabinets for your convenience. 

Warranty Coverage

Limited warranty policies can range from one to five years, depending on your purchased tool. Some products may offer a lifetime warranty. However, I advise you to carefully review the terms and conditions to know the exact coverage and duration of the warranty for your chosen product.
As for the money-back guarantee, most of their tools offer a 30-day duration. 

So, is Milwaukee Any Good?

Yes, Milwaukee is good because it offers functional and durable products to compete with top power tool brands. Not many manufacturers sell tools of this quality at an affordable price, so that’s another edge to them. 

My Handpicked Recommendations From the Brand

1. Milwaukee 2962-20 Impact Wrench

An impact wrench really needs to provide full torque to give top-notch performance, and that’s precisely what I’ve found with the Milwaukee 2962-20. Plus, with its triple LED feature, I’ve noticed it offers a safer and more precise tool operation.

2. Milwaukee 2680-20 M18 Cordless Grinder

Unlike other cordless grinders, Milwaukee 2680-20 M18 features a side handle that can be set in three different positions. Thanks to this, the grinder remains stable throughout its usage. 

3. Milwaukee 2445-20 M12 Jig Saw

Since the Milwaukee 2445-20 M12 jig saw only weighs around 3.8 lbs, it’s not the kind of tool that’s hard to use or control. In fact, it has a unique grip design with a variable speed option that aids the tool’s efficiency and convenience. 


Through these Milwaukee tools reviews, it’s not hard to see why many professionals and DIY enthusiasts prefer this brand. 

Not only is their price range more budget-friendly than bigger competitors, but they also have a wide range of tools suited for different needs. On top of that, I assure you that it’s a brand that values long-lasting usage. 

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